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Butler Memorial Cemetery

Contributed: May 2004

Compiled by Judy Pruitt Reynolds, Fulton, MS

The Butler Memorial Cemetery is located in Northeast Itawamba County in the Antioch Community on Chesnutt Rd.. The first person to be buried in the cemetery was Mary Ingram. As the story goes in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s there was a railroad spur from the Golden Sawmill Company just north and west of the cemetery on the banks of a spring. The Ingram family lived and worked at the mill located at the end of the spur. Mary died and the family chose this shaded location to bury her. The name of the cemetery came from the next family to bury there. The Butler family lived in the area and worked for the Golden Sawmill Co. as well. Sherman Chesnutt bought the property from Dr. Johnson when he was 14 years old. Several graves were already there. The Chesnutt family deeded two acres to be used as a cemetery. If others have more information, please contact the writer.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Notes
David Inghram 11/19/1814 7/25/1899 Husband of Mary Inghram
Mary Inghram 11/10/1820 3/19/1896 They are buried under a very large cedar tree. The first person buried in cemetery
Marie Hall Richardson 8/6/32 5/29/94 Sister to Dayton Hall
Robert Q. Richardson 8/8/35   Husband
Bernece Lentz 7/22/39 9/10/43 Daughter of Mr. And Mrs. D. C. Lentz; Mrs. Lentz was a sister to Dayton Hall
Mary Imajean Hall 1/20/35 7/4/51 She was burned when a fire blew up; Sister to Dayton Hall
Ollie Hall 6/14/1895 5/22/45 Wife of James W. Hall; mother of above children
James W. Hall 3/20/1893 2/16/39 Husband of Ollie Hall; father of above children
Joe Thomas Hall 10/15/1867 9/26/25 Husband of Bettie Hall; father of James W. Hall
Bettie Hall 12/15/1863 11/10/32 Wife of Joe Thomas Hall; mother of James W. Hall
Kenneth Ray Hall 7/26/39 1/00/40 Son of T.W. and J. E. Hall
No name     Believed to be the infant daughter of T. W. and J. E. Hall
Travis W. Hall 1902 1972 Husband of Jewell Hall
Jewell Underwood Gist Hall 4/18/03 12/6/45 Wife of Travis W. Hall
Clara Mable Gist Sanders 5/30/1880 1/1/44 Wife of J. H. Gist
J. H. Gist 2/8/1879 11/11/38 Husband of Clara Mable Gist Sanders
Fletcher C. Gist 8/24/19 8/15/42 Killed by Kenneth Embry
Amos R. Gist 7/9/08 4/2/87 Husband of Vina E. Pruitt Gist
Vina E. Pruitt Gist 1/6/20   Wife of Amos E. Pruitt Gist; daughter of William and Nannie Pruitt
Avos H. Gist 10/5/10 9/5/72 Husband of Marilla W. Gist Willemsen; brother to Amos Gist
Marilla W. Gist Willemsen 11/12/13 12/30/82 Wife of Avos G. Gist)
Inez Gist Turley 4/1/30 9/2/77 Sister to Avos and Amos Gist
No name     Probably a Gist since it is at the end of that row of graves
Betty D. Lentz 5/27/1879 5/23/49 Wife of B. F. Lentz
B. F. Lentz 1/20/1875 8/2/58 Husband of Betty D. Lentz
No name     Believed to be a child of Tish M. L. Butler
Tish M. L. Butler 1/15/1865 1/28/1900  
Malissa C. Butler 6/5/1867 12/28/47  
S. E. Butler 4/11/1840 5/1/1916  
Ola E. Stockton Kent 11/11/01 8/7/79 Wife of Francis W. Kent
Francis W. Kent 5/7/03 12/8/52 Husband of Ola E. Stockton Kent
Addie Butler Kent 2/10/1873 8/17/42 Wife of J. H. Kent; sister of Liz Butler
J. H. Kent 5/7/1878 11/4/04 Husband of Addie Butler Kent
Ollie P. Stockton Kent 3/19/03 3/12/89 Wife of Charlie H. Kent
Charlie H. Kent 10/16/1900 4/4/61 Husband of Ollie P. Stockton Kent
Willie O. Kent Underwood Stockton 3/16/1868 4/26/61 Wife of B. F. Underwood (1/20/1862-4/19/1897) buried in Providence Cemetery, Itawamba Co., MS.; second husband was John T. Stockton; no children; not known where he is buried
Violet Parks Harris 2/14/04 5/10/40 Sister to Charles Parks
Carrie Parks 8/19/1877 2/11/51 Wife of Charles Parks
Charles Parks 9/3/1873 6/21/32 Husband of Carrie Parks
Richard Wilson 4/2/33 4/2/33  
Al Wilson 12/29/35 12/29/35  
Fairelender Mayhall Smith 3/3/05 2/9/67 Wife of Riley H. Smith
Riley H. Smith 1/17/04   Husband of Fairelender Mayhall Smith; not know where he is buried
John Ellis Smith 7/15/29 9/6/91 Son of Riley H. Smith
No name     Believed to be a son of Cres Smith and brother to Romie Smith
Mother   1930 Mother of Romie Smith
Father (Cres Smith)   1916 Father of Romie Smith. He was killed by a log while logging in the woods. They had four children Elmer, William, Riley, and Romie.
Elmary Mayhall Smith     No dates; daughter of John and Amanda Mayhall
No name      
Gardary Smith     No dates
Kate Smith     No dates; was married to Millard Swindle
No name     Believed to be child of Kate Smith
Smith     No other name or dates
Charles A. Mayhall 8/8/57 8/8/57 Son of Charles and Catherine Mayhall
Nadine Paden Mayhall 7/18/12 1//6/40 Wife of Dewey Mayhall
Dewey Mayhall 8/5/05 7/7/59 Husband of Nadine Mayhall; They had four children: William Ray, Charles, Elvis and Dorothy Cleveland
No name     Believed to be Amanda Mayhall; wife of John Mayhall
No name     Believed to be John Mayhall, husband of Amanda Mayhall. John and Amanda had nine children: Kelly and Lee died as babies, one died at birth, Bessie burned in a house fire as a child, Ona Pruitt, Tyrenia Chesnutt, James M.(Jim), Arlander (Budgin), and Elmary Smith.
No name     Believed to be Kelly Mayhall, infant of John and Amanda Mayhall
Bessie Mayhall     No dates; she was burned up in a house fire as a child; daughter of John and Amanda Mayhall
Lee Mayhall     No dates; son of John and Amanda Mayhall
No name infant      
Robert Mayhall     No dates; infant son of Erskin Mayhall, husband of Mrytlee Mayhall
Mrytlee Mayhall     No dates; wife of Erskin Mayhall
Hoyt Lee Mayhall 10/21/41 6/24/88 Son of Erskin and Mrytlee Mayhall; Another son Bobby is buried in Arkansas
Reber V. Pruitt Swindle 4/6/20 10/17/94 Wife of Noah E. Swindle; Daughter of Frank and Ona Pruitt
Noah E. Swindle   7/20/20  
Pearlie Pruitt Farris 5/15/12 9/30/90 Wife of William Grady Farris; Daughter of Frank and Ona Pruitt
William Grady Farris 3/16/16 10/24/99 Husband of Pearlie Pruitt Farris; Son of Wm. B. and Rilla Farris
Arezona M. Ewing 10/19/00 2/22/33 Two sons Joe and Orville Ewing
Marion A. Ewing 7/7/1895 6/16/66  
No name     Believed to be Lillie Mae Rogers; child of Leo and Carrie Mayhall Rogers
No name     Believed to be Helen Rogers; child of Leo and Carrie Mayhall Rogers
Tyrenia Mayhall Chesnutt 3/8/1881 11/12/61 Wife of Stephen L. Chesnutt; Daughter of John and Amanda Mayhall
Stephen L. Chesnutt 2/18/82 1/4/53 Husband of Tyrenia Mayhall; He came to court her in answer to a lonely hearts club ad in a magazine in St. Joseph, Missouri. They were married when he was 35.
John K. Chesnutt 11/10/19 1/28/26 Son of Tyne and Steve Chesnutt; He died of pneumonia
Sherman K. Chesnutt 4/16/24 9/19/76 Son of Tyne and Steve Chesnutt
Susie Inez Oliver Chesnutt   4/26/28 Wife of Sherman K. Chesnutt
Marie Jackson Irby 12/18/19 6/6/95  
Infant son of J. C. and Ollie Jackson   5/15/39  
No name     Believed to be a baby of Marie Jackson Irby
Lela Farris Pruitt 6/18/22 7/1/79 Wife of Lewis Cecil Pruitt; Daughter of William B. and Rilla Farris
Lewis Cecil Pruitt 5/1/16 7/26/70 Husband of Lela F. Pruitt; Son of Frank and Ona Mayhall Pruitt
Clelon Pruitt 8/18/39 8/8/40 Infant son of Cecil and Lela Pruitt; He died of Colitis
Wilma Ann Farris 9/24/38 10/11/42 Daughter of Arlis and Revis Rogers Farris
Hershell E. Mayhall 11/19/56 7/30/80 Son of Walter and Mildred Mayhall; He was burned up in a truck accident
Infant Elmer Lee Mayhall   &ndsp; No dates; infant of James Mayhall
No name      
Tommy Lee Mayhall 10/6/52 1/8/90 Son of Walter and Mildred Mayhall, He was the victim of a murder.
Rilla Underwood Farris 6/22/1889 5/11/83 Wife of William B. Farris; Daughter of Willie O. Kent Underwood
Will Farris 3/12/1880 9/28/56 Husband of Rilla Underwood Farris; They had six children: James Nolen, William Grady, Arlis, Nona Williams, Moni Lou Keeton, and Lela Pruitt
Jackie L. Keeton 11/19/47 6/27/84 Son of Hester and Moni Lou Keeton
Moni Lou Farris Keeton 2/16/25 9/10/95 Wife of Hester Keeton; Daughter of Wm. B. and Rilla Farris
Hester L. Keeton 7/19/16 4/29/85 Husband of Moni Lou Farris Keeton. They had six sons: Vernon, Jackie, Leland, Billy, Leburn, and Ricky
Janis R. Farris 12/29/41   Wife of William Kermit Farris
William Kermit Farris 9/1/36 12/25/82 Son of James Nolen and Arvilla Stockton Farris
Arvilla Stockton Farris 3/13/09 3/16/2001 Wife of James Nolen Farris. They had six children: Kenneth, Kermit, Raburn, Marie Franks, Earline Jackson, Lorene, and Mary Ellen
Charlene Kent Pharr 5/4/32   Wife of Basil Gene Pharr; daughter of Charlie Kent
Basil Gene Pharr 9/26/28 6/21/69 Husband of Charlene Kent Pharr
Eva Gean Rogers 12/24/37 4/30/76 Daughter of Leo and Carrie Mayhall Rogers; She was the victim of a murder.
Lily Ivy Mayhall 8/22/1894 10/21/72 Wife of James M. Mayhall
James M. Mayhall 2/25/1882 9/29/57 Husband of Lily Ivy Mayhall
Martha Mayhall 7/11/55 8/4/59 Child of James and Lily Mayhall
No name     Infant son of James and Lily Mayhall
Infant of James E. Mayhall     No dates; believed to be a girl
Walter Mayhall 7/22/12 7/1/94 Husband of Mildred Harrison Mayhall; Son of Arlander (Budgin) and Sarah Mayhall
Mildred Harrison Mayhall 6/20/15 9/30/94 Wife of Walter Mayhall
Travis Mayhall 1/10/20 4/7/82 Husband of Eureth Stockton Mayhall; Son of James and Ivy Mayhall
Zula R. James Pharr 11/22/11 3/21/86 Wife of Earl C. Pharr
Earl C. Pharr 9/23/07 7/4/86 Husband of Zula Pharr
Sarah Reynolds Mayhall 3/20/1893   Wife of Arlander (Budgin) Mayhall
Arlander Mayhall 5/18/1883 1/16/67 Husband of Sarah Mayhall; Son of John and Amanda Mayhall
Auston Mayhall 3/2/24 1/22/67 Son of Arlander and Sarah Mayhall
Willie Lindley 10/25/29 12/28/70  
Donnie Lindley 10/23/26 9/2/74  
Will W. Lindley 6/26/1898 2/4/81 Husband of Ruthie M. Lindley
Ruthie M. Lindley 12/28/01 7/7/87 Wife of Will W. Lindsey
Kermit R. Lindley 10/20/35 12/13/89 Husband of Vivian Rogers Lindley; Son of Will and Ruthie Lindley
Vivian Rogers Lindley 4/16/40   Wife of Kermit R. Lindley
Wilburn Mayhall 5/22/37 12/14/89 Son of Jesse Mayhall (Jessie is the daughter of Arlander and Sarah Mayhall
Vivian (Vib) Mayhall 12/25/22 1/20/85 Son of James and Lily Mayhall
Arthur Orbin Oliver 10/30/29 2/6/89 Husband of Jessie Faye Crocker Mayhall
Jessie Faye Crocker Mayhall 11/3/34   Wife of Arthur Orbin Oliver
Eula M. Crocker 9/9/15   Wife of Ellie E. Crocker
Ellie E. Crocker 8/5/07 8/18/91 Husband of Eula M. Crocker; Father of Jessie Faye Mayhall
Thomas James Perry 8/3/47 11/4/91  
Howard Wendell Roberts 6/9/31 11/30/92  
James A. Oliver 5/7/35 3/l8/95 Husband of Geneva Patterson Oliver; Brother of Susie Chesnutt
Geneva Patterson Oliver 12/23/39   Wife of James A. Oliver
W. Harold Orrick 8/15/09 5/6/97 Husband of Ethel Orrick
Ethel Orrick 2/13/12   Wife of Harold Orrick
Rosie White 8/8/34   Wife of Delbert L. White; married 3/3/54
Delbert L. White 7/30/31 1/11/97 Husband of Rosie White
Robert J. Farris 11/26/33 6/8/98 Brother-in-law of Rosie White
Doris Farris 11/10/40 8/11/98  
Cecil Earl (Bid) Mayhall 9/17/14 7/16/99 Son of James and Lily Mayhall
Betty Mayhall 8/9/41 4/14/99 Her husband is a son of Jesse Mayhall and a grandson of Arlander and Sarah Mayhall
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