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In order to assist our Afro-American Citizens to find their ancestors who may have been a member of this slave class in this period from 1830s to 1865 we must publish these facts.

I have found in my research that most of their people were treated kindly by their masters, as kindly as most masters treated their own children and wives when they were obedient to his wishes. The Planter was head of the household or God Head therefore everyone in his household had to obey his law which was based on religious teaching or recieve some type of punishment.
It was taught that the Man was the God Head, which meant that only he could approach God in matters of family affairs or business. There was a chain of command, the favorite son or the wife would approach the Master in matters of affairs unless he , the Master called a particular child to his presents.
European American Women were considered children in that day and time.

In the following links you will find the name of slaves and the family which they belong and many more interesting information.

If you have any thing pretaining to Slaves in Lafayette County , feel free to email me, Evelyn Crocker with Slave Records in subject line. Thank you

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