Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society
Volume VIII
Oxford, Mississippi
Printed for the Society


I. Chickasaw Territory Page 543
II. Migration Legends Page 546
III. Chickasaw Phratries and Gentes (Ancestry) Page 549
IV. Marriage Customs Page 551
V. Burial Customs Page 551
VI. Chickasaw Laws Page 552

1 Harry Warren, son of Dr. Wm. C. Warren and Mary Jane (Bradford) Warren, was born in Waterford, Marshall county, Mississippi, July 17, 1859. He attended private and public schools in his native county until he entered the Preparatory Department of the University of Mississippi in the fall of 1875. He graduated from that University in June, 1881 with the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy. Since graduation he has been engaged principally in teaching, having followed that occupation since 1883. His postoffice address is Eagle Pass, Texas - Editor

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