Rosemont Plantation

Home of Jefferson Davis

Woodville, Mississippi

"Where my memories began" -- Jefferson Davis

Rosemont was built about 1810 by Samuel and Jane Davis, the parents of Jefferson Davis. It was the Davis family home until 1895.

The youngest of ten children, Jefferson Davis was two years old when the family moved to Woodville from Kentucky.

It was home to President Davis and he visited here throughout his life. It is the only Davis built home which survives.

Many Davis furnishings remain in the home, among them the Davis four poster bed and several family portraits.

Five generations of the Davis family lived here and are buried in the cemetery at Rosemont.

While Rosemont is a private home today, it is open to the public Monday through Saturday from March through December 15.

Jefferson Davis

 West Point cadet 1824-28
U. S. Army 1828-35
U. S. Congressman 1845-47
Colonel and commanding officer of the Wilkinson Volunteers, sometimes known as the Woodville Rifles, Mexican War 1847-48
U. S. Senator 1848-53
U. S. Secretary of War 1853-57
U. S. Senator 1857-61
President, Confederate States of America 1861-65

 For more information on Jefferson Davis, see Beauvoir, the Jefferson Davis Shrine.

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