Spearman Cemetery

Contributed: February 2008

Transcribed and submitted by Lionel Stegall

Direction: from Tremont travel hwy 23 north for two & one-half miles, turn right on Cotton Gin road. Travel Cotton Gin road for one & one-half miles and turn right at Lone Star church onto a gravel road. This is a private road that the mining company uses and there is a gate that is closed sometimes. Travel this road for about one-half mile, turn left and cross the levie and ditch by foot for about one-quarter mile.

It is said that this cemetery has the oldest known headstone in Itawamba County. There are several concrete gravel markers and also several sandstone markers which have no information.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Notes
Spearman, Elizabeth Oct. 14, 1842 Oct. 12, 1873 double stone with John
Spearman, John Aug. 30, 1810 July 17, 1892 double stone with Elizabeth
Spearman, Elizabeth R.     dau. of John Spearman, aged about 33 years
Spearman, Samuel   Mar. 28, 1837 aged 62 years
Spearman, Laney Aug. 23, 1785 Nov. 30, 1854 wife of Samuel Spearman
Lockridge, Senia   Sept. 12, 1865 wife of John Lockridge
Spearman, Elijah Apr. 16, 1807 Apr. 24, 1887  
Spearman, S. Feb. ?2 Oct. 22, 1886  
Spearman, Albert Oct. 9, 1840 May 21, 1865 son of Elijah & Sidney Spearman; Albert it is hard to give the up our son, we live in humility, but this will we do our son, we will remember thee for thy remembrance is dear to us.
Lockridge, Joe Apr. 26, 1858 Jan. 10, 1903 He followed virtue as his truest guide, lived as a christian as a christian died
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