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Barnes Family Letters

Lumberton, Miss.
June 22, 1899

Dear Aunt Barbara

          Your letter received yesterday at dinner and thought I would answer as I have some pine needles to send to Dan. They are not so extra ordinary long but then its the best I could do for I'm afraid to go too far to get them.

          Mama went to Purvis yesterday morning and came back this morning. She had Mrs. Bufkin to come down and stay with Sallie and me while gone.

          Sallie continues to stay at Pigfords store though its a grumble every time she comes home about having all the work to do.

          Tell Aunt Anna that I appreciate her interest in me but I'm afraid she would be disappointed in me for she would expect more than she received or received more than she expected, by all your "big talk", and then I don't think Mama could spare me very easily - a venture indeed. I can picture myself trying to interest three restless busy-body boys - like all of them are, when I can scarcely control myself, but don't tell her (Aunt Anna) so Let her keep on thinking all good and no bad about me. Preston hasn't a very good position at McHenry but he says its the best he can do at present. The house in front of us has been completed at last and the men were out there making their beds yesterday evening after the whistle blew. I know it will be a tough crowd and I do hope we will move before they get under good headway but the prospects are not encouraging. The above news is all that I know just now.

           Maybe Mama can rake up a little by mail time.

Sallie was invited to a Cake Walk at Folkes Monday night but didn't go. Tell Van, Dan and Hugh that I would like very much to see my Texas Cousins. Paper scarce as it always is

McHenry, Miss.
Ag 28 - 99

Dear Aunt B

          I will try and answer your letter and to start on I'm well. I'm here keeping up machines in the day time. I'm only getting 1.75 a day but will get a raise the first, or have the promise of one. This is a Thin town but I can save some money here at the wages I'm getting so I guess I will stay here for a while. I had my trunk packed to start for Shrieveport, La. when I got a telegram from this Company to come back. Well I don't think Sallie will marry Brown and I'm quite sure she wont if I can prevent it. Well it strikes me that we are scattered to a certain extent. Sallie and Loula in Summit, Charley in somewhere, Mama and Allan in Lbrton, You in Texas, and me in McHenry. Lets all join Allan and Mama Xmas and have a reunion. Mama writes me she is going to move in our new home.

          Rob is here at work. I got him a job as oiler he gets 1.25 a day and don't do anything but keep the machines oiled, etc. Cousin Nan says tell you the Sopolio is most run down and today she got some help - "A niger girl" Give Uncle, Auntie, and the children my love - Keep some for Aunt B and then write to your loving Neph

W.P. Barnes
P. S.
When will you be home


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