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Abb Breland Cemetery Jonathan
Adams Cemetery Old Avera Community
Adamsville Cemetery Clark
Adder Cemetery Avera
Asa Breland Cemetery Jonathan
Avera Cemetery Clark
Avera Family Plot, offsite link Avera
Avera Chapel Cemetery Avera
Ball Cemetery, offsite link Leakesville SW
Ball Cemetery, offsite link Vernal
Bothwell Cemetery Avera
Bradley Cemetery Jonathan
Breland Cemetery, offsite link Near Cedar Grove
Breland Cemetery Leakesville
Buck Cemetery Brown Town
Buffalo Cemetery Neely
Byrd Cemetery Neely
Cedargrove Cemetery Jonathan
Churchwell Cemetery Leakesville
Clark Chapel Cemetery Leakesville
Cooley Cemetery Vernal
Cooley Cemetery Leakesville SW
County Line Cemetery Green/Wayne County Line
Coward Place Cemetery Leakesville SW
Dantzler Cemetery McLain
Davis Cemetery Between Old Avera
and Carson City
Dickinson Cemetery Leakesville
East Salem Cemetery Leakesville
Fellowship Cemetery Clark
Freefield Cemetery Clark
Freeman Cemetery Brewer
Frisco Cemetery, offsite link Brewer
Grafton Cemetery Sand Hill
Grave Hill Cemetery Vernal
Green Cemetery Vernal
Green Cemetery Leakesville
Green Lodge Cemetery Leakesville SW
Griffin Cemetery Clark
Henderson Cemetery Piave
Herringburg Cemetery Avera
Hillman Cemetery Jonathan
Hunt Cemetery McLain
Indian Hill Cemetery Avera
James Cemetery Avera
James Cemetery, offsite link Vernal
Johnson Creek Cemetery Clark
Kittrell Cemetery Knobtown
LDS Cemetery, offsite link Sand Hill
Lane Cemetery Knobtown
Lazarus Walley Cemetery near Sand Hill
Leaf Cemetery McLain
Lewis Cemetery Vernal
Magnolia Cemetery Leakesville
Maple-McLeod Cemetery Vernal
Maples Cemetery Brown Town
Mason Chapel Cemetery Leakesville
McInnis Cemetery, offsite link Leakesville
McIntosh Cemetery, offsite link Vernal
McLain Cemetery McLain
McLain and Wade Cemetery Avera
McLeod Cemetery Leakesville SW
McLeod Cemetery Vernal
Merritt Cemetery McLain
Miller Cemetery Leakesville SW
Miller Cemetery Vernal
Moody Cemetery McLain
Mount Nebo Cemetery McLain
Mount Pisgah Cemetery Brown Town
Mount Zion Cemetery Mulberry
Mutual Rights Cemetery Avera
Neely Cemetery Neely
New Providence Cemetery Leakesville
New Zion Cemetery Leakesville SW
Odom Cemetery Clark
Old Rosemary Cemetery, offsite link St Ellen Community
Pine Grove Cemetery Vernal
Pine Grove Cemetery Leakesville SW
Pipkins Cemetery Jonathan
Platt Cemetery, offsite link Clark
Pleasant Hill Cemetery, offsite link Neely
Powell Avera Cemetery Old Avera
Red Hill Cemetery, offsite link Piave
Roberts Cemetery, offsite link Leakesville SW
Robertson Cemetery Leakesville
Robertson Cemetery Clark
Rock Cemetery Clark
Rounsaville Cemetery Rounsaville
Salem Cemetery McLain
Sand Hill Cemetery Brewer
Sandy Branch Cemetery Vernal
Simpson Cemetery Clark
Slay Cemetery Knobtown
Sowell Cemetery Avera
State Line Cemetery State Line
Sweetwater Cemetery Leakesville
Sylvester Cemetery Neely
Thomas Cemetery Leakesville
Turner Cemetery Jonathan
Turner Cemetery Leakesville
Union Cemetery Mulberry
Unity Cemetery Jonathan
Vence Williams Cemetery Clark
Wade - McLain Cemetery near Bothwell
Walley Cemetery Brewer
Walley Cemetery Rounsaville
Washington Cemetery Neely
Wesley Chapel Cemetery Vernal
West Salem Cemetery near Piave
Williams Cemetery, offsite link St Ellen Community
Williams Family Plot, offsite link St Ellen Community
Windburn Chapel Cemetery Vernal
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