Tax, Court, and Wills
of Carroll County, Mississippi


1834 State Tax Assessment Roll

Carroll County, Mississippi

September 29, 1834

I, John Oldham, keeper of tax records, certify the following residents of Carroll County paid tax in the year 1834.

Signed, John Oldham

This tax list of 1834 enumerates the original settlers of Carroll County, Mississippi.

233 White Polls
1055 Slaves

*** = Owned a "Pleasure Carriage"

Abby, James
Alford, John
Alford, John, Jr
Alford, William
Anderson, Patterson
Applewhite, E.
Applewhite, W.
Arnold, David
Bagley, M. Josiah
Barnett, Nelson
Baxter, Daniel W.
Baxter, William
Baxter, William
Beasley, Fanny
Bell, Samuel
Best, Jonathan
Binford, John A.
Blake, William
Blanks, James, Jr.
*** Blanks, James
Blanks, John
Boid, Irvin
Boid, James T.
Bole, James K.
Brewer, F. L.
Cain, John
Cannon, John
Caperton, Thomas H.
Carpenter, John
Carpenter, Sarah
Carpenter, William
Carpenter, Abraham
Carr, Wiley
Carroll, Benjamin H.
Cawthron, Mr.
Childress, John M.
Clarke, John
Clarke, William
Cobb, James
Cohron, Asa
Collins, James
Collins, W. Y.
Cook, Samuel
Cooper, Cornelius
Crawford, James
Crier, Daniel
Crowder, Green
Crowder, James B.
Crowder, John J.
Crowson, Moses
Crowson, William S.
Devane, Ireton C.
Dickeson, David
Dickson , Edwin
Dikes, John W.
Eakin, Robert
Echols, John
Elom, John
Emmons, Lovin
Epperson, Henry
Eskridge, Samuel
Eskridge, Taliaferro
Eubanks, Francis
Evans, Thomas P.
Evans, Joseph
Fatheree, Rouse
Fields, Michael
Fisher, Elias
Forgay, James
Forgay, Joseph
Fourbas, H. T.
Fuller, Nathan
Fuller, Nimrod
Garner, Daniel
Garner, John W.
Garner, John
Gaston, Henry
*** Gayden, Reuben
Gerald, Tilman
Gilbert, Bird
Gillespie, William
Gipson, John
Glover, B. H.
Gordin, Horace
Green, Berry
Green, Elias
Green, George W.
Green, Willis
Haile, Alexander
Haile, Henry
Haile, John
Hall, Bethany
Hall, C. L.
Harbin, John
Hartgroves, Michael
Hayslipp, Argile
Hayslipp, Thomas
Henderson, William H.
Herring, A. W.
Herring, W. G.
Hester, Richard
Hines, John H.
Hoffman, John
Hooker, Nathan
Hoover, Ephraim
Howard, Edward G.
Howard, James
Howard, John
Howard, Titus
Hughes, Simon
*** Irvin, John L.
Jackson, Lemuel
Jackson, Thomas
Jefferson, Henry
Johnson, William
Jones, Jessey
Jones, John
Jones, Wiley
Kelly, James
Kelly, Robert
Kemp, John
King, James
King, John
Kirkwood, Robert
*** Kirkwood, William
Lacky, J. J.
Lamb, Meely
Lamb, Richard
Lawless, Abraham
Lawrence, H. W.
*** LeFlore, Greenwood
Lee, Henry
Lewis, William
Littlefield & Skipworth
*** Lloid, David
Lum, William
Martin, Cornelius
Massey, P. P.
Mathes, Stephen
Mathews, Henry
Mathews, James
Mathews, Thomas
McAkill, John
McAllaster, A.
McAllaster, John P.
McCall, Samuel
McDougal, Donnal
McEachon, Daniel
McFatter, Nevin
McFerguson, Daniel
McGraw, Michael
McLain, John
McLeod, Daniel
McLeod, S. D.
McManamay, James
McNeill, Hector
Meeks, Samuel
*** Miller, D. S.
Miller, Jacob
Miller, William W.
Minyard, James
Mitchell, David W.
Mitchell, James W.
Moffatt, Henry
Money, William
More, Burel
More, Edward
Murdock, Alfred
Murdock, William M.
Nelms, Jonathan
Newill, John
Newman, Uriah
Newton, James G.
Newton, Jeremiah
Nixon, Thomas G.
North, Elisha
O'Neal, Bartin
O'Neal, Edmund
O'Neal, Silas
O'Neal, William R.
Oldham, Andrew
Oldham, John
Oldham, William
Oliver, James
Parker, James
Parker, John K.
Parsons, Joseph
Perkins, James W.
Pickering, William L.
Pinkard, William M.
Pitcock, Robert
Pittecock, B. J.
Pittman, Michael
Pool, William
Powell, Sterling
Purvis, Joseph
Ransom, William
Ray, Jonathan
Redditt, William
Rhodes, Thomas
Rider, John
Rithe, John
Roach, Henry
Robbins, George
Rogers, James B.
Rogers, John
Ross, James
Scott, James
Scroggins, William
Shamburger, M. W.
Sharky, Alen
Shattuck, David O.
Sikes, George A.
Smith, Edwin
Smith, Elijah
Smith, Joel
Smith, John
Smith, Stephen
Smith, William D.
Smith, William
Smith, William
Spicer, Robert M.
Stafford, Daniel
Stanly, Benjamin
Stanly, David
Stanly, James
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, Patric
Terry, William
Thompson, Stephen
Tompson, William M.
Townsend, Daniel
Townsend, Jno
Vaughn, Reuben
Vernon , James
Vickey, Aaron
Walker, James
Walker, Jno
Walker, William W.
Ward, John
White, Thomas J.
Whitehead, Edmond
Whitehead, W. W.
Williams, David T.
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, Roderick P.
Williams, William
Wilson, James M.
Wilson, John H.
Wilson, M. J.
Wilson, Milton A.
Wilson, Thompson
Winn, D. T.
Winn, Robert
Winsor, Alfred
Womack, John
Woods, Tandy H.
Wooten, Jeptha
Wright, John
Wright, Thomas H.
Yelvington, Harrison
Young, Calope
Young, James
Young, R. H.
Young, William F.


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