Obituary of Ira W. McGee
submitted by Sam Wilkes,
 February 11, 2007

Obituary of Ira W. McGee (Magee)
Carrollton, MS
Feb. 28, 1903
CARROLLTON - Carrollton lost one of her cleverest citizens last Monday when Ira W. McGee died.  Mr. McGee came to Carrollton several years ago and by his straightforward dealing and strict attention to honorable and honest toil made friends of all our people.  More than a year ago his health began to fail, and despite all that medical skill could do the progress of the disease could not be arrested, and it hastened on to its conclusion.  He was a great sufferer and he came to bear his heavy burden with commendable patience and fortitude if not with cheerfulness.  There were lessons of instruction and of warning in Mr. McGee's life.  One of his prominent and most commendable traits was industry.  early and late, in heat and in cold, Mr. McGee pursued his daily toil with a fidelity and cheerfulness that won applause from all of our people - the judge upon the bench and the plodder in daily toil noted and commended his thrift.
Mr. McGee was an honest man and was so esteemed and trusted by his acquaintance.  The fruit of his daily labor made him independent, and he used it in discharging the obligations that he assumed in business connections.
Mr. McGee was a charitable man and was never known to turn away a needy one who appeared to him for help, but with an open hand was ready to do a part in relieving any who were in distress.
These are some of the instructive features of his life.  Of its warnings it is not necessary we should speak.  He spoke freely of them during his last days, and many were the messages of admonition he sent to friends and kindred.  He appeared truly penitent and expressed a wish to be reconciled to those with whom he had been most at variance.  He passed away at 6 o'clock a.m. on Monday, February 22, 1903, and the  next day was buried in Midway Cemetery.  Rev. Harman conducting the obsequies. 

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