Treaty of Chickasaw Council House
Submitted by Everett Carr
Source:  Rowland, Dunbar, ed.  Mississippi: Comprising Sketches of Counties, Towns, Events, Institutions, and Persons, Arranged in Cyclopedic Form.  Atlanta, GA:  Southern Historical Publishing Association, 1907.  Vol. 2, pages 798-799.

Treaty of Chickasaw Council House.   This treaty was made September 20, 1816, and followed the Creek war, and the cession by the Creeks of the land in Alabama southwest of the river Alabama, adjoining the first Choctaw cession on the east.   Together with those two cessions, but only east of the river Tombigbee, giving Alabama a great lead in opportunity for development, over both Mississippi and Georgia.  The Chickasaws relinquished all claims north of the Tennessee river, and all title south thereof, and east of Caney Creek and the Gaines road (or ridge path), and the Tombigbee river south of Cotton Gin Port, where the road touches it.  The treaty was made at the “long house” of the nation, at the Chickasaw Old Fields (Lee county) by Gen. Andrew Jackson, Gen. David Meriwether, and Jesse Franklin, and “the whole Chickasaw nation in council assembled.”  The consideration was an annuity of $12,000 per annum for ten years; $4,500 cash for improvements, and $100 each to Chinnubbee, king of the Chickasaws,  Tishomingo, Coahoma (William McGillivray), Samuel Seeley, the Colberts, Brown, and a number of others.  Gen. William Colbert was also given a life annuity of $100.  Four reservations were made for the Colberts and others.  The government also agreed to allow no more peddlers to enter the Chickasaw country.  That part of this purchase, about 408,000 acres, which was found to lie in Mississippi State, was organized as the county of Monroe, in 1821.  According to the present county lines, the cession in Mississippi form the eastern part of the counties of Tishomingo, Itawamba, Monroe and Lowndes.

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