This list of cemeteries located in Wilkinson County, Mississippi has been compiled from the United States Geological Survey. It should not be taken as a complete list of cemeteries in the County, as many small private cemeteries exist in this old part of Mississippi.

You will note that there are apparent duplicates in this list. These are not necessarily errors, as there are family cemeteries with the same name located in the same general area that are distinct from each other.

Many family cemeteries have changed names as the property changed owners.

For more information on Wilkinson County cemeteries see these web pages:


Woodville Points of Interest

    Cemeteries Transcribed

Photos of Wilkinson County Cemeteries Index (off site link)

Arcole Cemetery Pinckneyville  Bowling Green Cemetery Woodville
Brown Cemetery Wilkinson Brown Cemetery Wilkinson
Brown Cemetery Wilkinson Bunch Cemetery Doloroso
Cavin Cemetery Wilkinson Clarksville Cemetery Fort Adams
Coon Cemetery Wilkinson Cory Cemetery Newtonia
Courtney Cemetery Lessley Crosby Cemetery Crosby
Currier Cemetery Woodville Dawson Cemetery Woodville
Day Cemetery Crosby Deer Park Cemetery Lake Mary
Emberhill Cemetery Centreville Embre Cemetery Centreville
Enlow Cemetery Wilkinson Gaulden Cemetery Centreville
Geter Cemetery Doloroso Good Hope Cemetery Lake Mary
Grimes Cemetery Pinckneyville Hatfield Cemetery Newtonia
Haynes Cemetery Gloster Hays Cemetery Laneheart
Homer Hill Cemetery Garden City Hudson Cemetery Newtonia
Huff Cemetery Centreville Huff Cemetery Newtonia
Huff Cemetery Centreville Humphrey Cemetery Newtonia
Jackson Cemetery Newtonia King Cemetery Newtonia
Liddell Cemetery Woodville Linwood Cemetery Fort Adams
Loch Leven Cemetery Lake Mary Macedonia Cemetery Wilkinson
McCrain Cemetery Wilkinson McGraw Cemetery Centreville
Mess Ridge Cemetery Fort Adams Mount Olive Cemetery Centreville
Mount Olive Cemetery Gloster Nathaniel Cemetery Centreville
Netterville Cemetery Newtonia Newman Cemetery Newtonia
Newman Cemetery Newtonia Norwood Cemetery Centreville
Packnett Cemetery Centreville Packnett Cemetery Centreville
Parker Cemetery Crosby Petty Cemetery Centreville
Petty Cemetery Centreville Phares Cemetery Newtonia
Pioneer Cemetery Laneheart Powell Cemetery Woodville
Redhead Cemetery Centreville Redhead Cemetery Centreville
Riverside Cemetery Fort Adams Saint Joseph Cemetery Fort Adams
Schuter Cemetery Newtonia Schuter Cemetery Newtonia
Shropshire Cemetery Wilkinson Sims Cemetery Wilkinson
Sims Cemetery Centreville Singleton Cemetery Lake Mary
Smith Cemetery Wilkinson Smith Cemetery Gloster
Stafford Cemetery Centreville Sweeney Cemetery Woodville
Union Cemetery Wilkinson Wall Cemetery Newtonia
Ward Cemetery Lake Mary Westberry Cemetery Laneheart
Whetstone Cemetery Wilkinson Whitaker Cemetery Newtonia
White Cemetery Wilson White Cemetery Centreville
White Cemetery Newtonia Wilkinson Cemetery Woodville
Winans Cemetery Centreville Woodstock Cemetery Pinckneyville

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