Mississippi Native American Ancestor Registry

I - J

Birth & Death Date/Location
Indian Name
James Isaac "Ike"
b.  April 21, 1837  Mississippi town unknown
d.  April 22, 1922 Texas town unknown
- - Rachel Ann Tosh;
m. Mar 27, 1850 Batesville, AR
Deborah Towney Jackson Eldridge - m. James Samuel Eldridge abt 1891 in Batesville, Independence, AR. Was married 2X before (2)Lou 
(3) Mattie (3rd wife)
My grandmother Deobrah Jackson said all of her family were Indians and from Mississippi.
Spencer Family History in Texas. Anna Judkins Farren
Samuel N
b.  est. 1760 Oklafalaya, Choctaw Nation, MS
d.  unknown, most likely buried Choctaw Nation, MS
Nashoba=wolf Choctaw Unknown.  Most likely married more than once;
Wilson Samuel b: ABT. 1785  Choctaw Nation (MS);
Woody Soloman b: 5 JUL 1786  Choctaw Nation East (MS);
Anna b: ABT. 1795 in Choctaw Nation (MS);
Andrew b: ABT. 1795 in Choctaw Nation (MS);
Nancy b: ABT. 1800 in Choctaw Nation East;
Nathaniel b: ABT. 1805 in Choctaw Nation East;
Soloman b: ABT. 1808 in Choctaw Nation East;
- Texas Band of Choctaw;
Candace Cartwright
b.  1800, MS
d.  1883, MS
- Choctaw John BOND
- - - Kim Wilson

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