Military Resources for Carroll County

The Mexican War - 1846-1848:

1st Regiment of Mississippi Rifles, Company D
Carroll County Volunteers
1st Regiment of Mississippi Rifles Volunteers for 12 months June 1846 to June 1847

Carroll County Volunteers - Company D, 1st Infantry

(* indicates Died)

Name                                      Rank    

Adair, A. G.                             Sergeant

Adair, J. M.                              Private

Adkinson, Pinksey G.               Private

Applegate, Richard                   Private

Baird, Harrison B.                     Private

Barnes, J. E. B.                       Private

Bates, W. H.                            Private

*Beall, Egbert F.                      Sergeant

Benthall, John C.                      Private

Blake, James W.                      Private

Boone, J. E. B.                         Private

Brown, Thomas                         Private

Buckholts, John A.                    2nd Corporal

Buford, J. A.                              Private

Burrell, James H.                       Private

Cage, Doctor                             Private

Capshaw, Daniel C.                    Private

Carr, Young                               Private

Carter, William                           Private

Clark, Robert                             Private

*Cobb, Alpheus                          Private

Cocke, Daniel P.                        Private

Cokely, John                             Corporal

Colburn, Samuel G.                    Private

Creamer, Henry                         Private

Creswell, Samuel                       Private

Davidson, Thomas B.                  Private

Doyle, David R.                          Private

Durdin, Jonan                            3rd Corporal

Durham, W. T. S.                      Private

Elliott John G.                           Private

Erwin, John W.                         Private

Erwin, S. H.                              Private

Ewing, Andrew                          Corporal

Ferguson, Samuel                     Private

Fields, S. R.                             Private

Fields, Whipley                         Private

Forbes, Joel                              Private

Forster, Charles A.                    Musc.

Gage, J. D. M.                          Private

George, James Z.                     Corporal

Grey, William P.                       Private

Gunter, William M.                    Private

*Hall, Harmon G.                       Private

Hanks, Marion                           Private

Hanks, Taliaferro                        Private

Harper, John R.                          Private

Harrell, Asa                               Private

Harrell, Wells C.                        1st Sergeant

Heath, J. B.                               Private

Heslip, D. W.                             Private

Heslip, James 0.                        Private

Hodge, Benjamin L.                   2nd Lieutenant

Hollingsworth, E.                       2nd Lieutenant

Hood, F. P.                               Private

Howard, B. D.                           Captain

Howard, Louis T.                      2nd Lieutenant

Hudson, Alfred                         Private

Huffman, Warren                      Private

Jefferson, D. W.                       Private

*Johnson, James                      Private

Jones, H. W.                            Private

*Jones, Owen W.                      Private

Jones, William H.                     Drummer

Kaigler, J. R.                            Private

Kyle, Thomas J.                       2nd Lieutenant

Lewis, Robert A.                       Sergeant

Lott, William                             Private

Love, David E.                           3rd Sergeant

Martin, Richard                         Private

Martin, W. D.                            Private

McAllister, Neal                         Private

McCarroll, Thomas J.                 Private

McCauley, John                         Private

McLendon, Andrew J.                 Private

McRoy, James A.                       Private

Monday, Samuel S.                    Private

Mullens, E. A.                            Private

*Nixon, Caesar L.                       Sergeant

'*Norman, Benjamin F.                Private

Norman, Hiram G.                       Private

0rr, William                                 Private

Parmelee, James                        Private

Petty, Hilliard                             Private

Petty, R. C. R.                           Private

Pleasants, Frank P.                    Private

Powell, A. T.                               Private

Ramsey, George W.                    Private

Ramsey, J. M.                            Sergeant

*Reynolds, Hugh A.                     Corporal

*Reynolds, John T.                      Private

Reynolds, Sherod                        Private

Rhodes, Benjamin B.                   Private

Roberts, B. F.                             Private

Rosamond, S. M.                       Private

Rowe. A. Govan                         Corporal

Russell, Daniel R.                       1st Lieutenant

Russell, L. H.                             Sergeant

Shooke, John                             Private

Somerville, James                      Private

Stokes, James C.                      Private

Stovall, Josiah                           Private

Strickland, Jesse                       Fif

Taylor, Benjamin F.                   Corporal

Taylor, J. A.                              Private

Taylor, Memory                         Private

Thompson, John                        Private

Townsend, Sherrod                    Private

Trousdale, Leon                         2nd Lietenant

Tyree, E. P.                               Private

Vance, George W.                     Private

Vance, John B.                          Private

Wadlington, W. K.                     Private

*Wagnon, Daniel                        Private

Wellons, Marcus C.                    2nd Sergeant

Wilgus, David                             Private

Williams, Richard.                      Private

Williamson, John N. B.               Private

Willis, George                            Private

Wynns, Robert P.                      Corporal

Young, Albert                            Private

Young, Jacob T.                         1st Corporal

Young, Samuel A.                      1st OS

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