Coahoma County Grooms
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YANCY, Jake GLEN, Lula 1896-Dec-24
YARBEE, George GORDAN, Alder 1880-Feb-01
YARBER, Alder PARKS, W P 1890-May-27
YARBER, Phillip ROGERS, Anna 1879-Mar-24
YARBOR, Jessie ROLIN, Annie 1878-Mar-13
YARBRA, Moses PERKINS, Rebecca 1870-Oct-17
YARBRA, Moses PERKINS, Rebecca 1870-Nov-02
YARBROUGH, George SCOTT, Lonie 1888-Oct-25
YARBROUGH, Jessie JONES, Hattie 1888-Sep-06
YEAGER, William LANE, Hattie 1889-Mar-14
YEAVER, Dave MCMUDIN, Ely Ann 1883-Jun-28
YERGER, Edwin MAYNARD, Nira E 1882-Nov-27
YERGER, Thomas H RIPLEY, Julia E 1875-Jul-14
YOKUM, Allen CLARK, Matilda 1841-Oct-26
YORBER, Moze SHOTWELL, Mary 1869-Jun-07
YORK, Jordan WILLIAMS, Selia 1884-Sep-24
YORK, R F MCMULLEN, Mary 1859-Jun-12
YOUNG, Albert CARNISSAY, Liza 1893-Dec-21
YOUNG, Alex BEASLEY, Francis C 1874-Nov-12
YOUNG, Alexander JOHNSON, Lizzie 1867-Sep-14
YOUNG, Allen FLEMING, Henrietta 1868-Aug-18
YOUNG, Andrew COOPER, Martha 1894-Jun-14
YOUNG, B H MCGUIRE, Sarah 1894-Feb-08
YOUNG, Bates MILES, Roxie 1887-Apr-16
YOUNG, Benny HERRON, Annie 1895-Sep-14
YOUNG, Carter CARTER, Bettie 1873-Mar-06
YOUNG, Carter THOMAS, Millie 1874-Oct-19
YOUNG, Carter WASHINGTON, Minerva 1874-Oct-29
YOUNG, Charles T BROWN, Sallie 1894-Feb-17
YOUNG, Col GOPHER, Florence 1898-May-07
YOUNG, Colonel LUCUS, Lucy 1896-Oct-10
YOUNG, Curtis CARTER, Bettie 1873-Mar-06
YOUNG, Ed IRVINE, Everstine 1898-Feb-13
YOUNG, Eurich JACKSON, Roxie 1892-Mar-10
YOUNG, George HOPSON, Agney 1869-Jan-06
YOUNG, Glen NEIL, Jane 1889-Jan-09
YOUNG, Henry GIBBS, Katie 1880-Apr-21
YOUNG, Henry LOVE, Ida 1891-Oct-12
YOUNG, Howard HULET, Emma L 1891-Jan-17
YOUNG, Isaac JOHNIGAN, Rhoda 1867-Aug-16
YOUNG, Jacob GREEN, Henrietta 1878-Jan-13
YOUNG, Jacob WHITE, Harriet 1880-Jul-04
YOUNG, Jake JACKSON, Mariah 1872-Mar-30
YOUNG, Jake WHITE, Caroline 1884-Oct-20
YOUNG, James THOMAS, Mellie 1874-Sep-26
YOUNG, James THOMAS, Millie 1874-Sep-26
YOUNG, Jessie MITCHELL, Susie 1898-Aug-03
YOUNG, Jim BELRY, Tilda 1880-Nov-15
YOUNG, Jim JEWELL, Minnie 1888-Nov-07
YOUNG, John ROSE, Averia 1892-Mar-14
YOUNG, John VANCE, Saleda 1892-Mar-14
YOUNG, John L WOODSON, Maggie 1889-Feb-10
YOUNG, Joseph GAFFORD, Francis 1891-Oct-15
YOUNG, Levi LEWIS, Susan 1871-Sep-17
YOUNG, M B CARLTON, Emily Jane 1867-Feb-25
YOUNG, Moody GILL, Anna 1891-Dec-28
YOUNG, Oddie STEELE, Minnie 1900-Sep-19
YOUNG, Oliver BROWN, Eliza 1868-Aug-01
YOUNG, Perry KING, Shelia 1878-Jan-21
YOUNG, Perry PLUMMER, Aggie 1893-Feb-12
YOUNG, R W CARLTON, Rebecca J 1867-May-08
YOUNG, Richard FOWLER, Violet 1877-Jun-06
YOUNG, Robert , Laura 1872-Oct-19
YOUNG, Robert ERNOR, Laura 1872-Oct-19
YOUNG, Robert HARDIN, Francis 1873-Apr-05
YOUNG, Robert HARDIN, Francis Miss 1873-Apr-05
YOUNG, Robert HIGGINS, Mary Jane 1891-Feb-07
YOUNG, Robert WILLIAMS, Ella 1883-Dec-22
YOUNG, Sandy ATKINSON, Rose 1879-Apr-30
YOUNG, Thomas CARTER, Mary 1885-Oct-13
YOUNG, Thomas LEWIS, Fannie 1882-Apr-09
YOUNG, Thomas MCLEMORE, Matilda 1879-Jul-18
YOUNG, Thomas SCRUGGS, Sarah 1875-Oct-30
YOUNG, Tobe YERGAN, Mary J 1883-Sep-15
YOUNG, Tom HOLLAN, Ella 1891-Jul-02
YOUNG, William SIMMON, Charlotte 1887-May-28
YOUNG, Willie ROBINSON, Fanny 1894-Feb-12
YOUNG, Willie WILSON, Dan 1876-Jun-22
YOUNG, Winnie ROBERSON, Anthony 1888-Oct-02
YOUNGBLOOD, John JACKSON, Mary 1892-Sep-11
YOUNGBLOOD, Thomas J        CREW, Sarah 1866-Feb-20
YOWELL, Tarrie Lee JOHNSON, W T 1868-Feb-06


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