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Davis Cemetery
(Between Old Avera and Carson City)

This file transcribed and contributed by James Dunnam, who retains all copyright privileges. It is posted here for your use and convenience. Further use for commercial purposes prohibited without permission.

       Name                     Date Born     Date Died
Davis Rosier C.                 3/11/1889     4/28/1899
Davis, E. W. L.                 3/29/1849      8/8/1923
Davis, Edward                   3/22/1901      9/5/1964
Davis, Hiram C.                  3/3/1909      5/1/1975
Davis, Infant                   3/11/1888
Davis, Martha M                12/29/1848     10/5/1924
Davis, Merle Dykes              2/25/1912    10/12/1981
Denmark, Sallie                               8/20/194-
Murray, Arthur A.                    1871          1930
Murray, John T.                      1901          1933
Murray, Nancy Davis                  1880          1948

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