Jefferson County Mississippi

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YANCEY, L A Mrs BROADWATERS, T M         1874-Dec-21
YATES, Benj                 JACKSON, Elsie              1880-Jan-13
YATES, Elijah              IRWIN, Elizabeth            1833-   - 
YATES, Farris               WALLACE, Betsy              1889-Jan-16
YATES, Harriet A             MONTGOMERY, Benjamin F 1857-Dec-09
YATES, Katie S              PERKINS, Isaac E            1882-Dec-21
YEIZER, John G             BALLOW, Rosa E              1880-Oct-13
YOE, Edward H               CLARK, Harriet A            1850-Nov-06
YOUNG, Adeline              MITCHELL, Winder            1886-Jan-27
YOUNG, Amanda               BAKER, Milton               1874-Jan-31
YOUNG, Baker                EARLES, Ann                 1881-Jan-21
YOUNG, Baker                THOMPSON, Margaret           1890-Jan-23
YOUNG, Benjamine F          WADE, Martha                1840-May-14
YOUNG, Brister              WILLIAMS, Dorcas            1887-Sep-29
YOUNG, Charles              HARRIS, Mahala              1879-Dec-29
YOUNG, Dock                 EARLES, Adeline             1888-May-27
YOUNG, Dock                WILLIAMS, Rebecca           1881-Mar-25
YOUNG, Elizabeth           CESSNA, William            1823-Aug-21
YOUNG, Fannie E             GUICE, G C                  1890-Nov-19
YOUNG, Joe                  TREVILION, Katie            1881-Mar-05
YOUNG, John                 PIPES, Sarah                1839-Jan-07
YOUNG, John                 WARREN, Lou                 1875-Mar-13
YOUNG, Louisa               PLEASANT, William            1875-Feb-06
YOUNG, Mary Jane            ADAMS, Primus               1882-Apr-22
YOUNG, Mry Ann              ROBINETT, William C         1819-Jan-05
YOUNG, Samuel               CASEY, Sallie               1886-Jan-23
YOUNGBLOOD, B F             SIMMONS, Martha J           1876-Jun-12
YOUNGBLOOD, Henry M   ARMSTRONG, Rebecca M   1843-Oct-29
YOUNGBLOOD, Lillian         GILBERT, John               1893-Sep-06
YOUNGBLOOD, Stephen T  COLEMAN, Alma C             1890-Jan-14
YOUNGBLOOD, T J             MOORE, Pauline              1873-Nov-27
YOUNGBLOOD, William Prentiss WILKINSON, May 1892-Dec-28
YOUNGBLOOD, W A             CALENDER, Amelia A          1866-Jul-26
ZEIGLER, Zachariah          SMILEY, Lucinda             1835-Oct-11

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