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Records of Wright Freeman Undertakers

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

1937 - 1939



Name Date and Place of Birth Date and Place of Death Spouse Father and Place of Birth Mother and Place of Birth Address Burial
Achee, Liduel Joseph 18 March -- 47 years 2 June 1937, Hattiesburg Married Achee, A. A.; LA Hebert, Rosa;  LA 212 11th Avenue, Hattiesburg Buried in LA
Alexander, John D. 9 April 18-- 67 years, NC 28 November 1936;  Roanoke, VA Not given Alexander, Charles NC Alexander, Margaret Not given Roseland Park Cemetery, Hattiesburg
Amacker, Tisha, Mrs. 4 April -- age 40, MS 19 August 1936; Purvis, MS Amacker J. H. Anderson, W. M. MS Fillingame, Nancy MS Route 1 Purvis Lee Cemetery
Anderson, Amanda December -- 76 years 17 July 1938 Anderson, George deceased Parker, John Not known Route 1 Sanford Crosby Cemetery
Anderson, Henry 66 years of age 8 May 1938 Married Anderson, Lawson MS Not known Star Route, Wiggins Wiggins
Anderson, Louise 8 June 31 August 1937; Carnes, MS Anderson J. F. Brock, West MS Stockstill, Louise MS Route 1 Lumberton Entrekin Cemetery
Arledge, Lucy Stevens 20 January -- 86 years--MS 10 January 1939 Arledge, James Elbert deceased Stevens, Charles Bigelow Massachusettes Ferrill, Lucy GA 1000 Edwards Street, Hattiesburg Old City Cemetery
Aycock, William Henry 17 March 1855 29 May 1938 Widower Aycock, Elijah NC Churches, Elizabeth AL Route 4 Hattiesburg Shelton Cemetery
Bagby, William Abner 10 February 1868, MS 23 June 1938 Not given Not known Not known Route 1 Seminary Bethel Cemetery
Baler, Infant Son 2 March 1938 2 March 1938 Not given Baler, Baxter MS Bell, Myra MS Beaumont Beaumont
Barksdale, Mattie J. 25 June 9 December 1937 Barksdale, Samuel Wilson Lawson , John Suttles, Susie MS 908 Arledge Street, Hattiesburg Old City Cemetery
Barron, James Eli 20 June 1849, GA 1 December 1937 Not given Barron, Joseph M. GA Bryant, Sarah GA Hattiesburg McLaurin Cemetery
Bartee, Victoria Adalee January -- 44 years, MS 29 April 1937, Hattiesburg Bartee,John P. Corley, William MS Pitts, Ellen MS 113 Edna Street, Hattiesburg Fellowship Cemetery, Smith County, MS
Belcher, Raymond 1 September 1930, LA 8 November 1938 Single Belcher, Homer H. MS Anderson, Ophelia MS Asby Street, Hattiesburg Old City Cemetery
Belcher, Warren  (see also Belcher, Raymond) 13 September 1922, WVA 8 October 1936 Not given Belcher, Homer WVA Anderson, Ophelia MS 228 Short Columbia Street, Hattiesburg Ellisville
Bell, Laura Epps, Mrs. 14 May 1875 26 July 1937 Bell Joseph E. Burdine, Albert MS Cooper, Sudie MS Not given Beaumont
Blackburn, John Ross 29 March 1938, MS 4 December 1938 Single Blackburn George McCraw Mattie Moselle, MS Shelton Cemetery
Bodman, Mary Ellen Mrs. 28 December 1854, Isle of Man, New England 26 November 1936, Hattiesburg Bodman James F. Faggart, James England Leminthwait, Elizabeth England Route 1 Hattiesburg Providence Cemetery
Bolar, Rosie Not given  Colored Not given Not given Not given Not given Not given Not given
Boozer, Walter Clay 17 February 1885 9 June 1937, Hattiesburg Married Boozer, Judge MS Gross, Roxie Ann MS Vernon Avenue, Hattiesburg Old City Cemetery
Boutwell, Claude Lee 30 March 1915 12 October 1936, Lyman, MS Single Boutwell, G. E. MS Aycock, Elizabeth MS Route 4 Hattiesburg Moselle Cemetery
Bradley, James Tilton 19 October-- 63 years 26 November 1938 Divorced Bradley, George Not known Route 4 Hattiesburg Leeville Cemetery
Breland, Georgie Young 15 February 1863 7 February 1938 Married Breland, George MS Herring,  Unknown MS Route 1 Beaumont Breland Cemetery
Breland, Isabelle 13 August 1863, MS 12 August 1937 Breland, J. Hatten, Peter MS Lott, Nancie MS Not given McHenry, MS
Breland, Kermit 18 June 1908 MS 30 December 1937 Married Breland, Benjamin C. MS Easterling, Earnie Route 2 Richton Edwards Cemetery
Brooks, M. M. 28 June--72 years, MS 10 July 1938 Married Not known Not known Not given Brooklyn, MS
Broom, Mary Agnes 5 September 1866, AL 12 May 1937, Hattiesburg Broom,B. A. Bounds, William AL Langford, Mary AL Route 5 Hattiesburg Petal
Brown, Andrew Morgan 7 June 1881, MS 17 June 1938 Married Brown, John MS Slade, Lutive MS Route 3 Hattiesburg McLaurin, MS
Brown, Mrs. Annie 71 years, MS 18 November 1938 Brown, Bill Goliah, John MS Scarborough, Mary MS Lumberton, MS Entrekin Cemetery
Brown, Mrs. Georgia Vera 13 April 13 October 1937 Brown, Jim Hill, W. J. MS Hollingsworth, Lula MS Route 3 Ellisville Moselle Cemetery
Brown, John Joseph 4 March 1881, MS 21 January 1939 Not given Brown, Dan AL Pierce, Mattie MS Route 6 Hattiesburg Mineral Springs , Hattiesburg
Brown, L. J. Age 16 11 September 1936, McLain, MS Not given Brown, Less (negroes) Moody,Mattie McLain, MS McLain, MS  colored
Brown, Oliver 16 April 1916, Mize, MS 5 October 1938, Pass Christian, MS Not given Brown, George O. MO Ethridge, Pearl MS Single Sand Hill Cemetery
Bruce, Calvin Benjamin 66 years, MS 11 July 1938 Not given Bruce, Jim MS Cotton, Janie MS Route 1 Hattiesburg Trinity Cemetery
Buckhalter, Mary Jemima 22 March 1875, MS 26 December 1938 Widow Schone, Charles H. Ireland Herron, Mary GA Route 4 Ellisville Beech Cemetery
Bullard, Asbert Lee 17 November 1868, MS 2 August 1938 Married Bullard, James AL Finlayson, Lauly AL 220 Second Avenue, Hattiesburg Highland Park Cemetery
Burch, William Alexander 2 May 1858 18 May 1938 Not given Not known Not known 1514 Main Street, Hattiesburg Hickory Grove Cemetery
Burnham, Miss Augusta 59 Years, MS 23 July 1938 Burnham,  J. J. deceased Barnes, J. L. MS Jolly, Elizabeth MS Route 2 Hattiesburg Zion Hill
Burroughs, John H. 7 November 1875, MS 11 March 1938 Widower Burroughs, Hezekiah NY Howell, Sophronia MI Route 2 Hattiesburg Not given
Busby, Mrs. Ida R. Not known 26 June 1937, Ellisville Widow Boutwell, J. M. AL Tucker, Sophranie MS Route 4 Ellisville Beech Cemetery
Bushman, Mrs. Adeline 24 July; 85 years, Germany 24 September 1936 Bushman J. F. Kemper, William Germany Volking, Gegene Germany 610 Plum Street, Hattiesburg Enterprise, MS
Bynum, Bettie Sue 16 January 1936 5 July 1937, South Mississippi Infirmary Single Bynum, C. S. MS Therrill, Jessie MS Not given Providence
Byrd, Josiah 10 February 1847 19 February 1938 Widower Joe Byrd, MS M. Breland, MS Route A Leakesville Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Byrd, Mrs. Roxana 6 January,  41 years 30 November 1936,  McLaurin Byrd, A. Z. Bruner, John MS Merritt, Eureca MS Route 1 McLaurin Pleasant Hill Cemetery


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