1813 1931

Stewart Family Letters

(Outside of paper was addressed:)

Alfordsville NC
Dec 15

Miss Barbara Stewart
Dry Creek PO
Covington Co., Miss
Robeson County, N.C.
Dec, llth'49
Dear niece,

          Your kind letter of the last of July came safely to hand which found me alive and in tolerable health only. My head first commence hurting me very much which was followed by a blindness and I once thought I or rather was afraid I would go blind but that blindness has nearly left me on the first of Oct. A wen on my left shoulder or near the point of the shoulder blade commence resing which was lanced on the middle of Oct. and been running ever since and it pains me very much, and is yet running matter, but the wen seems to be nearly ????. Your Bro., John was to see us in June last, and I did not know him when I saw him but I was very glad to see him and will ever be grateful to him for the kind respect he showed to us by coming to see us. Altho he could not stay with us long he only but remained with us about a week and when he returned home he was kind enough to write to us a letter which we recieve the 5th August giving us an accounting of his travel and safe arrival home. Your letter came to hand on the 18th Aug and I assure you it was a great satisfaction to hear from you and it would have been answered sooner only for the inconvenience in getting one writte. It will no doubt be a source of some satisfaction to you to hear from your kin. Your Uncle John McCormic and family are well, as usual. Your Aunt (his wife) enjoys only tolerable health. Sometimes she is quite poorly. Your Aunt Flora is well as usual and living with your cousin Barbara Taylor who together with her family is well. Your uncle Neil McCormick & family are well as usual. Your Aunt (his wife) is complaining as usual with her head and is nearly blind supposed to be from St Anthon (??Andrew's) fire. Your cousins John and Mary Taylor are living at their old place all alone (except the negroes) are well. Your cousins (Jno McCormic's children) are well. Neil lives in Anson County and is married, Allen lives in the upper part of Robeson is married but neither have any children. Duncan lives in Marion Dist. is married and has five children. The only grandchildren your uncle John has. Your Uncle Neil's sons are in the west that is all the older ones. Daniel in Miss, John and Joseph in Ark. Capt. Daniel Mclnnis at the bridge on Pedu died very recently of dropsy. There is a dangerous fever raging below here on Ashsoh (?) which the doctors say is harder to conquer than the cholera. There are several cases of small pox in Fayetterville but the people are trying to keep it from spreading in town and have all the patients carried to one house in the edge of town.

          You can write to your Aunt Caty McMillan (or Me William could not tell which) and direct to Middleton P.O. Carroll Co. so if you should wish to go to see her inquire for Middleton and she lives about 6 miles north or NE of that place. Give my compliments & love & best respect to A. Anderson and family and be pleased to receive the same yourself from you aunt and well wishes. Crops are pretty good in fact an average cotton and an extra ordinary corn crop in Ole Carolina this year. Be sure to answer this soon for any person who can write such a letter as you can is not excusable as I am, or even the writer of this scribble no more dear niece only remain your affectionate aunt.

Most respectfully, Barbara McLean (or McLear could not tell which) per her nephew.

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