1813 1931

Barnes Family Letters

Tylertown, Miss.
Jan 29 - 29

Dear Aunt Mary

          Your letter dated Jan. 22nd recieved. Was glad to hear from you all. I kept thinking I would write but just didn't do it. I have not had flu but have been sick a good deal. I am not very well now. Cant (eat) anything without it disagrees with me. I haven't been very well since I came from Arkansas. I only staid two weeks. The flu has been real bad here and all through this country. So many have died with it. I do hope I wont have it and sure do hope you miss it entirely. I have been trying to work in my yard - have planted some trees and shrubbery. It is an up-hill business for me to try to do things now. What part of town do you live in? Talking about hard times -I hear that from all parts of this Country. We will all live somehow until we die, and so its not much use to worry over it.

          Guess you heard of Willie McNairs death. That leaves just one boy - Tom, and he is in wretched health. Felder and Mary are going to Lumberton before long to buy some pecan and fruit trees from Bass. I will go with them for I want to get some trees for myself. I will have to come back and see to having them set out as you cant depend on others to do things like that. I said when I got back from Ark. I wasnt going away from home to stay all night until warm weather, so when Spring opens I'll go spend a few days with you all. Have you all a phone/ Would like to know your number. Well, I'll close. Lots of love to you all from your niece


Tuesday March 7, 1929

Dear Mother:

          I intended to write last Friday but couldn't find a scrap of paper and by the time I got the paper the spell had left me so I am just now writing.

We are all very well except colds and none of them so very bad. Mr McEwen has Siatic rheumatism in his hip, knee, and ankle so he can hardly get up sometimes. Ray was out here yesterday said the girls were doing very well, Ada has been in bed with bladder trouble but is up now but Dr said it would be some time before she was well by taking care of herself. Monroe has gone back to shops to work was called yesterday but hated to leave the place where he was but I think it is best- makes nearly

          We were thinking of planting the garden but has been so wet but a good thing as this cold would have gotten it anyway.

          I am so hungry to see you all since you were over there just long enough to see you, I think you might come and stay with us awhile anyway since Loula is in town, you always had that for your excuse and that is gone now.

          I had a nice long letter from Edwin's wife thanking me for the present(that was so long in being sent).

          Well we have Victaphone now at the picture show. Sarah Evelyn, Barbara and I went to see the first one yesterday. S.E. was disappointed because it didn't talk all the way through the picture but Bab. said it looked just like the picture was talking to her and the same to me.

          Mrs Dunn and I went to Summit last week to see Grand Ma Wolbricht. she is sick has been real sick but is better now. She was so glad to see us and the first thing she wanted to know how you were getting along. Mr Wolbricht has bought out a filling station up town and think he is going to have a tin shop and Real estate in connection with it.

          Barbara has skated so much the wheels are almost worn off but think it has done her good seems to be getting a little more flesh.

          I had better stop before I write every thing I can think of and then Mary Allan says it takes a long time for me to have another thought.

          Must stop and go to bed.


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