Hodges Cemetery

Contributed: July 2002

Compiled by Judy Pruitt Reynolds

Located in the Antioch Community in Northeast Itawamba County

History: This is a secluded cemetery with probably fifty graves without markers. The cemetery is located on a hill in a wooded area off the main road. The first grave was the daughter of A. Hodge, who owned the property at the time. His daughter died and the family buried her under a grove of trees on their property. Other burials followed. It is thought that the Hodge family came to the area to work for the Golden Sawmill Co., which had a large operation in the area. The Frank Pruitt family probably was the next owner of the property. The dates of these events are not known to the compiler. Most of the people buried there are relatives or have other relatives buried there. The majority are Hodges, Pruitts or Mayhalls or relatives thereof. If others know more about this cemetery, please contact the compiler.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Notes
Louise Armitage 7/17/13 12/16/93  
William Lee Rogers 10/28/74 4/29/96  
O.O. Ryan 9/8/04 9/9/90  
Matthew Dewayne Pruitt 1/30/65 11/7/90 child of Gene Pruitt)
Lela A. Fay Pruitt 10/28/18 11/3/18 child of Luther and Rosie Pruitt
Pearl Linie Pruitt 12/13/10 12/16-10 child of Luther and Rosie Pruitt
      There are three graves of babies of Sidney Pruitt
Betty Holcomb 10/17/1898 9/12/1899 child of George W. Holcomb
Elmer Pruitt 7/9/12 10/9/65 child of William and Nannie Pruitt
Pvt C.F.     WWII (no Wife)
Edner (Elma) Pruitt and Meney Pruitt     no dates - sisters of Elmer Pruitt; children of William and Nannie Pruitt.
Nannie Pruitt 7/28/1884 10/23/67 wife of William Pruitt
William Pruitt 12/16/1883 3/16/53 husband of Nannie Pruitt
Cathy Ann Pruitt 8/12/51 3/16/53 child of W. Leo Pruitt
William Leo Pruitt 11/1/08 5/18/91 child of William and Nannie Pruitt; Wife Erma Worthy Pruitt
Odes Pruitt 12/23/12 12/24/12 child of Frank and Ona Pruitt
Lewis Frank Pruitt 1/8/188 4/1/25 husband of Ona Mayhall Pruitt; Son of Sidney Pruitt. He was shot by revenue agents when returning home from a moonshine still owned by him. He was told to halt. He ran and was shot in the leg just to stop him. A main artery in his leg was hit, and he bled to death before they would get medical attention.
Ona Mayhall Pruitt 1887 10/64 wife of Lewis Frank Pruitt; Daughter of John and Amanda Harris Mayhall
Sidney Clovis Pruitt 7/8/10 7/16/58 child of Frank and Ona Pruitt; Wife Pearl Williams Pruitt Weatherford - buried in Red Bay, Alabama Cemetery.
John Achie Pruitt 1/8/08 7/18/81 child of Frank and Ona Pruitt; Wife Fannie Lindsey Pruitt
Fannie Mae Lindsey Pruitt 5/21/14 7/28/94 wife of John Archie Pruitt
Glenda Ann Pruitt __________ 12/18/48 2/9/94 child of John and Fannie Pruitt
Clettis Woodrow Pruitt 9/27/18 3/11/91 son of Frank and Ona Pruitt; No wife. PFC U. S. Army WWII
Jessie Willard Williams Pruitt 1922 2/73 wife of Lois A. Pruitt; Daughter of Mary Underwood Williams.
Flois Marvin Pruitt 11/30/23 11/16/74 son of Frank and Ona Pruitt; Wife Grace Pruitt - PFC U. S. Army WWII
James B. Martin 6/29/34 12/30/86 son of Wallie and Dessie Martin
Dessie Mae Martin 3/17/06 6/26/91 wife of Wallie Martin; daughter of John Burton And Anna Meldona Thomas Smith.
Wallie J. Martin 4/10/1896 2/7/77 husband of Dessie Martin; WWI marker PFC U.S. Army.
Baby     no name or date; child of Rubel Pruitt
Wanda Lynette Mayhall 11/28/64 12/13/64 child of Eunice and Barbara Mayhall
Cynthia Marie Hood 4/4/70 4/6/70 child of Jimmy and Peggy Hood
Darrel Lynn and Carol Leigh Hood (twins) 12/23/68 1/4/69 children of Jimmy and Peggy Hood; grandchildren of Clovis and Cora Underwood
Clovis M. Underwood 8/13/06 11/3/68 husband of Cora Underwood; son of Willie Kent Underwood
Cora L. Pruitt Underwood 2/12/19 2/24/79 wife of Clovis Underwood; sister to Leo and Alma Pruitt; child of William and Nannie Pruitt
Arlis Mayhall 7/14/20 1/23/81 son of Sammy A. and Maud Kent Mayhall; no wife
Carlos Mayhall 7/14-20 7/14/20 twin to Arlis Mayhall; son of Sammy A. and Maud Kent Mayhall
Sam A. Mayhall 9/8/1887 7/0/73 son of Steve and Ella Kent Mayhall; Married 1. Maud Kent (4 children) 2. Alice Brown (no children)
Vester Whitfield Mayhall 1/12/27 9/10/29 son of Sammy and Maud Mayhall
Hubert Arlian Mayhall 8/23/23 2/9/25 son of Sammy and Maud Mayhall
I.S. (Isaac Stevenson ÒSteveÓ) Mayhall 1/11/1867 11/26/21 son of James and Emeline Hodges Mayhall; wife 1. Ella Kent 2. Emaline Kent - they were sisters; Steve and Ella had four children - W. Burdine, Sammy A., Ollie and Zona. Steve and Emaline had two children - Cleo who married a Charlie Ewing and Dewey.
Ella Kent Mayhall 12/4/1871 6/19/02 first wife of I.S. Mayhall
Emaline Kent Mayhall 2/17/1864 12/1/60 second wife of I.S. Mayhall
W. Burdine Mayhall 8/3/1892 12/30/67 deaf and dumb; no wife; son of Steve and Ella Kent Mayhall
James Dewey Ewing 12/21/25 9/7/26 son of Arvilla Cleo Mayhall and Charlie Ewing
Burnell Ewing 1/30/20 6/24/21 son of Arvilla Cleo Mayhall and Charlie Ewing
Burlen Ewing 12/26/21 12/14/27 son of Arvilla Cleo Mayhall and Charlie Ewing
Clester Russell 8/30/1895 10/23/29 child of W. B. and Margaret Medenia Mayhall Russell
Martha Yarborough 6/18/23 3/18/79  
Betty Grissom Kent 2/7/1878 12/20/08 wife of Russell Kent
Millie J. Mayhall 3/1/1869 12/26/1890  
Frances Mustin Toon Kent 4/25/1838 5/3/13 wife of W. M. Kent; 9 children
William Kent 1/5/1833 10/8/12 husband of Frances and father of Sarry; 14 Children
Sarry Park (Toon) Kent 7/9/1851 8/8/10 daughter of Frances Kent and step-daughter And mother of 14 children of William Kent.
W. B. Mayhall 2/15/1842 4/28/1900  
Dr. W. J. Mayhall 11/29/1866 1/8/02  
Boney Hutcheson 1880 1956 Son of Issac and Melissa Hodges Hutcheson
Mary Blanton Hutcheson 1877 1955 Daughter of William Nichlson and Elizabeth Jane Allen Blanton
William "Bill" Hutcheson 1870 1910 Son Issac and Melissa Hodges Hutcheson
Henry Clay Hutcheson 5/15/1894 6/26/67 Son of William and Mary R. Elviria Blanton Hutcheson
William Connie Hutcheson 1909 1917 Son of William and Mary R. Elviria Blanton Hutcheson
W. J. Markham 1895 1988 husband of Bessie Smith Markham
Bessie Markham 1896 1970 wife of W. J. Markham
Elvis O. Markham 6/30/19 9/11/88 son of W. J. and Bessie Markham
Dollie Pate 6//8/1897 2//28/01 daughter of Henry D. and Louella T. Hodges Pate
Birt Hutcheson 12/19/08 8/24/55 husband of Arrie Hutcheson; Son of William and Mary R. Elviria Blanton Hutcheson.
Arrie Dena Isbell Hutcheson 10/25/08 9/2/70 wife of Burt Hutcheson; Daughter of James and Mattie Johnson Isbell.
Delton Hutcheson 4/30/32 12/25/93 twin brother of Melvin Hutcheson; Son of Burt And Arrie Dena Isbell Hutcheson.
Melvin Hutcheson 4/30/32 6/28/96 twin brother of Dilton Hutcheson; Son of Burt And Arrie Dena isbell Hutcheson.
      Baby of Gene Pruitt
Minnie Gamble ???? 02 December 01 November 1898 Sandstone marker broken.
      These people are probably buried in the unmarked graves: Margaret Hodges, Martha Jane Hodges, G. W. Yarber, Elizabeth Holcomb, J. B. Mayhall, Malinda and/or Melissa Yarber, F. Hutcheson and A. Hodges
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