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"Hinds County Courthouse Land Records:  "The original Hinds County Courthouse is in Raymond, Mississippi;

they have all of the records for the entire county up to 1870; at that time,  the county
built another courthouse at Jackson Mississippi; Raymond Courthouse continued to keep recordss for the western 2/3 of the county, and Jackson started keeping records for the eastern 1/3 of the county."
Page 209 County Courthouse Book Second Edition
Copyright 1995 Elizabeth Petty Bentley
The RAYMOND courthouse has records from 1821, land grant, will, deed, marriage,
and on and on. It dates from 1821. The JACKSON courthouse was built in 1930 and it only has limited information that is of early historical significance for Hinds County. Jackson is now called the 1st judicial district, and Raymond is now called the 2nd judicial district.

Marriages at Raymond actually date from 1815, even though Hinds County was not formed until 1821 after the Choctaw Sessionof 1820. The address is

P.O. Box 327
 Jackson, MS 39205-0686
Telephone: (601) 968-6628

Musty Old Vault

Birth ,Death, Marriage & Divorce
Vital Records, State Dept of Health,
571 Stadium Dr., PO Box 1700, Jackson, MS 39215
(601) 576-7960, Fax: (601) 576-7505


In response to questions about the Hinds County courthouses, below is a copy of a handout from a talk I gave in 2002 at the Mississippi Genealogical Society on our county seat records.  Remember, cut and pasting often messes up format in tables.  Hope it helps.  Please pass this information on to others looking for Hinds County official court records.   Mary Collins Landin


Hinds County was founded in 1821 and named for General Thomas Hinds of War of 1812 fame.  Records have been kept at Raymond since 1821.  The current Raymond Courthouse was constructed in 1854.  1st Judicial District deed books and
some records for the 1st Judicial District were moved to Jackson in 1930 when a second courthouse was established.   The current Jackson Courthouse was constructed in 1930.   In 1999, the Hinds County Board of Supervisors pushed to cease all county business in Raymond, and were met with fierce protests by people from all over the county.   The Raymond Courthouse remains in full business and is a very busy place.  However, the Board had held alternating meetings between Raymond and Jackson since 1990 because all Board members but one lived in Jackson, and as of 1999 has stopped meeting in Raymond altogether.   The Board has stopped housing Board minutes at Raymond Courthouse as of 1999, and 2nd District patrons are being systematically squeezed out of county plans and decisions.  Almost all court cases in the county are now heard in the Jackson Chancery Building and the Jackson Courthouse.  All county business has been computerized as of since 1987, with an improvement in their system in 1997, but is not readily available to the public except by using the two computers set up for the public within the Chancery Clerk's office in Raymond.  Similar computers are housed at the Jackson Chancery Clerk office, but the public is discouraged from their use.  Cooperation with people looking for historical and genealogical records is much, much better at the Raymond Courthouse than at the Jackson Courthouse.  The Raymond Courthouse also keeps, as a courtesy, the Hinds County cemetery book and some local history books for visitors to use, donated by their authors.  The Jackson Courthouse does not accommodate history/genealogy seekers. Two District counties are great problems for everybody, for history seekers and for current day taxpayers and landowners.
(2nd District) 
 JACKSON     (1st District)
Marriages from 1821* yes  yes (from 1930)
U. S. Land Grants from 1826 yes no
Deeds of all types from 1826  yes yes (1st District books(warranty, quitclaim, trust, minerals) moved to Jackson)
Mortgage and debts  yes yes (from 1930)
Mineral rights (oil, gas, gravel leases)  yes yes
Probated wills (poor at both locations)  yes yes (from 1930)
Criminal convictions * yes  yes (from 1930)
Civil Judgements yes  yes (from 1930)
Voter Registration yes  yes (from 1930)
Road Maintenance contracts prior toa Public Works Dept. yes  no
Construction Liens  yes  yes (from 1930)
Utility Rights-of-Way Easements yes  yes (from 1930)
Federal Tax Liens  yes yes (from 1930)
State Tax Liens*  yes yes (from 1930)
Divorces and Child Support  yes yes (from 1930)
Estates Settlements yes yes (from 1930)
Guardianships, Adoptions, and Foster Care yes yes (from 1930)
Board of Supervisors' meeting minutes 1821-1999 yes (from 1990)

* Housed at Circuit Clerk Office.  All others are housed at Chancery Clerk Office.

Mary Collins Landin
Utica, Hinds County, MS


If you will call the Hinds County Raymond courthouse, Chancery Clerk office 601-857-8055, Circuit Clerk office, 601-857-8038, they will take time to make copies of will, deed, and other records for people for a per page fee and mail them to you, also for a fee to recoup expenses.  You have to pay in advance, and if you will call for details, the ladies there have always been very helpful.  You also have to be very specific in what you want copied, as you were in your 3 e-mails. The Tax Assessor office in Raymond is 601-857-8787, in case that could also be useful info.   They don't have time to do research for people during their ay, but they do make copies of official public records and mail them out, including the very old ones that are not archived
somewhere away from the premises.  I have never heard that the Jackson courthouse will take time to do this, but most of the records are in Raymond anyway.

Mary Collins Landin
Utica, Hinds County, MS

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