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Barnes Family Letters

Friday 2PM
October 22, 1915

Dear Children

          I just now got Edwins letter. I am sorry the baby is sick she has always been so healthy. Sallie's baby has a cold and coughs so bad she cant sleep. I kept her in the go cart while Sallie was cooking dinner. She got her to sleep and put her in it I sat by and kept it moving. She is crawling all over the house now playing. All the others are well Mary Allan had to stay in yesterday didnt have two of her examples marked right. She cried like it almost broke here heart she made 100 in everything last month but arithmetic she only got 90. She feels like she is disgraced forever having to stay in. Loula says she wouldnt mind staying in if it wasnt for the whipping she would get when she got home Sallie told her and Monroe if they were ever kept in she would whip them. She knows Mary Allan wont have to stay in if she can help it. Loulas report ran from 85 to 95 last month. I told Sallie I didnt think that was so bad. Loula is such a happy go lucky child and is so sweet. I reckon it is because they all say she is just like me. Mrs McEwen sent me word she would come to see me if she was able said if I would go and stay a week she would send after me but I dont want to stay that long. Sallie got her first mess of later Crowders Tuesday. Got a mess today and took a neighbor a mess. George Collins was buried Sunday I heard it just after I had mailed you Aunt Barbaras letter.

          Protracted meeting begun at the Presbyterian Church yesterday. Allie and Me will go tonight. I saw in N.O. paper where Dr. Rees killed Blackburn at Purvis Tuesday they were rival editors it was about the County printing. The paper said it was W A Blackburn but I reckon it was a mistake his name is MA.

          They have two paydays a month Me says he is doing very good business. I went to the store yesterday got you two dresses Me put in one for you from Sallie it is the lightest one. I hope you will like them all. The Satteen is for Barbara an underskirt I think I will go back next week and get us about two dresses apiece but there is no dark ginghams. There is some mighty pretty shirting there if you will make them for Charlie I will get some the Ginghams was 8 cts, Satteen 17 1/2. Me says the next stock of dry goods will be higher cotton gone up so if Barbara wants her cape lined I will send her some Satteen and send the pattern Sallie cut one by Mrs McNairs cape. Monroe has got on this old Indian suit says he hopes Aunt Loula will make him a Scout suit for Xmas. Sallie says her old store machine sews very well but is so hard to turn. Me hasnt sent the other off yet.

          Mrs Stephens was to see me last week her baby is not pretty at all. I havet heard from Clark yet will write to him again. Havent written to Mathison yet. I went to Dr Edwards drugstore to get the prescription for Edwin but he was gone out in the country. When I get back there I will write to him for it. I dread to think of Preston having to come home in the night all this winter. I know you and B miss Charlie

          Love hugs and kisses
          God bless you all

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