Military Resources for Carroll County

Generals of the Civil War  

The War for Southern Independence:

2nd Battalion Mississippi Cavalry Reserve

Company I (Lake's Company)

This data was generated from the National Park Service, Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System and can be found online at the following address 

If you find your ancestors listed below, please visit the National Park Service Website for more information.

Posted January 6, 2005 by John J. Hansen

Regiment History:

Crute's compendium contains no history for this unit.

Name Company Rank In Rank Out
Anderson, Joseph I Private Private
Bailey, James I Private Private
Beard, H. A. I Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant
Bennett, George I Private Private
Blaylock, I.S. I Private Private
Blaylock, Rob I Private Private
Bond, L. I. I Private Private
Boring, L.J. I Corporal Corporal
Collins, Alex I Private Private
Collins, J. F. I Private Private
Crawford, W.L. I Private Private
Curry, T.C. I Private Private
Doyle, George I Private Private
Foster, R.R. I Private Private
Furgason, W. I Corporal Corporal
Gooch, H.J. I Corporal Corporal
Hood, James I Private Private
Hood, Samuel I Private Private
Howard, Joseph I Private Private
Howell, Jack I Private Private
Lake, G.P. I Captain Captain
Lake, Richard I Senior Second Lieutenant Senior Second Lieutenant
McNeal, H. I Sergeant Sergeant
Oliver, M. A. I Private Private
Reed, I.T. I Private Private
Stovall, S.T. I Sergeant Sergeant
Swift, Henry I Private Private
Tucker, Paschal I Private Private
Tyler, Henry I Sergeant Sergeant
Vickers, T.B. I Private Private
Wadlington, A. I Private Private
Ward, S.J. I Corporal Corporal
Wright, E.Y. I Private Private

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