Coahoma County Brides
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YANCY, Harriet STARNES, Hill 1873-May-03
YANNY, Virginia WILLIAMS, Anthony 1886-Jan-05
YARBER, Laura HARDY, Paul 1898-Mar-10
YARBROUGH, Amanda GILLIAM, William H 1864-Mar-04
YARBROUGH, Anna RAMBO, Cain 1888-Dec-20
YAUGHN, Elvire ANDREWS, Frank 1880-Oct-01
YEAREY, Malinda LOUIS, Henry 1878-Feb-18
YERGAN, Mary J YOUNG, Tobe 1883-Sep-15
YORK, Mary W DUE, Wilson G 1866-Dec-13
YOUNG, Ada THOMAS, Luke 1895-Feb-13
YOUNG, Ada R PEGG, John A 1876-Apr-01
YOUNG, Addie JACKSON, Henry 1899-Oct-12
YOUNG, Agnes E PAINTER, William 1868-May-02
YOUNG, Annie AVERYHART, B C 1886-Mar-30
YOUNG, Augusta JONES, Albert 1899-Jan-11
YOUNG, Bettie MULLEN, Ed 1892-Feb-13
YOUNG, Charlotte CARTER, Eli 1887-Dec-15
YOUNG, Charlotte PATTERSON, Montgomery 1886-Jul-01
YOUNG, Cordelia WESLEY, George 1870-Dec-01
YOUNG, Crissie HOPSON, Nelson 1880-Dec-23
YOUNG, Cynthia PILLOW, Will 1900-Jun-28
YOUNG, Della ESTELL, Ben 1889-Dec-29
YOUNG, Denny MITCHELL, Joseph 1894-Feb-16
YOUNG, Docia SMITH, Jack 1892-Apr-02
YOUNG, Dora CASHEW, Tom 1883-Nov-21
YOUNG, E L Miss FILEY, J L 1888-Feb-28
YOUNG, Eliza HALEY, George 1890-Jul-24
YOUNG, Eliza HAWKINS, Hambal 1895-Jan-17
YOUNG, Emma BEAL, Robert A 1889-Jan-21
YOUNG, Florence FLAGG, Willis 1890-Feb-26
YOUNG, Harriet STUCKER, Henry L 1868-Mar-23
YOUNG, Ida LEE, Walter 1887-Dec-22
YOUNG, Kelly FERGUSON, Ned 1881-Dec-13
YOUNG, Laura STEVENSON, George 1876-Sep-10
YOUNG, Laura E SCOTT, J A 1876-Sep-23
YOUNG, Lena SMITH, George C 1896-Dec-12
YOUNG, Lizzie BOHANON, Frank 1892-May-15
YOUNG, Lou HAYES, Wesley 1898-Mar-12
YOUNG, Lou SMITH, Jessie 1875-Apr-03
YOUNG, Lucy RAGGLIN, Floyd 1868-Oct-30
YOUNG, Margaret HAMILTON, Alfred 1886-Nov-06
YOUNG, Martha MADISON, Aaron 1896-Mar-24
YOUNG, Mary HORTON, Andrew 1889-Feb-23
YOUNG, Mary MILLER, J R 1890-Jul-23
YOUNG, Mary MOORE, Henry 1872-Sep-18
YOUNG, Mary OWENS, W P 1891-Apr-08
YOUNG, Mary A MATTHEWS, Julius 1887-Dec-22
YOUNG, Mattie JOHNSON, Robert 1898-Nov-29
YOUNG, Millie MCCASKER, W R 1889-Jan-19
YOUNG, Milvia A COOK, William 1868-Apr-08
YOUNG, Minerva JONES, Wash 1876-Jul-18
YOUNG, Minnie HORTON, Essix 1876-Nov-26
YOUNG, Minty SINGLETON, Robert 1880-Jul-21
YOUNG, Mitchell SALLES, Annie 1897-Mar-30
YOUNG, Nancy GATES, Ben 1879-Feb-05
YOUNG, Pearly COOPER, Thomas 1894-Jan-24
YOUNG, Susan GANT, Henry 1897-Dec-25
YOUNGBLOOD, Mary BARNETT, Adolphus 1891-Jan-22
ZACKERY, Lucinda WHITE, Henry 1869-Jun-25
ZIMMERMAN, Lucy REED, John D 1868-Feb-29
ZUMMAMAN, Huldah STEVENS, Greenwood 1840-Oct-27


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