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1840 Bolivar County Federal Census 


1841 Bolivar County Federal Census – Index of Names 


1845 Bolivar County Federal Census – Index of Names 


1850 Bolivar County Census Index

              1850 Census Transcription            

The 1850 census records were the first census records to list names of all
household members.


1851 - Educable Children

1860 Slave Census

1866 Bolivar County Federal Census – Index of Names 


      November 1866 Tax List     

1887 List of Taxpayers

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M-P      Q-T       U-Z


Most of the 1890 census information burned in Washington. Very few records,
including Bolivar County’s, were saved.



1910 Federal Census  (Incomplete)






1880 Mortality Schedule




Bolivar County Passport Applications - 1906 to 1925


Italian Passengers to Louisiana - 1905


New Orleans Passenger Lists - 1920 to 1945



1962 Rosedale, MS Telephone Book (PDF file)  Contributed by Ellen L. McCreary



Freedman's Bank Records - 1865 to 1871




Corporate Filings


Bank of Pace

Farmers Bank of Pace

Farmers Gin Company

Merigold Bank

Merigold Cotton Company

Merigold Telephone Company

Mound Bayou Mutual

Mound Bayou Oil Mill

Mound Bayou Telephone Company