Census Data Records of

Carroll County, Mississippi

1850 Federal Census

Carroll County, Mississippi




Smiths in Carroll County, Mississippi

1850 U.S. Census Records

Submitted by John Hansen

Name Age Sex P.O.B. Occup. Pg. HH County Distric

Smith, Arianna 14 F TN 194B Carroll South

Smith, Charles 40 M VT Dental Surg. 195A 14/21 Carroll South

Smith, Nancy D. 46 F NC 195B 16/23 Carroll South
Mary E. 18 F TN
Frances 17 F TN
Jacob T. 15 M TN
James 13 M MS

Smith, Henry D. 36 M TN Farmer,600 196B 32/40 Carroll South
Alice 34 F NC
Casper W. 9 M MS
Mary M. 7 F MS
Apripinn I (?) 5 F MS
Alice 3 F MS
Catherine 6/12 F MS

Smith, George 37 M VA Farmer 199B 73/85 Carroll South
Martha 37 F NC
Henry 12 M MS
Ritta Ann 6 F MS
Rebecca 4 F MS
Lonnin (?) 2 F MS

Smith, Franklin T. 17 M MS Student 208B 189/210 Carroll South
Mary 11 F MS
Arabella 9 F MS
Salina 7 F MS
(All above enumerated with Nathaniel Carter, Farmer from TN)

Smith, Daniel 56 M NC Farmer,120 211 227/252 Carroll South
Isabella 37 F SC
Walter 1 M MS
Ivy, Eliza 15 F MS
Ivy, Elizabeth 60 F NC

Smith, Jackson 21 M AL Laborer 212A 238/264 Carroll South
Enumerated with Jacob Croker, 31, M

Smith, George W. 40 M NC Farmer 212A 244/270 Carroll South
Rachel 35 F NC
Rozilla 13 F MS
William 11 M MS
Mary 9 F MS
James 7 M MS
Hiram 4 M MS
Eugene (?) 4 M MS
Harriett 10/12 F MS
Ivy, Edy 7 F MS
Ivy, Anna 6 F MS

Smith, Stephen 39 M GA Farmer,250 223A 400/436 Carroll South
Mary A. 37 F MS
James B. 14 M MS
William L. 12 M MS
Benjamin 10 M MS
Momar T (?) 8 M MS
Jahn (?) 6 F MS
Stephen 4 M MS

Smith, Merrill J. 47 M GA Farmer,800 228A 462/499 Carroll South
Susan 41 F SC
Brandon 21 M MS
Nancy 19 F MS
Robert 17 M MS
Mily 11 M MS
Harrison 8 M MS
Silas 7 M MS
Susan 1 F MS

Smith, William 35 M VA Farmer, 600 229A 477/515 Carroll South
Laura 24 F VA
Mary 7 F MS
Martha 5 F MS
Laura 3 F MS
Catherine 2 F MS

Smith, Albert G. 15 M KY 230 486/524 Carroll South
Enumerated With Anjus W. Ayers, Merchant from Ohio

Smith, William 48 M GA Farmer,800 235 536/590 Carroll South
Pricey (?) 45 F GA
Jane 16 F LA
Samuel 9 M MS
George W. 7 M MS
Henry C. 5 M MS

Smith, John E. 25 M LA Farmer 235A 537/591 Carroll South
Jane 19 F AL
Cornelius 2 M MS
Eliza 1/12 F MS
Edwin 18 M AL Laborer

Smith, Martin 19 M MS Laborer 235A 541/595 Carroll South
Enumerated with Alfred Jackson, 32, Miller from GA

Smith, Andrew 56 M Germ Farmer,4400 239A 600/658 Carroll South
Mary 57 F VA
Andrew 20 M AL Teacher
Joseph 17 M AL Student
Martha 15 F AL

Smith, Adeliza 16 F MS 243B 662/729 Carroll South
Enumerated with James Stanly, 52, Farmer from TN

Smith, Hervey 7 M MS Student 243B 663/730 Carroll South
Enumerated with James Stanly Jr. from MS.

Smith, Douglass 48 M VA Farmer, 1000 245B 689/760 Carroll South
Frances 49 F VA
James 18 M TN Laborer
William 14 M MS
Emmanetta 12 F MS
John 10 M MS
Octavia 7 F MS
Narcissa 5 F MS

Smith, James 18 M NC Manager 248B 731/865 Carroll South
Enumerated With Alford Robertson

Smith, Robert 47 M Scot. Merchant,160 248B 735/809 Carroll South

Smith, Robert 48 M GA Farmer,880 255A 19/19 Carroll North
Mary 49 F SC

Smith, Susan 22 F AL 261A 95/95 Carroll North
Enumerated with Martha Finnie

Smith, John J. 25 M IREL Farmer 273A 270/274 Carroll North
Enumerated with Andrew McMahon, 31, Farmer from AL

Smith, William B. 52 M MS Farmer 280B 381/387 Carroll North
Nancy 52 F SC
Sarah 22 F MS
Emily 19 F MS
Elizabeth 14 F MS
Simeon 18 M MS Farmer
Nancy 12 F MS
William 10 M MS
Jacob 6 M MS

Smith, Margaret 15 F MS 280B 382/388 Carroll North
Enumerated with Richard Morehead

Smith, Plummer W. 37 M TN Farmer,1200 282B 411/418 Carroll North

Smith, Thomas 65 M NC Farmer 282B 411/418 Carroll North
Enumerated with Plummer W. Smith above

Smith, Thomas M. 35 M TN Farmer,3000 283A 413/420 Carroll North
Elizabeth 34 F TN
Franklin 13 M MS
William 11 M MS
James 8 M MS
Ann 6 F MS

Smith, Lee 48 M TN Blacksmith 288B 490/499 Carroll North
Peneope (?) 42 F TN
Martha 21 F MS
Mary (?) 19 F MS
Henry 10 M MS

Smith, Henry 30 M TN Farmer,1200 288B 496/505 Carroll North
Elizabeth 33 F KY
Thomas 14 M MS
Genallaces 11 M MS
Nancy 9 F MS
William 8 M MS
Lewis 6 M MS Twin
Lee 6 M MS Twin
Mary 4 F MS
Dicy 2 F MS
Henry 1 M MS
Smith, Elizabeth 79 F NC

Smith, Nancy 60 F SC 600 294B 576/586 Carroll North
Willis 27 M TN

Smith, Dicy 26 F TN 384 467/467 Carroll West
Enumerated with Joseph S. McKee, 47, from GA

Smith, Rubin D. 24 M SC Farmer, 550 389 530/530 Carroll West
Lucinda 16 F MS
George D. 4/12 M MS
Gallaher, Martha 60 F SC

Smith, William J. 36 M SC Farmer,800 402B 718/718 Carroll West
Susanah 25 F AL
Patsy J. 6 F MS
John W. 3 M MS
Sarah 1 F MS

Smith, Charles 29 M SC Farmer 408 808/808 Carroll West
Mary 25 F AL
William 10 M SC
Minnie 8 F SC
George 7 M SC
Nancy 5 F MS
Martha 1 F MS

Smith, Thomas L. 40 M SC Farmer,1500 413 876/876 Carroll West
Susan 35 F AL
Ahronie (?) 14 M AL
David 12 M AL
Elizabeth 7 F MS
Robert 1 M MS


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