Military Resources for Carroll County

Generals of the Civil War  

The War for Southern Independence:

42nd Mississippi Infantry, Company A

"Carroll Fencibles"

Issac Thomas Alderman – Private (killed at battle of Hatchers Run.  See record example on sample page)
Joseph Bachman – Private
Josephus L. Bamburg – Private
William E. Bamburg – Third Lieutenant
Elijah W. Beck – Private
Hampton C. Beck – Private
William L.J. Beck – Private
Alonzo P. Billups – Private
Berry B. Blaylock – Private
William M. Blaylock – Private
Henry L. Brown – Private
Josiah W. Brown – Private
William J. Cain – Private
John M. Campbell – Private
Richard M. Campbell – Private
Abner Carpenter – Private
Nathan C. Carpenter – Private
Thomas Carpenter – Private
Nathaniel Case – Private
George Cheek – Private
Hilliard Cheek – Private
Calloway Collins – Private
William J. Collins – Private
Robert H. Colvin – Private
*Marion Corley – Private
H. P. Couch – Private
Barney R. Darling – Private
Thomas Davidson – Private
Jesse Dean – Private
George C. Doss – Private
Ira B. Eubanks – Private
John H. Ezell – Private
Sanders P. Ezell – Private
Newell Felts – Private
Peter F. Fitzgerald – Private
Harvey R. Flanagin – Private
Riley A. Forbes – Private
William J. Forbes – Private
Nathaniel Furgersson – Private
James M. Furgersson – Private
Micajah Gant – Private
Preston Gant – Private
James C. Gardner – Private
William W. Gardner – Private
John R. Glenn – Private
John A. Hammons – Private
William H. Hammons – Private
Thomas W. Harris – Private
Osborne R. Heath – Private
James H. Henry – Private
William B. Holland – Private
Rufus M. Holman – Fifth Sergeant
William H. Holman – Private
Caswell Howard – Private
James H. Howard – Private
Joseph Howard – Private
William T. Imman – Sergeant
Hugh Johnson – Private
George W. Jones – Private
Joseph M. Keyes – Private
Ezekiel B. Lancaster – Private
Stephen S. Lancaster – Private
Alexander Lawhorn - Private
James Loden – Private
Jesse C. Lott – private
William Lott – Private
Christopher Loving – Private
Turner Lumbley – Private
James A. Marshall – Private
John J. Matthews – Private
Madison J. McGehee – Private
William K. McMahon – Private
Alexander C. McMillan – Private
Norvel J. McPherson – Private
Richard T. Meux – Private
Willis H. Miller – Private
John K. Minyard – Private
Nathan W. Pentecost – Private
Benajah Peters – Private
Reason L Peters – Private
Thomas A. Pleasants – First Lieutenant
John J. Prewitt – Private
Frank D. Price – Fourth Sergeant
John B. Price – Private
George B. Reeves – Third Corporal
Matthew Richmond – Private
Bernard Rodgers – Private
John J. Rogers – Private
William M. Rogers – Private
Benjamin F. Shelton – Private
Samuel Shelton – Private
Thomas D. Smith – second corporal
William Spencer – Private
Thomas J. Stout – Private
William G. Sullivan – Private
John W. Taliafero – Second Sergeant
Richard T. Taliafero – Private
Lee Taylor – Private
Albert G. Terry – Private
Joseph G. Timberlake – Fourth Corporal
William Tindell – Private
Joseph M. Trotter – Private
Melvin R. Tyler – Private
Thomas J. Tyler – Private
William M. Tyler – Private
Taliaferro Weed – first corporal
Benjamin F. West – Private
William J. West – Second Lieutenant
James W. Whitley – Private
James D. Williams – Private
William L. Wimberly – Private
Berry E. Wimpey – Private
Edward Y Wright – Private

Carroll County


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