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Barnes Family Letters

Friday 8 AM (Oct. 12, 1923)

My Dear Sister

          I have not much news, but will write to let you hear from us. All are as well as usual. John was up and down in bed for two or three days after Hugh left - thought he was sick and he was - "heart sick". He seems all right now. Haven't heard from Hugh since he left. Letters from Van and Dan say they are "OK".

          The morning Hugh left he gave me a $10 bill and told me and John not to worry about how we are to get along - was disappointed not getting to see Charley. It is a pity the house could not be under going repairs, such ideal weather for it but bad on turnip patches. The meeting closed Sunday night no accessions. Mr Berryhill is a good preacher but not as good as Mr. Mclntosh. The Baptist are to begin next Sunday, the Methodist had theirs before ours, and I think the good women here are about worn

(Missing page.)

          Mrs. McKenzie has brought the house from Me Hammet that she is living in - $700. Hammets are to move to the Geo. Dennis place, and Dennia is going to Jackson, so they say. Bernice is still renting, but he bought a "Ford" this week. Irene says she will see that I ride sometimes, got a "touring car" - said she wanted one big enough to take somebody else besides "son John and his wife".


Friday Nov 2   8 AM
(Nov. 2, 1923)

My dear Sister

          I have no news but will write anyway. We are as well as usual. John goes to Hattiesburg nearly every evening with Mr L??? Wright (?) who has a boy in the Infirmary there. Operated on. His wife is up there and he comes by after John to go with him, and he likes to go. They had some big to do at Citizens Bank last night - saw Mr Pigford, Lavelle and many others he knows nearly 11 o'clock when he got home, and is sleeping now.

          Ladies Aid meeting at Mrs Lutz Wednesday Mrs Joe Kennedy and Miss Munn came by after me. Miss Margaret (?) feeling well enough to go I wasn't going either but Mrs Kennedy made me. I went dressed like I had been all week, said "come on you look good enough. People pay too much attention to dress anyway", so I went and really enjoyed it. She bought turnips enough to do me and John a week. We don't care much about them unless cooked with pork. I also went to see Johnnie Mills Monday. Called on Irene, Mrs McKenzie & Mrs White and was gone from the house just two hours. Johnnie looks well enough but she said the doctors told her it would be a year before she would be normal - so many operations. She has girl staying with her goes to school and does most of the house work - 17 years old. Johnnie thins she is a treasure and she is.

          We get 2 or 3 eggs a day. Lou ought to see the rooster she gave me he has never been (hungry) and growing fast.

          I had a letter from Marg. A (?) a few days ago - she seems to be getting along all right but I can't write to her every week. It is raining now, and I dread the cold weather. I hop you are feeling better and wish you could come up and stay with us a while. How is Mrs McNeil and her folks. Tell her I think of her often and wish she was neighbor to me

          Love to all of you -
          Good bye and God bless you all
          Loving Sis

Friday Nov 16th
8 AM (1923)

My Dear Sister -

          I have not much news but will write John has been up and down in bed since Sunday. Didn't feel like going to SS and didn't. He has no fever - stomach trouble, says his stomach feels sore. Was sick at it first few days but it has left him. Doesn't seem to have any cold - am going to put the feather bed for him this morn when Ed comes. Had Dr Robinson Tuesday. John is like realy all the rest of the men - thinks nobody else ever did suffer like he does. He was a good deal better yesterday and last night and I think he will be all right in a few days. Has no appetitie - just drinks sweet milk. Don't be uneasy for if he was to get very sick I would lose no time in letting you know.

          No late news from any of the boys. I haven't cooked anything this week only oatmeal. Didn't go to Mrs Loveland's Wednesday - wouldn't leave John, but they report having a good dinner and quilted two quilts. Audry and Mr Morris are to marry Thanksgiving Day. I reckon there will be considerable moving around soon. Vander Hinton going to Wingate, Bernice into the house vacated by Vander, George Dennis into the Bernice house, Hammet into Dennis house, and Comodore into Hammet's.

          John and I got a letter from Miss Pearl Francis last week in N. O., said she is to marry a Mr Milam at Tupelo next Sunday the 18th. I hope she will do well. Said they were sweethearts when she boarded him - has known him a long time. Hadn't heard from her in over a year.

          Mrs Griffin entertained the A. L. O. E. club - young married women yesterday at luncheon. Had 15 quail and I don't know what else. Announced Audry's marriage and I rekon that calls for a "shower".

          I believe I have written all I know -
          Good by and God bless you all

Loving Sis
          Barbara Hugh Garaway is in the Bank in Audry's place.

Friday 8AM
(Nov 23, 1923)

My Dear Sister

          I will rite my weekly letter though I have no news. John went to Richton Tuesday eve to be there at J. P. Court Wednesday. The way the trains run couldn't get there in time the day of Court. He didn't feel much like going - so weak, but stood the trip all right. About to develope sciatica in his left hip. I was nearly freezing all the time of the cold weather, but had to wait till it turned warm to take a cold - laid off my sweater. My cold not so bad yet and I hope I will soon be over it.

          Our sheets nearly worn out so Wednesday I went to Cliffs and bought 10-1/2 yds Pepperall - made four sheets - 65 cts yd.

          Mrs McNeil sent me a shoe box of pecans, got them Monday eve. I surely do appreciate the kindness, though I have no teeth to eat them much.

          No late news from any of the boys. I haven't a speck of news and John is ready to go up town so will stop writing and send this to P.O.

          I think of you all so much. Wish it didn't cost so much to go there - if it didn't cost you would see me every week or two. I hardly ever go anywhere here - don't care to.

          Good bye and God bless you all-
          Loving Sis

Friday, 30th Nov.
8 AM (1923)

Dear Sister

          I have not much news but will write anyway, so glad to see the sun shine all are well as usual. We were invited to eat Thanksgiving dinner at Mr Whites, we went and had a good dinner - no turkey - but boiled port ham and fat hen with good dressing and was throughly enjoyed by us, the Hammets and Mrs Griffin and Dan. Audry was married at 9 o'clock yester morn and invited John and me to go and see here marry, but it was so early and such bad weather we didn't go. Lucile Hammet came after us with car to go to dinner and brought me home at 4 o'clock. These folks are good to me, and I am not able to reciprocate much. I had Thanksgiving card from Mrs Cox, John got a picnic ham at Beaumont few days ago. I have it boiling now for he can't eat fried victuals much, neither can I. Got a rutabaga too, 10 cts, and it was hardly touched. I have gotten to where I don't care for it and don't crave turnips like I used to. Mr Rose has been hunting several times lately but has never given us a quail - killed 22 Friday and took them to his lady love and went there for dinner yesterday, supper too, I guess for it was midnight when he came in. Mrs. Harry's baby keeps sick so much that she can't come to see about my dress so I think I will try to get Mrs Ikerd, so few here that does sewing - they miss Mrs May now. It is bad that the carpenters can't go ahead and finish the house. I know you all can hardly wait and bad to be torn up - Dont know anything else so will stop and pretend to clean up the house.

          Good bye and God bless you all -
          Loving Sis

(Note: This is likely the last letter that Barbara Stewart McInnis wrote, as she died the next day, Dec. 1, 1923.)

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