Yalobusha County
Zion Grove- Scurlock Cemetery


This cemetery is believed to be totally Black.

This cemetery was originally recorded by John and Vivian Purdy.  It was updated by Mike Worsham on April 29, 2000.

Double Marker - Adams
Adams, Presley A./1880/1959
Adams, Rosie/1869/1964

Bagwell, Mathew/1845/04-29-1909
Baker, Lena/05-03-1880/07-28-1951
Bland, Caledonia Johnson/08-22-1890/02-12-1962/wife of Joe Bland
Bland, Jerry Moose/died 03-27-19712
Bland, Mary/03-11-1887/12-12-1941/Mother
Booker, Cora A./died 09-11-1886/age 24 years
Booker, Virdia A./02-11-1887/05-26-1970/Mother
Bounds, Louisa/no dates
Bower, Ida Chambers/04-30-1895/05-04-1952
Bradshaw, Mattie/1881/1943
Brown, Eddie/died 12-09-1937/Cook, 540 Engrs.

Double Marker – Chambers
Chambers, Brown/blank/1941
Chambers, Hester M. Garner/1862/1931
Curry, A. R./04-05-1874/04-02-19471
Curry, Rev. Bob/03-25-1850/05-06-1893
Curry, Jennie/died 08-18-1883/age 28 years/wife of Rev. Bob Curry
Curry, R. C./04-05-1874/04-02-1947
Curry, Rolena/05-10-1878/03-28-1956

Daniel, Ezra/02-26-1898/11-18-1973
Daniel, Hattie Swanking/10-25-1893/05-18-1976
Davidson, December/02-22-1879/12-14-1952/Wife/Mother
Doss, Eddie/02-28-1916/09-01-19681
Duke, Arch/died 08-17-1886/age 70 years
Duke, Jennie/05-28-1865/05-18-1909/wife of Nathan Duke
Dukes, Mose/01-24-1893/03-25-1971
Dukes, Thomas/01-07-1918/02-24-1979

Floyd, Dave/04-25-1870/09-18-1943
Ford, Girlie/05-07-1881/05-30-1909/daughter of Thomas & Sally Ford
Frost, Dora/07-30-1896/07-02-1981

Garner, Charley, Sr./01-xx-1836/12-27-1910
Garner, Daniel/01-10-1910/10-23-1981

Harris, Mary Louise/12-15-1948/01-29-1975
Haskin, Callie G./07-04-1883/08-10-1961
Hoskin, Kater/1876/07-15-1966
Hubbs, Lucinda/08-01-1854/08-18-1934
Double Marker - Hudson
Hudson, Alex/11-29-1896/05-03-1977
Hudson, Onia/02-27-1904/01-31-1973
Hudson, Cleophes/died 07-26-1941/Pvt., 816 Pioneer Inf., WW I
Hudson, Cornelius/02-21-1924/08-27-1990/age 66
Hudson, Gevena/10-09-1911/11-20-1970
Double Marker – Hudson
Hudson, Lawyer, Sr./12-20-1892/02-04-1969
Hudson, Ouida/01-24-1896/10-07-1978
Hudson, Lesley/1918/1924
Hudson, Louis/02-17-1899/07-16-1969/Pvt., U. S. Army, WW I
Hudson, Lucy/08-18-1865/09-21-1955
Hudson, Mae Elvean/1930/1944
Hudson, Patsie/11-06-1872/09-xx-xxxx
Hudson, Willie F./04-10-1890/01-09-1955

Ingram, Debra Ann/01-21-1962/05-17-1962
Ingram, Luther/08-16-1885/03-23-1946

Joseph, Ophelia T./10-06-1914/06-30-1968

Kelley, Ellen/died 7-27-19712
Kelley, Mary Ellen Hudson/died 09-18-19702
Kelly, Virgiel/10-13-1889/03-04-1958/husband of Mary Eller Kelly
Kimble, Emma/1896/1977

Lane, Caldonia/died 02-13-19622
Love, Alice/03-02-1897/02-20-1924
Love, Lee Edward/02-16-1938/02-16-1939
Love, Leroy/05-01-1939/07-14-1979/age 40
Love, Mary Jane/08-04-1876/09-28-1957
Love, Turner/09-25-1895/01-28-1963/Pvt., Co. I, 816 Pioneer Inf., WW I

Malone, Nealey A./12-28-1900/03-04-1990
Mister, Christopher Greg/06-23-1963/07-23-1977
Mister, Cornelious, Sr./07-04-1927/04-24-1984
Mister, George/09-28-1930/05-13-1973
Mister, Mary/died 05-xx-1975/age 30
Mister, Mattie Colina Hudson/12-15-1905/02-11-1991
Mister, Shade/09-15-1903/07-09-1985

Nash, Ella/born 06-20-1863/age 85(FHM 1865/1963)
Neless, Chambers/died 05-31-19592

Parker, A. D./1922/1951/Husband/Father
Parker, Alvin/01-03-1921/01-01-1982/Pvt., U. S. Army, WW II
Parker, Edward/11-11-1891/01-03-1981
Parker, Edward/02-09-1953/10-13-1996
Parker, Joe/07-05-1949/09-24-1980
Parker, Noah/06-01-1860/11-26-1944
Parker, Roxie/1885/04-16-1907/daughter of Noah & Dora Parker
Purnell, Lucy/01-27-1891/04-03-1953

Turner, Mary/1910/1970

Scurlock, Arle Mary/02-11-1918/04-20-1974
Scurlock, Benjamin/06-22-1918/05-27-19772
Scurlock, Elnora/died 19662
Scurlock, Emanuel, Sr./09-20-1877/01-24-1957
Scurlock, Ethel/06-21-1888/11-09-1980
Scurlock, Fiba/died 19382
Scurlock, Glean/04-28-1943/10-19-1975
Scurlock, Green/06-30-1890/09-06-1980
Scurlock, Hubert/died 19812
Scurlock, James/died 19302
Scurlock, John/died 19342
Scurlock, Joseph/01-07-1917/02-13-19722
Scurlock, Kedrick/died 19332
Scurlock, Louis/died 19402
Scurlock, Louise May Bannie/06-xx-1925/01-xx-19402
Double Marker – Scurlock
Scurlock, Major/10-04-1888/09-11-1963/Father
Scurlock, Virginia/04-16-1895/11-03-1968
Scurlock, Marcell/03-29-1918/04-08-1998
Scurlock, Mary/03-06-1883/06-12-1907daughter of John & Phebia Scurlock
Scurlock, Mary/10-01-1915/01-24-1938/Mother
Scurlock, Nola/died 19632
Scurlock, Vernon/09-08-1931/10-16-1999
Shannon, Classie B./05-14-1893/04-28-1951
Smith, Bessie Mae Hudson/12-07-1902/10-05-1992
Smith, E. D./7-04-1894/10-25-1968
Stokes, Willie B./02-28-1948/04-02-1972

Williams, Lillie Mae/1928/1931
Woodall, Elex, II/11-29-1884/12-19-1961/Father
Woodall, Elgin Leroy/05-05-1930/12-07-1998/age 68
Woodall, Elvin/03-04-1923/01-24-1985/PFC., U. S. Air Force 01-14-1943 – 1945
Woodall, Fletchie O./03-26-1937/01-12-1997
Woodall, Lula Chambers/10-20-1896/02-19-1901/Mother

1 No marker was found during the latest update.  Information included is from original recording by John and Vivian Purdy about 1976.

2 No markers – information is from church and cemetery records courtesy Mrs. Allean Russell, Coffeeville, Mississippi.

(NMF) – Indicates that no marker was found during the latest update.

1Information included is from original recording by John and Vivian Purdy about 1976.

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