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Biography of Martha Elisabeth Carpenter Allen

Submitted by Leo "Buddy" Perguson

Martha Carpenter Allen, 1855, Teoc, Carroll County Mississippi, died 1916, Pushmataha Finley Okla, Buried beside her husband, John W Allen Pushmataha Finley Okla, Cem. John W Allen 1855, Walker County Alabama, died 1926, buried beside my Great Grandmother Martha Elisabeth Carpenter Allen. Martha went before the United States Commission of Indian affairs in 1902, Muskogee Okla, requesting Tribal enrollment as Mississippi Choctaw. She claimed under the Sept 27, 1830 Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek. I believe there's always a strong spiritual ties to your aboriginal Tribal lands that comes within a deep passionate feeling of belonging even without knowing on paper where those Spiritual feeling ties comes from. I knew Choctaw Heritage because my Mom and the elders always claimed Choctaw, but we never knew from where. My Great Grandfather John W Allen never claimed Choctaw, but my Great Grandmother Martha Carpenter Allen, in 1902, claimed 1/2 Mississippi Choctaw before the Commission of Indian Affairs Muskogee Okla. I believe Indian blood quantum's are only numbers without much meanings, but the most important thing to always remember is, it's not what's on paper that counts, it's who you are within your own heart is all that matters. Today, I believe, the Commission should have directed Great Grandmother back to Carroll County MS, as she claimed recognition as Choctaw within Choctaw Tribal Authorities. I will submit my Great Grandmother Martha Carpenter Allen's photo to Carroll County Mississippi, back to where her true spiritual being as Mississippi Choctaw really belongs. Left to right, #1. Joseph Young, wife #2. Myrtle Allen Young, #3.(oldest son), James G Allen, #4 John W Allen, #5, Charley Allen #6, Staley Allen, #7, frnt Lft, Sitting John W Allen 1855, #8. Grandson, Charley Myres, #9. Sitting, Martha Elisabeth Carpenter Allen, 1855 #10. Martha's lap was Granddaughter, Dovie Young. The photo was taken in 1907, 1 NR 20 east of the Choctaw Meridian, Kiamitia Pushmataha Okla.

I will conclude my family pioneer people of Carroll County MS History with my Great Grandmothers statement in 1902, before the Commissioner of Indian affairs, Muskogee Okla, "Sir, "Choctaw Sae Hoke" (I am Choctaw) and I claim under all of the Sept 27, 1830 treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek".

A proud Carroll County Mississippi, Allen/Carpenter family photo submitted and edited by; MS, Choctaw Historian, Chief Leo (Buddy) Pergson

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