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Generals of the Civil War  

The War for Southern Independence:

4th Mississippi Regiment

4th Mississippi Infantry,

Company C, Red Invincibles 


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Chronology of Service 

The 4th consisted of one company (A) from Choctaw County; Company F of Calhoun County; B, I, and K from Attala County; D, E, and H from Carroll County; and companies C and G of Holmes County.
12 Aug. 1861 Company G enlisted in Durant.
17 Aug. Company C enlisted in Emory.
11 Sept. Encampted at Trenton, Tenn.
6 Feb. 1862 Under Attack at Fort Henry, retreat to Fort Donelson.
13 Feb. Under Attack at Ft. Donelson.
15 Feb. Regiment makes sucessful breakout but ordered back to pits.
16 Feb.  Garrison Surrenders. Sent to P.O.W. Camp Chase, Ohio and militarty prison at Indianapolis. 23 Holmes Countians perish while there.
October  Exchanged at Ponchatoula, La.
Late Nov.  On duty, Snyder's Mill on the Big Black River.
29 Dec.  Repulse main assault at Battle of Chickasaw Bayou

29 Apr.- 4 May 

Marched over 100 miles and fought the Battle of Port Gibson during this five day period.
17 May  In Battle Big Black Bridge before Vicksburg, Col. Gee captured.
18 May Engaged at outer works before Vicksburg.
19 May Ordered back to position near Riddle House.
22 May Withstood major assault.
28 May Withstood major assault.
29 May-4 July  Under Constant artillery and rifle fire.
4 July  Vicksburg Surrenders.
11 July  Paroled to exchange camp at Enterprise.
16 Oct.  Exchanged
26 Nov.  Arrived Resaca, Ga., went into winter quarters.
15 Jan.-3 Apr. 1864 Involved in several troop movements between Mobile, Meridan, and Selma.
13 -15 May  Engaged at Resaca
19 May 1864: Engaged as Cassville
25 May -28 June Engaged at New Hope Church and Punkinvine Creek.
4 June  Engaged at Lost Mountain.
27 June  Repulsed major attack by General Smith's columns at Kennesaw Mt.
4 July  Engagement at Smyrna.
9 July  Engagement at Vining's Station.
20 July  Skirmishing at Peachtree Creek.
23 July--26 Aug. Turner Ferry Rd. on West side of Atlanta under almost continous attack by artillery and sharpshooters.
4-6 Aug. Major engagement at Turner Ferry Rd. positions.
27 Aug. Engagement on the Chattahoochee.
1 Sept.  Rearguard for evacuation to Lovejoy Station.
3 Sept.  Took positions at LoveJoy Station, engaged enemy..
5 Oct.: Engagement at Altoona Creek.
13 Oct: Engagement at Tilton
26-29 Oct.: Engagement at Decatur, Ala.
20 Nov. Engagement at Columbia.
30 Nov. Battle of Franklin, suffered severe losses.
4 Dec. Engagement at Overall Creek.
7 Dec. Battle of Murfreesboro.
15 Dec. Battle of Nashville. Very few escaped to go into winter quarters at Tupelo.
1 Feb. 1865 Ordered to Fort Blakeley, near Mobile.
9 April 1865 Remmants of the Fourth surrendered and sent to Ship Island


4th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Company C (Red Invincibles),

Capt. W.C. Red Daniel, Robert Kirkpatrick, W. R. Tate, Milton
1st Lt. J.F. Alexander Daniels, John Lomax, Alf Thompson, William
2nd Lt. R.D. Meek Farr, Ned McDougal, Columbus Thompson, Henry
3rd Lt. J.J. Williams Gerrard, ? ? McLean, William Walker, Thomas
Ables, Richard Gilliam, Dr. William Nail, Thomas, Walker, James
Ables, William Gilliam, H.A. Nall, Madison Walker, George
Adair, John Givin, William Nelson, Crawford Wallace, William
Alexander, S.G. Goolsby, T.W. Nelson, William Wallace, Dudley
Alexander, L.F. Goss, John Opry, Joseph White, F.M.
Alexander, Lycurgus F. Grindstaff, John Penn, Paul White, Sam
Anderson, John Guthrie, Thomas Polk, William Williams, Joe
Barnett, Frank Hamilton, Hector Porter, Prentiss Williams, Alfred
Beall, Watt Hampton, B.W. Powers, L.A. Williams, Richard
Beard, Thad Hampton, Wade Railey, Calvin Willis, William
Boothe, John Harris, W. S. Red, George Willis, George
Browning, Preston Harrison, Joe Reed, -- -- Wilson, Dr. R.T.
Browning, Jeff Hefner, J.C. Reeves, Joe Wilson, William
Cade, William Hewett, T.E. Roach, John Wilson, Henry
Calhoun, Arch Hewett, W. H. Robbins, George Wimberly, Caleb
Cameron, William Hollmes, John Rogers, Howison Wood, Shimmey
Carter, Warren Hosea, O.f. Smith, Hiriam Wood, Thomas
Carter, James Hubbard, John Smith, William Yager,. John
Collins, William W. Huffman, Frank Snelson, John Young, Joseph
Cook, Miles Johnson, Miles Snipes, James Young, Joe
Cowey, Joe Johnson, John Snipes, William -
Capt. W. C. Red died at home on 24 Jan. 1863. Succeeded by Capt. J.T. Alexander. Lt. James Sullivan killed in command in August 1864 near Atlanta. Lt W.J. Wallace succeeded Sullivan in command.

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