Jefferson County Mississippi


























CABLE, Charlotte 	PIPES, Isaac		1826-December, 24 
CABLE, Emeline F 	LAUGHMAN, Samuel 	1833-December, 12 
CABLE, Fredrick S 	WILLIS, Catharine 	1843-March, 02 
CABLE, L Thornton 	PIPES, Jane 		1833-December, 27 
CABLE, Lewis 		HACKLER, Esther 	1805-June, 01 
CABLE, Lewis 		HACKLER, Hester 	1805-April, 12 
CABLE, Maria 		WATSON, James 		1807-September, 02 
CABLE, Susannah 	O'BRYAN, John 		1808-February, 29 
CADNEY, Belle 		ALLEN, Prince 		1889-May, 09 
CADNEY, Mat VAUSE, Ann 1890-January, 03 
CADNEY, Zilphy PRESIDENT, Louis 1884-March, 04 
CAGAN, Charles S L SCOTT, Mary E 1853-May, 24 
CAGLE, Elizabeth ONEAL, John J 1886-October, 14 
CAGLE, Nola WILLIAMSON, J W 1887-December, 21 
CAIN, Lee WILLIAMS, J P 1893-February, 09 
CAINE, Julia Ann MCFARLAIN, Elias 1863-August, 05 
CALCOTE, Letha Ann MCTANNER, Peter 1879-December, 23 
CALCOTE, Quitman G STAMPLEY, Juanita 1885-July, 23 
CALDWELL, Isaac W ROBERTSON, Jane 1806-March, 27 
CALDWELL, S J COLEMAN, Mary A 1847-February, 07 
CALENDER, Amelia A YOUNGBLOOD, W A 1866-July, 26 
CALHOUN, James E CHAMBLISS, Elisa 1842-July, 25 
CALHOUN, John C HARPER, Letittia A 1895-February, 14 
CALHOUN, Sallie HUGHES, W Y 1888-December, 03 
CALLENDER, Lizzie WATSON, Wm 1881-May, 22 
CALLENDER, Nannie EMANUEL, Z T 1869-November, 24 
CALLENDER, Stephen SIMPSON, Betsey 1806-January, 13 
CALLENDER, Stephen SIMPSON, Betsey 1806-January, 16 
CALLENDER, W A TOLER, S R J 1878-August, 31 
CALLOWAY, Sallie DICKERSON, Isaiah 1876-December, 28 
CALTON, Florence WINTON, Rufus 1878-April, 01 
CALUIT, Joseph A ADAIR, Cidia 1817-June, 07 
CALVET, Mary HUNT, David 1808-December, 18 
CALVIN, John WILLIAMS, Patsy 1876-October, 19 
CALVIN, Monroe GREEN, Margaret Jane 1876-October, 12 
CALVIN, Virginia COLBERT, Phil 1880-June, 17 
CALVIT, Cidney LEWIS, Vincent 1822-February, 13 
CALVIT, Patsey CLARKE, Joshua G 1807-November, 04 
CALVIT, Thomas COVINGTON, Hulda 1819-November, 07 
CAMBELL, Robert L GORDON, Mattie Alleen 1896-December, 30 
CAMERON, Ann FORD, Albert 1876-January, 15
CAMERON, Archibald J SHAW, Mary C 1856-November, 12 
CAMERON, Daniel H MCPHERSON, E 1843-December, 24 
CAMERON, Dave BROWN, Melissa 1878-February, 28 
CAMERON, James TORRY, Mary 1825-September, 05 
CAMERON, John BUIE, Flora E 1868-January, 29 
CAMERON, John CURRIE, Sarah Ann 1844-July, 10 
CAMERON, Kate DEAVOURS, W C 1888-April, 12 
CAMERON, Lewis TRUNNELL, Sarah 1883-January, 04 
CAMERON, Louis GREEN, Ella 1886-April, 25 
CAMERON, Lucilla GUICE, Edwin J 1850-August, 07 
CAMERON, Margaret C TORREY, John 1846-October, 08 
CAMERON, Mary GOODE, Lee 1880-January, 15 
CAMERON, Minnile CATO, B S 1884-December, 18 
CAMERON, Nancy RAWLS, Thomas 1838-May, 31 
CAMERON, Patsey HOWARD, Dan 1880-March, 11 
CAMERON, Philip H COLEMAN, Lucilla 1841-December, 07 
CAMERON, Revela A CATO, Allen B 1872-November, 20 
CAMERON, Sarah BOYDEN, David 1890-February, 01 
CAMERON, Sarah WARREN, Joseph J 1843-September, 07 
CAMERON, Sou MCLEAN, A D 1880-October, 11 
CAMMAK, George W EMANUEL, Annie Belle 1900-December, 25 
CAMPBELL, Adeline FARRAR, Daniel S 1873-January, 07 
CAMPBELL, Benjamin LAWTON, Rebecca N 1841-December, 23 
CAMPBELL, C W COMPTON, Mary E 1859-November, 03 
CAMPBELL, Carrie W COFFEY, Edgar N 1888-December, 04 
CAMPBELL, Catharine L GYE, John 1839-January, 08 
CAMPBELL, Delila PIPES, Abner 1807-November, 19 
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth A B DUCKER, John 1833-January, 24 
CAMPBELL, Etta G MCCLURE, James Jr 1884-October, 09 
CAMPBELL, James J BOLLS, Sarah E 1851-November, 05 
CAMPBELL, John CLIFTON, Zelpha 1882-February, 23 
CAMPBELL, John Q KATE, Millsaps 1892-June, 29 
CAMPBELL, Leroy SELLMAN, Martha 1899-October, 
CAMPBELL, Maria MCCOY, Henry 1879-February, 27 
CAMPBELL, Martin JOHNSON, Josephine 1889-January, 02 
CAMPBELL, Mary BROOKS, Ben 1887-September, 05 
CAMPBELL, Mary JOHNSON, Cornelius 1888-June, 10 
CAMPBELL, Mary Ann CROW, Andrew I 1841-December, 10 
CAMPBELL, Mary L REED, George E 1896-December, 24 
CAMPBELL, Mollie STOWERS, L D 1872-January, 24 
CAMPBELL, N B WHITNEY, W H 1881-February, 07 
CAMPBELL, R W WHITNEY, Carrie 1882-February, 08
CAMPBELL, Robert W BURCH, Nancy 1852-January, 22 
CAMPBELL, Lizzie MCCALEB, D W 1878-December, 07 
CAMPBELL, Willie E KNOX, Maggie E 1894-December, 02 
CANMACLE, L E HERRING, H L 1898-June, 13 
CANMETH, Idad EMANULE, Samuel 1897-September, 12 
CANOLL, Selma ANDERSON, Elza 1896-February, 21 
CANTER, Mary E R REYNOLDS, James M 1859-October, 20 
CANTRELL, Leroy N B GEORGE, Lettie A 1883-December, 19 
CARAWAY, Millie L HUDSON, Henry H 1888-December, 12 
CARAWAY, Sarah G CHAPMAN, John 1883-February, 04 
CARAWAY, William B LYONS, Amadilla R 1849-December, 23 
CARMICHAEL, Catharine MCINTYRE, Archibald 1856-December, 02 
CARMICHAEL, Flora GARRETT, Josiah 1867-January, 17 
CARMICHAEL, Rebecca FAIRLY, Archibald R 1860-June, 19 
CARMON, Samuel J STAMPLEY, Martha 1821-January, 18 
CARNES, Alexander H MCDONALD, Elizabeth 1855-November, 27 
CARNES, John COLE, Jean 1801-March, 15 
CARNES, O R GARRETT, W T 1896-January, 19 
CARNES, Rosella ADAIR, W F 1879-August, 30 
CARNES, S W GALBREATH, M J 1883-February, 01 
CAROTHERS, Lucy A CHANDLER, Wm M 1863-March, 03 
CAROTHERS, Richard S BROWN, Delia 1867-February, 20 
CAROTHERS, Sarah B PATTERSON, Duncan H 1851-June, 11 
CAROTHERS, Thomas COLEMAN, Lydia 1836-May, 26 
CAROTHERS, W P SHARBERT, Elender 1829-January, 21 
CAROWAY, Sallie BERRY, J R 1882-January, 25 
CARPENTER, Charles C SHIELDS, C Ella 1870-February, 24 
CARPENTER, Elizabeth SMITH, J W 1891-June, 14 
CARPENTER, Horace GREEN, Martha M 1821-December, 05 
CARPENTER, Lucy Ann HARRIS, Len C 1833-April, 28 
CARPENTER, Norman HALL, Alice 1877-April, 22 
CARR, Aron HOMES, Julia 1879-August, 16 
CARR, Lizzie AGNES, David 1886-August, 04 
CARR, Maria SHAW, William 1854-March, 13 
CARRADINE, Alfred HELMNS, Amelia 1886-November, 13 
CARRADINE, Eliza FOLKES, James 1823-May, 15 
CARRADINE, Matilda PENSON, Stephen 1889-August, 29 
CARRADINE, P MATHEWS, James 1827-June, 29 
CARRAWAY, Arther B AHREND, Alma 1898-February, 17 
CARRAWAY, Emeline MOORE, James R 1863-August, 27 
CARRAWAY, Nancy F PORTER, John F 1870-December, 07 
CARRODINE, Rebecca WALKER, Jeptha F 1896-November, 11
CARROL, Charlotte MCGEE, Charles 1877-November, 07 
CARROL, Mary SINNETT, James 1823-September, 20 
CARROLL, Arthur WILLIAMS, Matilda 1890-October, 29 
CARROLL, C Ann WHIPPLE, William 1823-November, 15 
CARROLL, John WARE, Mary 1889-December, 19 
CARROLL, Stephen PATTERSON, Mary 1829-May, 25 
CARROT, Henry STILLS, Rindy 1890-December, 19 
CARROUTHERS, Mary PUFFIN, Charles M 1854-February, 04 
CARSLEY, Lenora WATTS, H B 1879-August, 30 
CARSON, Evelina BROOKS, James 1827-December, 05 
CARTER, Alfred JONES, Rebecca 1880-December, 21 
CARTER, Alfred MONTGOMERY, Emma 1885-April, 02 
CARTER, Annie BAKER, Abe 1880-October, 11 
CARTER, Bettie BASS, Tobe 1894-?- ? 
CARTER, Caleb DUGLASS, Eliza 1882-December, 21 
CARTER, Catherine DEARS, Charley 1885-December, 17 
CARTER, Cicero PINKET, Eunice 1886-July, 24 
CARTER, Duncan BRADLEY, Fanney 1879-May, 24 
CARTER, Elijah BALTIMORE, Nancy 1881-January, 27 
CARTER, Elijah LEON, Lizzie 1884-December, 31 
CARTER, Elsie ERVIN, Martin 1876-January, 19 
CARTER, Fanny ARCHER, Hanible 1880-March, 12 
CARTER, Frank ODUM, Melissa 1884-September, 06 
CARTER, Frank TYLER, Rhonda 1878-June, 29 
CARTER, Gracie HAYWOOD, Alfred 1889-July, 11 
CARTER, H B MOSELY, Paralee 1881-June, 04 
CARTER, Henrietta ANDERSON, J A 1892-February, 19 
CARTER, Horace FORD, Catherine 1885-October, 17 
CARTER, James E RODGERS, Emily C 1897-December, 06 
CARTER, James M CASON, Mary Jane 1841-April, 21 
CARTER, Jane GIBSON, Jack 1879-December, 22 
CARTER, Johnny ENNIS, Cassa 1883-March, 15 
CARTER, Lizzie HILLS, Gabriel 1882-May, 19 
CARTER, Mary BARFIELD, Miles 1834-January, 01 
CARTER, Mary W BARTON, Simeon C 1837-January, 08 
CARTER, Melissa GRAY, William 1888-June, 10 
CARTER, Millie NORTON, Isick 1877-February, 07 
CARTER, Milton HENITIN, Vehelia 1878-June, 17 
CARTER, Oscar BAXTER, Amy 1879-June, 07 
CARTER, Pearcy OSTEEN, Gabriel W 1834-January, 09 
CARTER, Rachel JOHNSON, Troy 1883-April, 07 
CARTER, Richard SCOTT, Harriet 1878-October, 21
CARTER, Richard WILSON, Josephine 1890-June, 12 
CARTER, Rosa MCNAIR, Watson 1882-June, 23 
CARTER, Sarah WHITE, Alex 1883-February, 09 
CARTER, Vest WILLIAMS, Chaney 1890-November, 01 
CARTER, William MAY, Adelia 1835-May, 07 
CARTER, Wyatt COLISBURG, Julia 1879-March, 01 
CARTES, Milly SNYDER, Warren 1879-July, 07 
CARTON, Alice JONES, Henry 1877-December, 10 
CASEY, Sallie YOUNG, Samuel 1886-January, 23 
CASON, Mary Jane CARTER, James M 1841-April, 21 
CASON, William L CHAVIS, Jerusha 1848-July, 13 
CASS, Delia PORTER, Will 1877-September, 15 
CASTLE, A H ECKERLE, Mary Mrs 1872-May, 08 
CASTLEY, J F LOGAN, Katie 1879-January, 22 
CASTLEY, Mary Mrs BURKE, Wiley B 1859-October, 30 
CATER, Barbara MCCAA, William B 1823-January, 14 
CATER, Eliza Jane Mrs SMITH, Theodore 1864-January, 29 
CATER, Emanuel L WEATHERBY, Cynthia 1877-March, 06 
CATER, James COOK, Julia M 1849-June, 26 
CATER, Martha Ann MCCAA, Albert H 1850-January, 05 
CATER, Mary CLARKE, John H 1827-February, 20 
CATER, Matilda DUNBAR, John 1853-December, 13 
CATER, Nathaniel L WEATHERLY, Catherine 1868-December, 31 
CATER, T J MCGREW, Emma Mrs 1888-December, 19 
CATER, Thomas CLARKE, Nancy 1827-January, 25 
CATHERINE, Mary ANDERSON, George 1870-January, 15 
CATNEY, Belle COLEMAN, Sanders 1880-January, 11 
CATO, Allen B CAMERON, Revela A 1872-November, 20 
CATO, Amanda BROWN, Robert 1867-August, 25 
CATO, B S CAMERON, Minnie 1884-December, 18 
CATO, Burrel Q MCLEAN, Corrie A - - 
CATO, Cora SCOTT, William B 1877-December, 22 
CATO, Frances C SMITH, Archibald 1856-December, 24 
CATO, George W MCCALLUM, Belle 1872-May, 06 
CATO, Georgiana MULLINS, J B 1875-March, 16 
CATO, Gertrude CATO, Lewis C 1880-February, 11 
CATO, Joseph W GARRETT, Mary C 1853-December, 22 
CATO, Josephine GARRETT, Ben 1878-December, 11 
CATO, Julian REDFIELD, Henry 1836-February, 16 
CATO, Laconia GILLIS, N B 1876-December, 02 
CATO, Lewis GALBRITH, Mary 1835-January, 29 
CATO, Lewis C CATO, Gertrude 1880-February, 11
CATO, Mahala GRAY, George M 1835-September, 24 
CATO, Malissa J HERNDON, J R 1871-September, 06 
CATO, Mary A GODBOLD, Thomas W 1866-October, 10 
CATO, Mary E GILLIS, John W 1849-August, 05 
CATO, Quinnie KEER, William W 1897-October, 12 
CATO, Rebecca Ann GARRETT, Jacob 1855-December, 20 
CATO, Sterling MCLAURIN, Rebecca Mrs 1846-December, 16 
CATO, W H CLARK, Beulah 1885-September, 24 
CATOR, Ruth STEPHENS, Daud 1822-April, 16 
CATOR, Sinor CLAWSON, Thomas 1819-May, 15 
CENTAMORE, Adolph THOMPSON, Martha 1890-January, 30 
CESSNA, Culbertson ROBINNETTE, Margaret 1822-February, 28 
CESSNA, W W WHITE, Elizabeth 1826-June, 02 
CESSNA, William YOUNG, Elizabeth 1823-August, 21 
CHADWICK, Reuben HAWK, Sarah A 1848-September, 26 
CHAMBERLAIN, Bettie WHITE, James 1876-July, 05 
CHAMBERLAIN, Florence L ROSS, John I W Jr 1888-December, 31 
CHAMBERLAIN, James HAWTHORNE, Mary F 1826-January, 11 
CHAMBERLAIN, Johnie CHAMBERLAIN, T Jeff 1890-February, 08 
CHAMBERLAIN, Louis Willis 
D DICKEY, Elizabeth 1859-February, 02 
Mrs WADE, Walter Dr 1859-December, 14 
CHAMBERLAIN, Parker DAVIS, Rena 1884-January, 01 
CHAMBERLAIN, Samuel B DARDEN, Mary Jane 1858-December, 07 
CHAMBERLAIN, Susan HARDING, Eli W 1826-July, 05 
CHAMBERLAIN, T Jeff CHAMBERLAIN, Johnie 1890-February, 08 
CHAMBERLAIN, T Jefferson COLEMAN, Sallie L 1868-December, 22 
CHAMBERLAIN, Thomas I DUNCAN, Mabella J 1844-October, 29 
CHAMBERLAINE, Parker WHITE, Line 1878-January, 18 
CHAMBERLIN, James FERGUSON, Polina 1806-July, 31 
CHAMBERS, Anderson JONES, Markanna 1881-December, 29 
CHAMBERS, Anderson WHITTAKER, Millie 1888-January, 04 
CHAMBERS, Charles JONES, Jane 1885-September, 03 
CHAMBERS, Clarissa WILLIAMS, Solomon 1885-December, 21 
CHAMBERS, Howan GAITERS, Charlotte 1879-December, 31 
CHAMBERS, Joshua ANDERSON, Lucy 1884-January, 17 
CHAMBERS, Martha COOK, Augustus 1826-November, 16 
CHAMBERS, Mary Ann MIMMS, Mumford 1823-November, 04 
CHAMBERS, Solomon WATSON, Ida 1883-January, 10 
CHAMBERS, Susanna FURGERSON, James 1888-February, 09 
CHAMBERS, Wallace JONES, Amanda 1875-May, 08
CHAMBLIS, Sarah B CHANY, Jesse H 1827-July, 18 
CHAMBLISS, Ann FRISBY, Norman 1847-February, 24 
CHAMBLISS, Anna WILLIAMS, George 1887-October, 04 
CHAMBLISS, Buchanan NICOLES, Emily 1882-February, 01 
CHAMBLISS, Buckenridge SANDERS, Azelia 1878-December, 11 
CHAMBLISS, Calvin SELMAN, Mary 1841-February, 04 
CHAMBLISS, Cortez BOLLS, Elizabeth N 1847-October, 13 
CHAMBLISS, Elisa CALHOUN, James E 1842-July, 25 
CHAMBLISS, Elnora HUMES, Lymus 1884-January, 29 
CHAMBLISS, Frederick J STAMPLEY, Naomi J 1855-January, 24 
CHAMBLISS, Isaac STAMPLEY, Melinda 1885-October, 20 
CHAMBLISS, Laconia BERRY, J M 1848-September, 28 
CHAMBLISS, Martha D CORBIN, William H 1857-January, 15 
CHAMBLISS, Mary WILKINSON, Leonard C 1846-November, 15 
CHAMBLISS, Naomi J Mrs FOWLER, Gabriel M 1861-September, 04 
CHAMBLISS, Samuel SCOTT, Jane 1836-July, 16 
CHAMBLISS, Sarah ALEXANDER, Peter 1860-April, 21 
CHAMBLISS, Susan E SPARKS, William H 1861-May, 01 
CHAMPBLISS, John J DARDEN, Matilda E 1821-October, 21 
CHAMPS, Ione ANDERSON, David 1893-January, 31 
CHANDLER, D S MCCAA, Millie E 1887-September, 10 
CHANDLER, D S STEPHENS, J S 1882-December, 28 
CHANDLER, Elizabeth L Mrs MELTON, Sterling J 1863-October, 10 
CHANDLER, Joseph STEPHENS, Cassa 1881-March, 16 
CHANDLER, Weldon E STEPHENS, Elizabeth A 1857-November, 26 
CHANDLER, William GRAYHAM, Mary 1823-September, 03 
CHANDLER, Wm M CAROTHERS, Lucy A 1863-March, 03 
CHANEY, Alex SIMPSON, Patience 1890-September, 17 
CHANEY, Bettie TAYLOR, Henry 1887-July, 14 
CHANEY, Cassie ARCHIE, Isaac 1900-January, 03 
CHANEY, Eliza RUSSEL, Samuel 1844-July, 06 
CHANEY, George BROOKS, Clara 1878-January, 24 
CHANEY, John TURNER, Eliza 1841-February, 17 
CHANEY, Louise DEVENPORT, D B 1889-July, 04 
CHANEY, Mary GARDNER, Frederick 1883-January, 10 
CHANEY, Prescilla STAMPLEY, Allen 1881-December, 21 
CHANEY, Richard MAJORIE, Lucie 1886-December, 23 
CHANY, Jesse H CHAMBLIS, Sarah B 1827-July, 18 
CHAPMAN, Adeline M Mrs LEA, Joseph W 1867-February, 28 
CHAPMAN, G B RANKIN, Emma S 1881-December, 22 
CHAPMAN, George W THOMAS, Fannie 1894-April, 22 
CHAPMAN, J R L FLOWERS, Eudora F 1880-November, 15
CHAPMAN, James LEE, Elizabeth H 1859-October, 27 
CHAPMAN, John CARAWAY, Sarah G 1883-February, 04 
CHAPMAN, John MOORE, Adeline 1854-February, 26 
CHAPMAN, Mary A MCGREW, Horace 1900-January, 13 
CHAPMAN, Mary W PARNELL, Daniel W 1899-February, 15 
CHAPMAN, Neal T PARNELL, Iva N 1898-January, 30 
CHART, William R INENICHON, Emma 1892-September, 04 
CHATFIELD, George W WATTS, Susan M Mrs 1876-November, 24 
CHAVERS, John BUSTER, Betsey 1879-October, 24 
CHAVIS, Hampton JEFFRIES, Eliza 1844-December, 05 
CHAVIS, Jerusha CASON, William L 1848-July, 13 
CHAVIS, Mary Ann LANCER, John J 1850-January, 22 
CHEEK, Mary B MILLER, Robert 1851-June, 21 
CHERRY, J M BELL, Maggie 1898-December, 10 
CHESBY, Annie H MILLER, Thomas M 1820-January, 10 
CHEVERS, Carrie THORNBURG, J N 1871-November, 15 
CHEVERS, Jesse PUFFER, Mary Mrs 1872-November, 20 
CHILD, Henry Y ADAMS, Angela 1858-February, 18 
CHILDERBRAND, Philip HAMBERLIN, Rachael 1824-January, 02 
CHILDERBRAND, Philip HAMBERLIN, Rachael 1824-January, 03 
CHILDRESS, Benjamin MARGARET, Shaw 1808-January, 11 
CHILDRUS, Margaret EVANS, George W 1823-March, 21 
CHIPLAND, Samuel GIBB, Sallie 1885-October, 15 
CHISHOLM, James J TWEED, Mary V 1885-June, 04 
CHOAT, Emma E TAYLOR, Robert 1895-January, 22 
CHRESTIAN, R T RUSHING, Jane 1891-May, 13 
CHRISMAS, Henry DIXON, Nancy 1834-February, 16 
CHRISTIAN, Eliza Ann DIXON, Thomas 1837-July, 24 
CHRISTIAN, Nicholas N CURTIS, Margaret 1839-July, 28 
CHURCH, Sophia BRADWAY, Ebenezer 1823-January, 08 
CHURCHMEN, Josephine BAKER, Gib 1876-April, 15 
CHURCHMILL, Isabella ENGLISH, Ross 1878-June, 26 
CISSNA, Charles BRADY, Cathren 1818-November, 25 
CISSNA, William WHITE, Elizabeth 1824-July, 24 
CLANTON, Caroline BEAUBE, James 1885-October, 14 
CLANTON, Ellen J HUBBARD, Stephen 1873-September, 26 
CLARE, Abijah CONKLIN, William 1825-October, 22 
CLARE, Catharine M B ABBEY, Charles H 1826-January, 06 
CLARE, Samuel TERRY, Susan 1820-January, 24 
CLARE, Sarah DAVIS, Chamberlin 1823-December, 04 
CLARK, Alvin B NEWMAN, Elizabeth 1824-December, 29 
CLARK, Ann Maria BALDWIN, George C 1846-December, 16
CLARK, Beulah CATO, W H 1885-September, 24 
CLARK, Calvin GARDNER, Janie 1889-September, 04 
CLARK, Charles DARDEN, Ann Eliza 1835-September, 17 
CLARK, Charlotte MONTGOMERY, Franklin A 1848-January, 12 
CLARK, Don HAMLIN, Mary Etta 1885-March, 19 
CLARK, Douglass DUNN, Caroline 1880-April, 02 
CLARK, Edward BOOTH, Charlotte 1801-August, 15 
CLARK, Elizabeth DIXON, Samuel 1888-March, 04 
CLARK, Ellen HICKMAN, Florence 1884-March, 08 
CLARK, Essie MCINTYRE, Sylvester 1880-January, 15 
CLARK, Eunice CLARK, Melvin 1888-November, 24 
CLARK, Ellinor GUY, Robert 1805-May, 31 
CLARK, George N MACKIE, Belle Winter 1897-March, 13 
CLARK, George N MINGEE, Mary A 1872-November, 14 
CLARK, Georgia Ann WARNOCK, W H 1880-July, 26 
CLARK, Gibson MASON, Mary 1800-September, 15 
CLARK, Harriet A YOE, Edward H 1850-November, 06 
CLARK, Isabelle L SELLERS, Robert R 1854-January, 18 
CLARK, J D FOSTER, Lou 1876-December, 20 
CLARK, James M ABBOTT, Emily D 1870-January, 19 
CLARK, James W EARLY, Mary Jane 1857-December, 22 
CLARK, Jennie WOODS, A 1873-March, 05 
CLARK, John B MONTGOMERY, Margaret 1850-January, 30 
CLARK, M E COBB, O E 1882-January, 25 
CLARK, M J Mrs RICHARDSON, C W 1876-December, 06 
CLARK, Marble HARRIS, Betsey 1876-November, 04 
CLARK, Margaret N Mrs NEW, Charles B 1856-April, 03 
CLARK, Mary JACKSON, Charles 1883-December, 31 
CLARK, Mary C HART, John H 1866-November, 12 
CLARK, Matilda B SILLERS, Joseph 1847-February, 24 
CLARK, Melvin CLARK, Eunice 1888-November, 24 
CLARK, N H TERRY, Sarah E 1879-November, 25 
CLARK, Roena PARKER, L T 1866-August, 01 
CLARK, Ruth CORN, Fred H 1900-March, 24 
CLARK, Ruth L GRIFFING, William C 1865-December, 19 
CLARK, Sarah SHELVY, A J 1890-March, 30 
CLARK, Sizzie ODOM, Prince 1879-February, 08 
CLARK, Syrena DAVIS, Dougal D 1872-May, 09 
CLARK, Syrena FREEMAN, George W 1871-November, 14 
CLARK, Thomas ROSS, Harriet 1876-October, 14 
CLARK, W H PERKINS, Carrintha 1886-December, 16 
CLARK, W H SHORT, Artemissa 1869-March, 27
CLARKE, John H CATER, Mary 1827-February, 20 
CLARKE, Joshua G CALVIT, Patsey 1807-November, 04 
CLARKE, Martha JACOBS, Elisha 1819-October, 28 
CLARKE, Mildred CURTIS, Isaac 1826-July, 01 
CLARKE, Nancy CATER, Thomas 1827-January, 25 
CLARKE, Nellie LOMAX, Willie 1890-December, 10 
CLAUSON, Isaac SMITH, Mary 1833-February, 07 
CLAUSON, William M SAXON, Mary Jane 1863-October, 05 
CLAVIS, Washington ROLLISON, Tensa 1834-August, 29 
CLAWSON, Abraham PATTERSON, Sarah 1841-April, 21 
CLAWSON, Anna E DALLEY, John S 1891-June, 03 
CLAWSON, Catharine KEMP, John P 1838-September, 06 
CLAWSON, Catharine LOVE, James S 1825-May, 29 
CLAWSON, Elizabeth Ann SMITH, William R 1841-December, 09 
CLAWSON, Ellen HERRIN, Stephen 1819-February, 27 
CLAWSON, John ADAMS, Adaline M 1827-July, 25 
CLAWSON, John BURNS, Armentter 1837-August, 08 
CLAWSON, Louis SMITH, Lawrence 1832-June, 12 
CLAWSON, M W SMITH, Elnora 1880-December, 04 
CLAWSON, Sina BAILEY, Henry M 1841-December, 05 
CLAWSON, Thomas CATOR, Sinor 1819-May, 15 
CLAXTON, Tisha WEASTE, George 1881-March, 12 
CLAY, Hanah HAMILTON, Randolph 1879-December, 18 
CLAY, Hanah MCDONALD, Isaac 1879-November, 01 
CLAY, Harriet WEATHERSBY, Roten 1880-January, 02 
CLAY, Henson GRAYSON, Jane 1879-May, 17 
CLAYTON, Eliza N BROOKS, George W 1831-April, 19 
CLEMENS, Jesse DAVIS, Nancy 1883-February, 27 
CLEMENS, Rebecca WILLIAMS, James 1888-March, 05 
CLEMENTINE, Guilmenot BURCH, D Q 1896-December, 22 
CLIFTON, Lemuel K HUGHES, Martha G 1826-March, 15 
CLIFTON, Zelpha CAMPBELL, John 1882-February, 23 
CLINES, Levi W MCDONALD, Emma C Mrs 1860-July, 21 
CLINTON, James WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Ann 1818-May, 05 
CLOUD, Sarah C DICKINSON, S B 1833-February, 05 
CLOUD, Sarah C NORRIS, Lewis F 1836-April, 14 
COALSON, W E SIMMONS, E S 1887-August, 18 
COBB, James RHODUS, Celia D A C 1823-September, 16 
COBB, Jessie MCCAA, Sarah Ann 1843-May, 23 
COBB, John HUFFMAN, Martha 1823-June, 02 
COBB, Joseph STEEL, Frances 1819-February, 27 
COBB, Joseph M ROBERTSON, Amelia E 1866-June, 14
COBB, Joshua MCFATE, Louisa 1840-October, 22 
COBB, O E CLARK, M E 1882-January, 25 
COBB, Pearley FULTON, Mary 1897-December, 27 
COBB, Samuel A ABBOTT, Olive E 1877-January, 15 
COBB, William J MCFATE, Martha 1874-January, 15 
COBB, William P SCOTT, Lou 1896-December, 29 
COCHRAN, Allen FERGUSON, Jane 1836-May, 19 
COCHRAN, William GRICE, Mary 1868-March, 16 
COCKE, Robert MASS, Patsy W 1807-August, 08 
COCKRUM, Henry DUCK, Ida 1880-February, 26 
COCKS, Charles P HITCHCOCK, Sophia 1829-September, 25 
COCKS, Drusilla HINDS, Howel 1829-September, 28 
COCKS, E E SHIELDS, W B 1829-May, 08 
COCKS, Seth GILBERT, Mildred 1805-April, 06 
COELMAN, Caroline DAVIS, Robert 1877-May, 19 
COEN, J M ABBOTT, Emily B 1868-December, 04 
COFFEE, John JOHNSON, Emeline 1889-January, 28 
COFFEE, Mary BAKER, Scott 1887-October, 13 
COFFEE, May BIAS, Frank 1894-February, 03 
COFFEE, Peter FORD, Jane 1881-February, 03 
COFFEE, Rebecca THOMAS, Robert 1824-November, 20 
COFFEE, Rebecca THOMAS, Robert 1824-November, 26 
COFFEE, Sam TANNEHILL, Sallie 1890-April, 19 
COFFEY, Adline JONES, Daniel W 1855-December, 17 
COFFEY, Anderilla KIRMAN, Charles 1881-January, 28 
COFFEY, C S ARNETTE, Almyra 1887-August, 01 
COFFEY, Charles C BULLEN, Olive S 1880-February, 24 
COFFEY, Charlotte BALES, Alexander 1865-December, 29 
COFFEY, Chesley L DAVIS, Mississippi L 1850-October, 20 
COFFEY, Edgar N CAMPBELL, Carrie W 1888-December, 04 
COFFEY, J Mote WEST, Namie K 1896-November, 18 
COFFEY, Larkin B MORRIS, Adelaide 1859-February, 27 
COFFEY, Shelly LIGGINS, Lavenia 1887-April, 02 
COFFEY, Susan DUNN, William 1876-January, 24 
COGAN, Cicero TRIMBLE, Martha J 1875-March, 18 
COGAN, Ellen R WADE, Allison R 1861-August, 15 
COGAN, Mary S FULTON, Frank A 1871-January, 18 
COGAN, Sallie FULTON, John J 1866-September, 05 
COGAN, W H FULTON, Sallie M 1872-February, 13 
COHN, Nancy MILLER, James 1828-May, 19 
COLBERT, Phil CALVIN, Virginia 1880-June, 17 
COLBERT, Solomon SMITH, Francis 1884-January, 27
COLE, Emily MILLER, Richard 875-May, 06 
COLE, Hannah JONES, James 1805-April, 06 
COLE, James N DIXON, Mary C Mrs 1861-September, 17 
COLE, Jean CARNES, John 1801-March, 15 
COLE, Jennie VINSTON, Monroe 1880-December, 22 
COLE, Josephine PRITCHARD, Alonzo 1880-January, 26 
COLE, Josephine PRITCHARD, Alonzo 1880-January, 27 
COLE, Mary BOWLS, John 1811-March, 07 
COLE, Rodney K LATHAM, Laura 1866-December, 19 
COLE, Susannah KING, Prosper 1808-August, 20 
COLE, Thomas NEVELLS, R A 1874-December, 24 
COLEMAN, Alexander INGRAM, Lucy 1889-October, 17 
COLEMAN, Alma C YOUNGBLOOD, Stephen T 1890-January, 14 
COLEMAN, Ann PAXTON, Lewis 1878-March, 30 
COLEMAN, Annie L SCOTT, Richard W 1866-December, 30 
COLEMAN, Asa DIVINE, Mary Ann 1834-September, 04 
COLEMAN, Ben WOODFORK, Rosa 1875-October, 23 
COLEMAN, Bernice SIMMONS, T B 1891-December, 12 
COLEMAN, Caroline JONES, Frank 1887-February, 14 
COLEMAN, Cena MCNULTY, Oliver 1822-June, 25 
COLEMAN, Cerra MILLER, William 1823-October, 29 
COLEMAN, Charley TRULEY, Annie 1887-January, 05 
COLEMAN, Daniel J LAMB, Blanche 1896-December, 02 
COLEMAN, Dock BRYANT, Amanda 1879-April, 24 
COLEMAN, Elias H GILCHRIST, Mary 1844-October, 31 
COLEMAN, Eliza BROWN, Anderson 1866-July, 08 
COLEMAN, Elizabeth P BEAUMONT, Franklin 1853-December, 01 
COLEMAN, Ellen C HODGES, John I 1867-March, 05 
COLEMAN, Emily BRADLEY, Gabe 1887-October, 20 
COLEMAN, Etta O BEAN, Thomas R 1892-June, 08 
COLEMAN, Eunice HIBBARD, Elias 1826-March, 18 
COLEMAN, F B Dr WOOD, Laura F 1869-April, 08 
COLEMAN, Francis J NIXON, Amelia 1848-December, 14 
COLEMAN, Hannah JONES, James 1805-March, 30 
COLEMAN, Hillery WHITE, Caroline 1881-February, 03 
COLEMAN, Isaiah MONTGOMERY, Tilitha 1823-June, 02 
COLEMAN, Israel MCDANIEL, Martha 1823-December, 29 
COLEMAN, J W MCCAA, Ella J 1880-May, 01 
COLEMAN, Joseph JANIFER, Sarah 1887-January, 27 
COLEMAN, Josephine ANDERSON, Henry 1899-February, 07 
COLEMAN, Josie KNAPP, C E 1896-December, 17 
COLEMAN, Kelly SMITH, Laura 1890-February, 01
COLEMAN, Lavina MCCORMICK, Neill 1852-May, 13 
COLEMAN, Leah COURSEY, Joseph 1880-January, 26 
COLEMAN, Leah COURSEY, Joseph 1880-January, 26 
COLEMAN, Lindsey DEMBY, Betsey 1880-January, 27 
COLEMAN, Lucilla CAMERON, Philip H 1841-December, 07 
COLEMAN, Lucinda WATKINS, Jessie 1878-June, 08 
COLEMAN, Lula A MOORE, Carter C 1891- - 
COLEMAN, Lydia CAROTHERS, Thomas 1836-May, 26 
COLEMAN, Margerate BEAVINS, Lloyd 1883-February, 07 
COLEMAN, Marshall THOMPSON, Della 1879-February, 22 
COLEMAN, Mary A CALDWELL, S J 1847-February, 07 
COLEMAN, Mary A FORMAN, Stephen S 1868-October, 29 
COLEMAN, Melissa Ann WHITNEY, John 1844-November, 30 
COLEMAN, Rebecca MONROE, Scott 1887-January, 27 
COLEMAN, Rebecca E BOLLS, William E 1848-January, 12 
COLEMAN, Roda TURNER, Francis A 1831-January, 10 
COLEMAN, Sallie BELLOWS, Cyrus 1881-November, 28 
COLEMAN, Sallie L CHAMBERLAIN, T Jefferson 1868-December, 22 
COLEMAN, Sanders BROWN, Harriet A Mrs 1888-September, 22 
COLEMAN, Sanders CATNEY, Belle 1880-January, 11 
COLEMAN, Sarah SNODGRASS, James 1825-December, 26 
COLEMAN, Sarah Mrs SCOTT, Thomas 1834-October, 23 
COLEMON, Willie WHITE, Carrie 1890-December, 22 
COLENBURG, Louisa JOHNSON, Memphis 1888-January, 17 
COLENBURG, Mamie ANDERSON, Will 1899-February, 28 
COLENBURG, Mary UPSHIRE, Stoneman 1886-January, 21 
COLENBURY, Burl HUDSON, Ella 1888-November, 17 
COLEY, Clara ALLEN, Charlie 1900-August, 30 
COLEY, James E GARRETT, Tempie 1900-December, 26 
COLEY, W F MCCAA, S B 1876-April, 01 
COLISBURG, Julia CARTER, Wyatt 1879-March, 01 
COLLIER, Caleb Jr KNOX, Lizzie 1889-May, 25 
COLLIER, Caleb HARRIS, Rebecca 1878-August, 09 
COLLIER, D Sydney GRIFFING, Martha A 1855-September, 25 
COLLIER, Daniel Jr PIERCE, Leah 1882-November, 23 
COLLIER, Ida GREY, Arther 1876-May, 13 
COLLIER, Jeff SMITH, Maria 1883-March, 26 
COLLIER, John A SMITH, Augusta 1888-April, 19 
COLLIER, L Minerva PHILIPS, William B 1857-September, 09 
COLLIER, Lee GRAY, Abigale 1879-April, 22 
COLLIER, Lizzie TRUEMAN, Theodore 1888-February, 25 
COLLIER, Manerva FIELDS, Richard 1876-January, 26
COLLIER, Sarah ROSS, Eli K 1816-December, 10 
COLLIER, William SMITH, Mary 1807-August, 22 
COLLIN, Mary L STAMPLEY, Henry T 1891-March, 03 
COLLINS, Abigail BRIGHT, Albert 1883-January, 18 
COLLINS, Adelaide FAKES, Lee 1881-February, 22 
COLLINS, Adeline GARNER, Beauregard 1889-September, 04 
COLLINS, Ailsey WILLIAMS, Ira 1889-December, 24 
COLLINS, Bettie GULES, New 1888-March, 14 
COLLINS, Catherine THOMAS, Wade 1878-March, 13 
COLLINS, Eliza BAZEY, Albert 1893-December, 19 
COLLINS, Fannie REED, Martin 1880-April, 26 
COLLINS, Frank MCDANIEL, Margaret 1881-May, 16 
COLLINS, Harrison JACKSON, Caroline 1883-April, 13 
COLLINS, John G DUNBAR, Louisa 1830-March, 09 
COLLINS, John H TRULY, Cora C 1837-January, 05 
COLLINS, Johnny HOLMES, Jane 1875-January, 13 
COLLINS, Leroy PURNELL, Melinda 1889-December, 24 
COLLINS, Louisa STAMPLEY, Peter 1833-December, 05 
COLLINS, Martha J RIFE, William 1819-October, 28 
COLLINS, Martin C FLEMING, Elizabeth E Mrs 1843-January, 05 
COLLINS, Mary L STAFFORD, James L 1853-December, 07 
COLLINS, Nancy C SMITH, John C 1842-December, 22 
COLLINS, Peter DAVIS, Kate 1889-June, 15 
COLLINS, Polly MCCALEB, John - - 
COLLINS, Sarah HADDEN, Warren 1880-November, 20 
COLLINS, William W NEWSOM, Martha 1839-April, 13 
COLLUM, Clarisa WILLIAMS, Alexander 1877-January, 31 
COLONBURG, Pendleton NORTON, Lucy 1889-January, 02 
COLQUEHONE, Catherine MCINTIRE, John 1821-October, 23 
COLTHAMP, A J MCHENRY, Jane 1846-June, 27 
COLYAR, Louis S SHACKLEFORD, Pauline 1881-December, 07 
COMBS, Charlotte SMITH, Charley 1884-May, 14 
COMES, Scharlott JONES, Murray 1876-December, 13 
COMFORT, Betty EVANS, Henry 1889-January, 19 
COMFORT, James WHALEN, Adeline 1879-December, 09 
COMFORT, John K STEPHENS, Amanda 1858-March, 24 
COMFORT, Mary THOMPSON, George 1884-December, 12 
COMFORT, Mary O BONVILLION, F J 1898-February, 21 
COMFORT, Purnett SARTIN, Jerry 1879-September, 20 
COMPTON, Adaline HUNT, Daniel 1823-October, 30 
COMPTON, Celia HUBBARD, Smith 1839-February, 27
COMPTON, Edward T WADE, Anna G 1872-December, 18 
COMPTON, Elsey BOLLS, Alexander 821-February, 07 
COMPTON, G A STAMPLEY, Bertha 1895-July, 12 
COMPTON, Indiana A STAMPLEY, Cicero Z 1860-April, 05 
COMPTON, Maria DROMGOOLE, P A 1822-May, 06 
COMPTON, Mary E CAMPBELL, C W 1859-November, 03 
COMPTON, Mary Jane BOWIE, James M 1877-January, 11 
COMPTON, Overtau P BEDFORD, Esther V 1891-May, 20 
COMPTON, Sarah Mariah NEWMAN, Augustus 1851-February, 27 
COMPTON, Sophia E STAMPLEY, Samuel 1845-April, 24 
COMPTON, Thomas A SHAW, Eliza 1828-March, 10 
CONES, Annette COTTON, Lev 1885-November, 31 
CONKLIN, Elijah LENNON, Helena M 1871-February, 20 
CONKLIN, James W CROOK, Julia 1874-July, 02 
CONKLIN, William CLARE, Abijah 1825-October, 22 
CONLEY, Oliver MORAN, Margaret 1856-October, 10 
CONN, Gay GRIFFINS, Edwin W 1895-October, 08 
CONN, Margaret PRATER, Robert 1824-June, 18 
CONN, Margaret PRATER, Robert 1824-June, 20 
CONNELL, Harriet SCARBOROUGH, Silas 1826-April, 22 
CONNELLY, Isaac SEGRIST, Louisa 1826-December, 24 
CONNER, Fannie JOHNSON, Luke 1880-June, 11 
CONNUL, Maria LOGAN, J H 1878-December, 19 
CONWAY, Duncan JOHNSON, Hilda 1882-August, 02 
CONWAY, Josephine ANDERSON, Sam 1884-October, 06 
CONWAY, Randall GRIFFING, Augusta 1889-October, 31 
COOK, Able PATTERSON, Rebecca 1816-December, 05 
COOK, Augustus CHAMBERS, Martha 1826-November, 16 
COOK, Benjamin C KEMP, Betsey 1833-September, 20 
COOK, David SCARBOROUGH, Elizabeth 1821-February, 22 
COOK, Emily Ann IVEY, Henry S 1842-December, 08 
COOK, Fielding BOLLING, Katharine 1831-June, 29 
COOK, Fielding MARLEY, Nancy 1826-January, 21 
COOK, Frank WEST, Matilda 1876-February, 26 
COOK, Harriet HAWTHORNE, Peter 1826-March, 19 
COOK, Inez BROWN, Owens 1887-April, 30 
COOK, Isaac DOUSE, Mary 1825-December, 25 
COOK, Isaac DOWSE, Polly 1825-December, 27 
COOK, J S RUSHING, Selia 1887-October, 12 
COOK, Julia M CATER, James 1849-June, 26 
COOK, Levisa WOOLF, James B 1817-January, 04 
COOK, Louisa Josephine GOODSON, William 1861-March, 20
COOK, Mary Y HADDALL, Job K 1840-February, 15 
COOK, Papolean BAUBEE, Luminda 1833-July, 25 
COOK, Rose RUSSUM, Marshall 1886-March, 13 
COOK, Sarah WILLIAMS, Benjamin 1819-February, 25 
COOK, Stephen SUTTON, Nancy 1818-May, 27 
COOKS, Eveline ANDERSON, Dave 1894-March, 14 
COOKS, Janie JANIFER, James 1887-January, 06 
COOKS, Matilda BROWN, John 1886-July, 31 
COOKS, Seth GILBERT, Mildred 1805-June, 01 
COOPER, Adeline BROTHERS, Wash 1878-August, 03 
COOPER, C WORTHY, Georgia L 1882-April, 27 
COOPER, Emily LEWIS, Harrison 1880-January, 01 
COOPER, John D ROSS, Mariah 1842-February, 08 
COOPER, Lucinda JONES, David H 1831-January, 13 
COOPER, Nancy MILLER, Isaiah 1890-November, 26 
CORBAN, Christopher C BALDRIDGE, Emily 1872-November, 17 
CORBAN, John J MCCLUTCHIE, Mary A 1869-December, 22 
CORBAN, Lizzie WASHINGTON, Alex 1883-January, 11 
CORBAN, R L DICKINSON, Rosa T 1888-October, 15 
CORBETT, Julian STAMPLEY, Solomon B 1821-March, 22 
CORBIN, Emeline RUCKER, Joshua 1881-December, 30 
CORBIN, Pauline BRAUCH, Rufus 1887-June, 25 
CORBIN, William H CHAMBLISS, Martha D 1857-January, 15 
CORDES, Katie A WILKINSON, John C 1895-November, 27 
CORDIS, Cleorda FULTON, D R 1896-November, 25 
CORK, Seaborn I BALDRIDGE, Caroline 1843-April, 10 
CORN, Fred H CLARK, Ruth 1900-March, 24 
COROTHERS, Eliza BELL, Adam 1867-December, 03 
COROTHERS, Rebecca BROWN, Latham 1865-May, 11 
CORRAL, John LENCAM, Lydia 1877-September, 12 
CORTES, A Rudolph TRIMBLE, Esther A 1870-June, 30 
COSTLEY, John MOORE, Belle 1891-November, 05 
COSTLEY, Lewis B SCOTT, Lucinda E 1849-April, 09 
COSTLEY, Madora A GUICE, George A 1874-September, 20 
COSTLEY, May WADE, Braver 1898-November, 09 
COTTON, Joshua LINCUM, Mary 1875-October, 16 
COTTON, Lev CONES, Annette 1885-November, 31 
COTTON, Lewis DEAN, Melvina 1876-July, 07 
COTTON, Louisa AGNES, George F 1893-November, 11 
COTTON, Mahala HODGE, Benjamin 1831-June, 18 
COTTON, Medora FIELD, William B 1865-February, 02 
COTTON, Pryor THOMAS, Hulda 1885-December, 21
COUGHLIN, Patrick HALL, Bertha 1880-September, 15 
COUNCIL, Drucilla HAMILTON, Jefferson 1885-January, 15 
COUNCIL, Ellen WRIGHT, Selias 1876-September, 03 
COUNCIL, Nace HARDEN, Julia Ann 1875-January, 06 
COUNSEL, Annie MCCLURE, John 1885-January, 01 
COUNSEL, Harry DENT, Augusta 1885-June, 12 
COURSEY, Clarisa TAYLOR, Horace 1878-January, 15 
COURSEY, Hagan WINCHESTER, Jeff 1889-May, 25 
COURSEY, Joseph COLEMAN, Leah 1880-January, 26 
COURTNEY, Anna JAMES, Allen 1890-June, 21 
COURTNEY, Gus SLATER, Milley 1882-July, 02 
COURTNEY, John A CROW, Edney 1843-April, 03 
COVINGTON, B M NEWMAN, Louisa C B 1829-January, 05 
COVINGTON, Hulda CALVIT, Thomas 1819-November, 07 
COWANS, Benjamin JACKSON, Martha 1880-December, 11 
COWENS, Selina WHITLOCK, Charles 1887-April, 27 
COX, A E LAKE, George P 1878-February, 14 
COX, A M HOLMES, William 1843-June, 22 
COX, C M HART, Malinda 1893-November, 08 
COX, Charles SPAIN, Nancy 1818-February, 26 
COX, David M THOMPSON, Elizabeth 1835-March, 03 
COX, Emily M MONETTE, Alexander 
Covington 1867-November, 14 
COX, Jacob BRADLEY, Malinda 1878-November, 23 
COX, Laura A FOSTER, George W 1896-December, 02 
COX, Laura L LOVE, Robert 1884-December, 17 
COX, Martha MILLER, Benjamin M Rev 1852-August, 01 
COX, Minerva SMITH, Lawrence 1842-June, 23 
COX, Robert GREEN, Laura Lucinda 1841-September, 11 
COX, Thomas M WALLACE, Laura A 1873-January, 02 
COX, William FULTON, Caroline E 1855-April, 12 
COX, William M WOOD, Jane Z 1844-December, 11 
COXTON, James HORDE, Millie 1888-January, 10 
CRANFIELD, Irene BUFLIN, Hugh B 1893-November, 15 
CRANFIELD, Jared H IVEY, Estelle 1897-December, 22 
CRAWFORD, Abbe Ann PEARCEFIELD, William 1876-October, 21 
CRAWFORD, John C TARVER, Missouri F 1871-December, 15 
CRAYNE, James THOMPSON, Jane Mrs 1857- - 
CREATH, Margarett C M GIBSON, Ambrose 1826-March, 04 
CREIGHTON, Robert LAUGHMAN, Eliza R E 1825-January, 06 
CREWS, Willie SALES, Jennie 1884-December, 23 
CROCHET, Alfred FOSTER, Martha 1886-March, 25
CROCHET, Andrew FLAXEN, Ida 1890-September, 07 
CROCKET, Adeline TILLMAN, Ferdinand 1885-May, 17 
CROCKETT, Andrew FOSTER, Kitty 1887-December, 15 
CROCKETT, Martha FOSTER, Philipp 1890-December, 16 
CROCKETT, Mary MONTGOMERY, Ely F 1823-January, 18 
CRONKLETON, Elizabeth SMITH, William 1821-June, 26 
CROOK, Julia CONKLIN, James W 1874-July, 02 
CROSBY, Mick HARRIS, Lizzie 1885-February, 03 
CROSS, Barney BALDRIDGE, Emily 1829-October, 20 
CROW, Andrew I CAMPBELL, Mary Ann 1841-December, 10 
CROW, Asa WOODS, Jane 1847-April, 27 
CROW, Edney COURTNEY, John A 1843-April, 03 
CROW, Ellen BERRY, Theodore R 1866-November, 04 
CROW, Harrietta KELLY, Abram 1879-March, 28 
CROW, Henrietta IRBY, John J 1819-August, 27 
CROW, James WOODS, Charlotte 1832-March, 12 
CROW, M John IRBY, Permelia 1827-December, 01 
CROW, Nancy WILKS, Elijah W 1819-July, 23 
CROW, Thomas GOODWIN, Eveline 1836-February, 04 
CROW, Thomas WOODS, Jane 1831-January, 18 
CROW, Vira SIMMONS, James W 1867-December, 12 
CROZIER, Margarett H BAKER, Isaac L 1829-September, 24 
CRUNT, Cinthia TAYLOR, Bryce 1819-May, 24 
CRUTHY, Katie Mrs NAILOR, Jeff 1887-January, 17 
CUDD, Emma Mrs GRAVES, John C 1888-August, 18 
CUDD, Lena JOHNSON, Dudley 1898-April, 27 
CULBIRTH, Benj F WOODS, Sarah M 1846-January, 01 
CULLENS, Charlote HOLLINS, Joseph 1888-April, 04 
CULLEY, Freland H BALDWIN, Mary C Mrs 1871-January, 19 
CULLINS, Caroline SMITH, Adam 1886-May, 08 
CULLINS, Nettie TAYLOR, Cameron 1890-August, 21 
CULLINS, Sceny GREEN, Bartlett 1884-September, 18 
CULLINS, Tobe DUGGS, Lizzie 1885-December, 31 
CULVER, W W Jr THOMPSON, Willie 1885-January, 08 
CUNNINGHAM, John H BUIE, Ann 1847-March, 21 
CUNNINGHAM, Lizzie VAUGHN, Archie D 1891-August, 19 
CUNNINGHAM, Mary FULSON, J H 1888-December, 01 
CUNNINGHAM, Minnie HADSKEY, John W Jr 1894-November, 28 
CUNNINHAM, Hugh WATSON, Docia 1891-July, 02 
CUPIT, Alice LOVE, Jesse N 1890-January, 01 
CUPIT, D ROBERTSON, Emma L 1888-December, 15 
CUPIT, Dicy JOHNSON, Peter 1895-March, 15
CUPIT, J Short EZELL, Mary E 1895-February, 10 
CUPIT, James C DAVIS, Jessie A 1893-January, 18 
CUPIT, M A NEVELS, M M 1896-December, 10 
CUPIT, M M SYKES, Charles 1884-December, 21 
CUPIT, Seborn L MILLER, Effie Ann 1873-February, 16 
CUPIT, W W HART, Sarah Dianna 1882-November, 05 
CUPIT, William R RUSHING, Julia 1891-November, 25 
CUPP, John SULLIVAN, Catherine 1822-April, 20 
CUPPY, Ann PECK, Horace 1842-January, 05 
CURELL, Charles M WEST, Kate A Mrs 1861-January, 10 
CURREE, Louisa GRICE, Edwin J 1894-November, 11 
CURRELL, Charles M LAPE, Ellen R 1866-July, 12 
CURRENT, Jane BROOKS, Henery 1872-January, 17 
CURRIE, Angus FAIRLY, Virginia 1858-November, 02 
CURRIE, Eliza MCPHERSON, Duncan 1828-December, 08 
CURRIE, Jane MIDDLETON, Levi 1829-March, 09 
CURRIE, John A C PERCIFIELD, Emily 1850-December, 19 
CURRIE, Robert GILLAS, Mary Ann 1835-December, 24 
CURRIE, Robert L BUIE, Ella 1900-January, 31 
CURRIE, Sarah Ann CAMERON, John 1844-July, 10 
CURRY, Annie MCPHERSON, John J 1887-January, 17 
CURRY, Elisa Curry MIDDLETON, Robert 1839-December, 12 
CURRY, Mary MCCLUTCHIE, Isaac 1809-July, 08 
CURRY, Phyllis ANDERSON, Enoch 1880-July, 15 
CURTIN, Nancy LICK, Harman 1822-August, 13 
CURTIS, Constant PRESCOTT, Mary 1826-January, 23 
CURTIS, Constant PRUETT, Mary 1826-January, 11 
CURTIS, Elizabeth ELMORE, Levi 1829-January, 27 
CURTIS, Elizabeth GRIFFING, Daniel 1819-January, 06 
CURTIS, Elizabeth C NICHOLAS, L L 1854-October, 30 
CURTIS, Isaac CLARKE, Mildred 1826-July, 01 
CURTIS, Margaret CHRISTIAN, Nicholas N 1839-July, 28 
CURTIS, Martha HAMBERLIN, Jacob 1820-December, 14 
CURTIS, Mary PATE, Joel 1826-September, 19 
CURTIS, Mollie FOY, S E 1896-March, 04 
CURTIS, Penina DAVID, Elam 1825-January, 21 
CURTIS, Penina DAVIS, Elam 1825-January, 21 
CURTIS, Wm. C WHITAKER, Elizabeth 1819-December, 02 
CURTISS, Addien 	BEAVIN, Benjamin D 	1859-August, 16 
CURTISS, Francis 	GALES, Harry 		1890-September, 11 
CURTISS, John 		HIGINBOTTOM, Letha 	1889-April, 18 
CURTISS, Stewart 	WHITNEY, Ailsey 	1875-February, 26


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