Yalobusha County
Wilbourn Cemetery

This cemetery was originally recorded by Billy Joe and Patsy Upchurch.  It was updated by Mike Worsham and Allen Haynes on March 23, 2001.

Wilbourn, Anna Cora/03-04-1857/11-11-1858
Wilbourn, E. C./01-25-1849/07-31-1899/Torrance Camp No. 61, Woodmen of the World
Wilbourn, Edward Sigar/08-20-1839/08-20-1839
Wilbourn, Ernest James/10-12-1852/02-08-1902/Woodmen of the World
Wilbourn, Helen Eggleston/11-29-1841-11-14-1880
Wilbourn, Ida  Cora/12-06-1854/03-22-1914
Wilbourn, John William/12-31-1881/11-09-1886
Wilbourn, Lizzie Lewis/04-07-1844/05-29-1905
Wilbourn, Martha Alice/10-21-1850/07-26-1881
Wilbourn, Mary Rosalie/08-04-1847/09-21-1924
Wilbourn, Richard Eggleston/05-16-1838/10-28-1875
Wilbounn, William Brooke/03-18-1810/01-14-1871
Wilbourn, Martha C. Eggleston/11-20-1819/07-12-1903/wife of Dr. William B. Wilbourn
Wilbourn, William Woodson/08-20-1839/12-12-1855

One other adult grave is marked with sand rocks, at both head and foot, immediately north of the grave of Mary Rosalie Wilbourn.

Two other children’s graves are marked with sand rocks, at both head and foot, immediately north of the grave of Ida Cora Wilbourn.

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