Files Cemetery - Partial transcription

Contributed: April 2006

Surveyed by John & Jerry Thompson

Location: South of Mantachie estimated 6 miles not far from Walton Cemetery.

This is listed as Cemetery No. 16 in Betty Burton-Cruber's cemetery book. There are two markers and part of another one and several Bricks for stones.

Note: There is a stone for James Files (9/9/1769-1/29/1842) in the book. There are supposed to be several more graves for members of the Lesley family. Many may be buried under the leaves.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Notes
G. G. Lesley     Co C or G 2 Miss Inf C. S. A.
David Files Nov 27 1811 July 25 The rest of the stone is missing.
Last Updated: April 2008