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1845 Census Transcription



There are no Townships listed on the census.


Every effort has been given to read and correctly spell the names on the census images

Some images were blurred, spotted and scratched.  Some handwriting was nearly indecipherable.

Please look closely for comparisons during your search.




Z. Alexander

Thomas Briedy

Mrs. Mary Applegate

James L. Brown

L. Bacon

John C. Burrows

J. Bankston

J. O. Campbell

Mrs. E. Boice

R. C. Campbell

W. R. Boice

Stephen Carrol

Benjamin Chamberlain

J. J. Chaning

Mrs. W. Clark

C.G. Coffee

William B. Cook

Mark Correll

R. Courtney

George Crane

James Crane

W. C. Daniel

William M. Davidson

George Deming

A. B. Dodd

J. Dorsey

R. F. Dun

Joseph K. Elliott

A. G. Ervine

R. R. Eston

C. J. Field

John Flemming

J. L. Foster

Augustus Geo

J. J. Goff

J. T. Henderson

Smith Hill

B. M. Hinds

Franklin Humphries

Joel Huntington

Benjamin Jackson

Orrin Kingsley

J. W. Longacre

T. J. Manley

J. March

George Marshal

Joseph McGuire

J. McMillin

S. B. McNelly

H. B. Millen

Thomas Moore

John V. Newman

D. M. Parish

F. Patterson

Benjamin Perryman

A. Philips

John B. Pollard

Thomas J. Porter

James Price

John Price

Stephen Price

Aaron Roial

A. T. Smith

James B. Smith

R. M. Smith

Samuel Smith

T. B. Smith

Washington Smith

George Teft

John Thompson

William A. Tucker

William Vick

R. Vint

Charles H. Ward

John Ward

J. B. Wells

Josiah White

G. W. Wilkinson

Peter Wilkinson

David Willis

Mrs. Ann Yarbrough