Military Resources for Carroll County

The Mexican War - 1846-1848:

2nd Regiment of Mississippi Volunteers
Choctaw Volunteers

2nd Regiment of Mississippi Volunteers for the war. January 1847 to July 1848.

2nd Regiment of Mississippi Volunteers - Choctaw Volunteers (included several Carroll County Men)

Choctaw Volunteers

Name                                        Rank      

Acee, W. B.                              Private

Aldridge, J. N.                            Private

Bags, Henry                              Private

Bags, J. M.                               Private

Barfield, W. F.                           Private

Barnett, Wm. M.                       Private

Barron, Ezekial                         Private

Bowen, John                              Private

Bowen, W. H.                            Private

Caperton, J. S.                           Private

Caperton, W. G.                         Private

Carroll, Alexander M.                 Private

Childress, J. T.                         Private

Childress, R. S.                         Private

Cochran, W. F.                         Private

Cook, W. M.                              Private

Cooper, G. W.                           Private

Cox, Allen                                 Private

Crenshaw, N. N.                         Private

Crenshaw, Cornelius                  Private

Crowder, R. S.                           Private

Denhey, John                            Private

Dunn, R. W.                              Private

Dunn, T. G.                               Private

Dyer, A. H.                                Private

Dyer, C. C.                                Private

Elder, D. M.                               Private

Elder, W. H.                              Private

Elder, Enos                               Captain

Fox, T. J.                                  Private

Fox, Isaac                                 Private

Hall, W. C.                                Private

Harrod, John                              Private

Hart J. D.                                  Private

Haucher, John                           Private

Hill, J. W.                                  Private

Hislip, J. 0.                                Private

Holland, W. H.                           Private

Johnson, J. S.                           Private

Jones, J. L.                               Private

Jones, Robt. A.                         Private

Knight, A. E.                             Private

Liddell, J. M.                             Private

Liddell, P. F.                             2nd Lieutenant

Long, Alfred V.                          Private

Lonts, Charles                           Private

Louis, W. M.                             Private

Mabry, E. W.                             Private

McGary, Martin                         Private

McQuarry, Jasper A.                  Private

McQueen, Jas. A.                     Private

Middleton, M. C.                         Private

Middleton, Holland             1st Lieutenant

Minga, H. S.                              Private

Osborn, John                             Private

Parr G. S.                                 Private

Perry, J. R.                                Private

Perry, James                             Private

Phares, H. J.                             Private

Phares, J. C.                             Private

Poe, Levi                                   Private

Power, Francis                         Private

Pruitt, Josiah                             Private

Pruitt W. M.                              Private

Real, J. P.                                 2nd Lieutenant

Roberts, Simeon                         Private

Saffell, J. T                                Private

Scales, S. D.                             Private

Smith, Francis                           Private

Staffell, A. H.                             Private

Starnes, John                            Private

Stewart, James J.                      Private

Stoaks, S. A.                            Private

Stoaks, Reddin                         Private

Thompson, W. B.                     Private

Walton, G. W.                           Private

Ware, Robert                             Private

Weaver, A. W.                           Private

Weaver, B. F.                            Private

Wiley, B. T.                               Private

Wilson, B. H.                             Private

Wilson, C. L.                             Private

Wilson, Samuel                         Private

Wiltshire, G. W.                         Private

Woods, Andrew                         Private

Woods, James B.                     Private

Carroll County


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