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Records of Wright Freeman Undertakers

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

1937 - 1939



Name Date and Place of Birth Date and Place of Death Spouse Father and Place of Birth Mother and Place of Birth Address Burial
Jackson, Dr. John Rushing 5 August 1856 25 December 1937 Not given Jackson, John R.; NC Blakney, Annie 305 Court Street, Hattiesburg New City Cemetery
Jackson, Thomas Jefferson 18 June 1866 3 March 1938 Married Jackson, John R.; MS Blakeney, Annie Elizabeth ; MS 311 Court Street, Hattiesburg New City Cemetery
James, Mrs. Julia L. 29 May 1854 6 March 1936 James, W. J. Jackson, Newton; MS Traywick, D. K.; MS 123 Newman Street, Hattiesburg Gulfport Cemetery
Jeffcoats, Infant Son 21 August 1938 21 August 1938 Infant Jeffcoats, S. B. Jeffcoats, Bertha Not given Big Creek Cemetery, Moselle
Johnson, Mrs. Eva Mae 25 May, MS 11 July 1937 Johnson, C. M. Jones, Nathan Not known Not given Good Hope Cemetery, Columbia
Johnson, John Archie 3 September 1860 NC 28 October 1938 Married Not known Not known Sanford, MS Bryant Cemetery
Johnson, LeAnna 8 June 1872, Madison, IN 4 September 1938 Johnson, Hugh James, deceased Neil, William James; Ireland Irvin, Ann; Ireland 117 Jackson Street, Hattiesburg Cedar Lawn Cemetery
Jones, Mrs. Alma Deal 24 April 1904 MS 28 February 1938 Jones, James M. Deal, ?; AL Clinton, Maggie; MS 313 Miller New City Cemetery
Jones, Chester; colored              
Jones, Eddie King 12 May  MS 16 September 1939 Not given Jones, H.C.; AR King, Lula; AL Petal, MS Richburg Cemetery
Jones, Infant Son 24 January 1938 24 January 1938 Infant Loftin, James A. Jones, Mary Route 1 Hattiesburg Jones Cemetery
Jones, Jessie W. 18 November 1895 28 October 1937 Married Jones, J. E.; AL Slade, Ida G.; MS 212 Dearborn Street, Hattiesburg New City Cemetery
Jones, Norene Ladner 9 March 1888 MS 20 December 1938 Jones, Sam Ladner, J.; MS Lee, Martha Ann; MS Frederick Street, Hattiesburg Rock Hill
Jones, Theron L., Jr. 9 January 1939 9 January 1939 Infant Jones, Theron L., Sr. Pope, Edna, MS Route 1 Hattiesburg New City Cemetery
Kersh, Llewellyn F. M. 13 July 1847 MS 24 August 1938 Widower Kersh, William; MS or NC Rhodes, Elizabeth; MS 114 East Eighth Street, Hattiesburg Highland Park
King, W. Estes 24 February 1893 12 December 1938 Married King, Marion MS Colter, Sarah  MS Seminary, MS Seminary
Kirkland, Infant James 11 October 1936 11 October 1936 Infant Kirkland, Hugh C.; MS Tucker, Edith Eran; MS Route 3 Ellisville Old Union Cemetery
Kittrell, A. T. 7 April 1881 16 May 1938 Married Kittrell, Abb; MS Prine, Martha; MS Route 1 Beaumont Union near Richton, MS
Knight, Infant Son 9 October 1937 9 October 1937 Infant Knight, Wilbert Rawles, Hazel; MS Route 3 Sumrall Not given
Knight or Wright, Mrs. Olivia Age 68  8 August 1936 Wright, R. W. Edmonson, George Morris, Eliza Ann; MS Route 1 Hattiesburg Providence Cemetery
Knight, W. J. 6 August 5 August 1937 Single Knight, W. M. Knight, Mary; MS Ovett, MS Big Creek
Kohr, Albert Williams 40 years, Brooklyn NY 29 May 1936, Highway No. 11 Not given Kohr, William; NY Do not know New Orleans New York City
Ladner, Ezolee 12 December Age 65 4 August 1936 Not given Ladner, Alfred, MS Not known, MS Little Biloxi River Wolf River Cemetery, Biloxi, MS
Ladner, Grady T. 6 April 1896, MS 29 October 1936, Gulfport, MS Not given Ladner, Thomas; MS Ladner, Sylvania; MS Gulfport, MS Wolf River Cemetery
Ladner, Helen 2 November 1917 22 November 1936, Poplarville, MS Not given Ladner, F. E. Ladner, E. Route 1 Pass Christian St Joseph Cemetery
Ladner, James Russell 27 December 1894 9 November 1937 Married Ladner, Daneson, MS McMillon, Lucie Route 4 Hattiesburg New City Cemetery
Ladner, J. B. Mrs. 65 Years, MS 17 May 2937 Lyman, J. B. Ronie, Unknown; MS Moran, Davett; MS Route 1 Lyman Wolf River Cemetery
Ladner, Martha Saucier Age 56 4 August 1936 Ladner, Esale Saucier, Charles; MS De Deau, Mary; MS Saucier, MS Live Oak Cemetery
Ladner, Willis 20 February Age 68, Harrison County, MS 4 September 1936 Not given Ladner, Eli; MS Ladner, Celeste; MS Route 1 Pass Christian Not given
Lancaster, John Heevey 64 Years Of Age MS 25 January 1938 Married Lancaster, Tobe Arrington, Not given; AL West Seventh Street, Hattiesburg New City Cemetery
Latham, Ernest H. Mrs. Age 34 22 August 1936, New Orleans Married Not given Not given Not given New City Cemetery
Lawless, Elizabeth Anne 20 September 1934 18 December 1938 Single Lawless, James P.; MS Herring, Altia; MS 615 Katie Avenue, Hattiesburg City Cemetery
Lawless, Infant Daughter 21 January 1937 21 January 1937 Infant Lawless, J. R.; MS Herring, Altia; MS Not given Old City Cemetery
Lee, Cora Patterson 58 years old 2 February 1937 Lee, Thomas Jefferson Patterson, Bill Not known Route 5 City Lee Cemetery
Lee, Robert Edward 15 August, 77 years, MS 10 August 1938 Widower Lee, N; SC Knighten, Sarah Hattiesburg Franklin County
Lee, Thomas Jefferson 65 years of age 30 May 1938 Widower Lee, Green Not known Newman Street Lee Cemetery
Lee, William R. 27 February 66 years 19 March 1937 Not given Lee, Green; MS Tyson, Julia; GA Route 5 Hattiesburg Greens Creek Cemetery
Leggett, Nancy E. Mrs. 26 May 1861; MS 7 November 1936; MS Not given Shoemake, M.; MS Holly, Jennie; MS Seminary, MS Seminary, MS
Limbaugh, James Baxter 23 July 1861; Smith County, MS 25 January 1937 Not given Limbaugh, Joseph Hall; NC Austin, Anne 316 East 4th Street Old City Cemetery
Lindsey, Bilbo (colored) June, 7 months 5 January 1937          
Lindsey, Lew Evelyn September 1938 29 December 1938 Infant Lindsey, Stanley; MS Lindsey, Evelyn; MS Hattiesburg Not given
Lindsey, Elias Walters 24 April 1859 AL 4 November 1938 Widower Lindsey, Elijah Brooks, Jane T. County Home Not given
Lott, Carrie Mrs. 8 September 1877; MS 2 July 1936; IO Lott, Jessie Westerfield, G. A. Rev.; MS Not known; TN Muscatine, Iowa Greens Creek
Lott, Ellis Lamar 23 May 1935, Sumrall 1 August 1936, Poplarville Single Lott, Vann; MS Nobles, Ella; MS Not given Midway Cemetery
Lowrey, Braxton 21 October 17 years 31 January 1938 Single Lowrey, R. G.; MS Tisdale, Bettie; MS Route 1 Sanford Lowrey Cemetery
Lynd, Walter Benson 30 January 1899;  MS 24 January 1938 Married Lynd, A.; LA Lynd, Mary Emma; MS Not given Pascagoula, MS


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