Pioneers of Carroll County


Rowland William Clark and Lucinda Lesley

June 5, 2002
written by John J. Hansen

Vital Statistics:

Rowland William Clark
Born: Abt. 1818
Died: After 1880
Bur: Unknown

Lucinda Lesley
Born: Abt. 1822, Mississippi
Died: After 1880
Bur: Unknown

Marr: 20 Feb, 1838, Carroll Co., Ms.


1838 Mississippi, Carroll County , marriage of Rowland and Lucinda

1847 Mississippi, Carroll County, Tax Rolls.

1850 Mississippi, Carroll County.

1860 Mississippi, Carroll County, 4th Police District

1870 Mississippi, Carroll County

1880 Mississippi, Carroll County


Rowland was born about 1818 in Kentucky. (2,3,4,5,6) It is believed that Rowland’s father is John C. Clark, and currently his mother’s name is unknown. See research as a part of this report regarding the parents of Rowland. Lucinda was born about 1822 (2,3,4,5,6), and it is believed that she was born in Mississippi, however, her parents are unknown. It is believed that Lucinda has at least two brothers, Jackson and George Lesley, based upon the 1850 U.S. Census.(2)

Rowland and Lucinda were married on February 20th, 1838 in Carroll County, Mississippi. (1) This is the first solid record we have of this couple in Carroll County. Rowland’s father John apparently came to Carroll County in about 1835.

In about 1846, Nancy was born to the couple.(2) Nancy later married William James Smith.

In 1847, Rowland is listed on a Carroll County Tax Roll, along with William and Zephaniah Clark being adjacent to him on the roll.(7) William and Zephaniah are shown to be brothers to Rowland.(8)

On 21 November, 1849, Rowland and wife Lucinda, transferred by sale of deed, to William Clark, the original land patent of John C. Clark of 1840. The legal description of this property is given as the N W NW of Section 22, T20, R3E; the S of the W of the SW of Section 15, T20, R3E, and the E of the NE of Section 21, T20, R3E.(10) This particular description of land is known as the original “Old Clark Homestead” in Carroll County.

By 1850, Rowland and Lucinda are found in the Northern District of Carroll County. The census records indicate that the following are in their household; Rowland (32); Lucinda (25); Mary (10); Sarah (8); Levicy (7); Ulsulce (6); Nancy (4); Andrew (1); and Jackson Lesley (22) of whom I presume is Lucinda’s brother. Their land was valued at $900. (2)

On October 15th, 1855, Rowland applied for a land patent for the NE of the SE , of Section 21, Township 20, Range 3E. This land is the first quarter south of John C. Clark’s original 1840 land patent and contains 40.06 acres.(9)

There is also shown a George T. Lesley who is married to a Martha Clark, in a nearby household. George is 32 years old, and has the following children; William, James, Nancy, Thomas, Granberry. It is presumed that George Lesley is a brother to Lucinda and Jackson. It is not known how Martha is related to the other Clark’s.(3)

The 1860 U.S. Census finds Rowland and his wife in the 4th Police District of Carroll County, Ms. Along with Rowland (age 42), can be found wife Lucinda (38); and children A. (15), N.J. (13), A.J. (12); E. (7); G.W. (5), S.A. (3); and T. (4/12). All the children are shown as born in Mississippi, while it lists Rowland as being born in Kentucky and Lucinda born in Mississippi. The value of their property was $1500.(4)

In 1870, the U.S. Census finds them in Carroll County with a Carrolton Post Office, with R.W. (age 48, b. Ky), Lucinda (48, b. Ms.); G.N. (age 15); S.A. ( age 12); T.M. (age 10); and ?.L. (age 7). Again all children shown born in Mississippi.(5)

In 1880, most of the children are shown grown and away from home. The 1880 Census lists Rollin (age 60), and wife Lucinda (age 58), son John (age 19) and son George W. (age 26). Rowland’s parent’s place of birth is listed as North Carolina and Lucinda’s parents place of birth is listed as Kentucky. The sons are listed as farm laborers.(6)

Rowland and Lucinda passed away sometime after 1880 since they still show up in the 1880 US Census. The location of where they have been buried has yet to be found.


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