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Charles P. Dejournette and Emily Tucker Dejournette

submitted by Brady Ennis

Charles Dejournette

Emily TUcker Dejournette

L. H. McCharen's father-in-law, Charles P. DeJournette, is my great-great-grandfather on my mother's side of our family.  my great-grandmother, Alice DeJournette Wiley, was one of Charles' three daughters.  the other two were Emma and Ellen.  of course, as you have long known, Emma married H. L. McCharen; Ellen DeJournette married a man named Barney Brady, who was originally from Cincinnatti, Ohio, and who also was a partner with Mr. McCharen and Mr. DeJournette's in my great-great-grandfather DeJournette's cotton gin firm and grist mill there in Pontotoc County, Mississippi some 100-plus years ago!  all of this information comes to me from a photocopied newspaper article dated April 28, 1898, from a newspaper called "The Sentinel."  this article has been passed down to me from an aunt and great aunts.

My great-grandmother Alice DeJournette married a doctor named James Wiley, which accounts for no mention of her by name in this particular article, as the article is big news of that day about her father's cotton gin and grist mill.  it just has a reference to her as one of his three daughters by his first wife, also not named in the article, but whose name I have from my mother was Emily Tucker DeJournette.  she died when my great-grandmother was about 7 years old, according to my mother.

This article states that great-great-grandfather DeJournette was born in Cabarrass County, North Carolina, that he came to Mississippi in 1873, that he commenced business in Toccopola in 1883, and that he sold that business and moved to Pontotoc County and built his cotton gin operation there in 1890.  they were baling 24 bales per day, with a capacity of 30 bales per day, and had baled 966 bales in the season preceding this article's date, i.e., 1898!  and that was really big news of the day!  then, in 1897 the firm purchased 320 acres of "fine timber land near Piney Grove, where they have erected a saw and grist mill and cotton gin.  This saw mill has a capacity of 4,000 feet per day, while the gin can turn out 20 bales per day.  Last season 539 bales were ginned there.  The firm not only saws its own timber, but also that of others upon shares."

I wonder if you have any more information on my great-great grandfather Charles P. DeJournette or his first wife, Emily, the mother of his three daughters.  do you have any historical information regarding his life in Cabarrass County, North Carolina, or possibly any information about his parents who were emigrants from France?

I am attaching two .jpg format picture files, one of Charles P. DeJournette, the other of his wife, Emily Tucker DeJournette.  I hope you will find them of interest, and possibly you can pass them along to any of the McCharen family descendants still living in that area.

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