Lentz Cemetery

Contributed: February 2008

Transcribed and submitted by Lionel Stegall

Directions: turn off hwy 23 north of Tremont onto Oakland-Patton Flat road. Turn right off Patton Flat Road onto Gum-Cobb Stump road. Travel to Blue Ridge road, turn right onto Blue Ridge road and travel 1 & 4/10 miles. Turn right onto small gravel road and cemetery will be straight ahead up hill in woods.

There are several sandstone markers and a few metal markers with no information.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Notes
Parker, Micajah JR. 1820 1864  
Sample, Elmer     small stone
Pearl, Oscar     S.W.
Lentz, Maple O. Oct. 8, 1914 Dec. 2, 1995 double stone with Sam
Lentz, J.S. “Sam” July 30, 1918 Dec. 5, 1988  
Lentz, Rose Ella July 1, 1894 Mar. 24, 1954 double stone with Lonnie
Lentz, A.A. (Lonnie) July 14, 1887 Dec. 22, 1965  
Grimes, S.J.H. Oct. 1880 Dec. 1884  
Grimes, Mary Dec. 1885 July 1887  
Lentz, Samuel M. Oct. 10, 1843 Sept. 9, 1892  
Lentz, Mary J. Nov. 15, 1847 Apr. 11, 1920 wife of Samuel
Last Updated: April 2008