Yalobusha County
Swearengen Cemetery


This cemetery was originally recorded by S. A. Swearengen in 1975.  It was updated by Charlotte Swearengen on Mar 7, 1985 and she has pictures of most of the headstones.  The latest update was by Mike Worsham on June 21, 1999.

Allen, Mary Ellen/11-07-1844/06-30-1927/sister of Elizabeth J. Swearengen and daughter of Robert Scruggs Allen and May Sims Randale
Doyle, James Monroe/08-18-1844/12-06-1924/ Woodsman of the World
Doyle, Jimmie S./06-23-1873/09-27-1884/son of J. M. & Sallie Doyle
Doyle, Lillian S./08-15-1877/09-25-1903
Doyle, Vernon S./1883/1923
Doyle, Wm. S. (Willie)/10-07-1879/07-17-1880
Duke, John T./02-15-1841/08-1841/son of Wm. K. & M. E. Duke (NMF)
Duke, Sarah E./02-01-1838/11-1838/daughter of Wm. K. & M. E. Duke
Kyle, Mary Letitia Swearengen (Lula)/03-07-1875/07-10-1946/wife of Grady Kyle and daughter of John T. Swearengen & Eliza (Elizabeth) Allen Swearengen
Lawson, John W./12-20-1852/01-16-1854/son of R. P. & M. E. Lawson
Lawson, Martha Eliza/1819/12-29-1894
Lawson, Wm. A./02-23-1851/04-17-1876/son of P. & E. Lawson
Roberts, Samuel Thomas/01-18-1877/05-10-1877/age 3 months 22 days/son of W. D. & Grace A. Roberts
Swearengen, Infant/03-20-1890/infant of J. N. & M. M. Swearengen
Swearengen, Infant/Age 3 months 22 days/daughter of S. & L. Swearengen (NMF)
Swearengen, John T./11-06-1848/03-02-1905/age 56 years
Swearengen, Elizabeth Jane Allen/12-08-1846/07-05-1915/wife of John T. Swearengen and daughter of Robert Scruggs Allen & Wife
Swearengen, Lutitia L./03-23-1826/10-05-1911/Mother
Swearengen, Linnie W./06-01-1881/03-05-1888
Swearengen, Little Mary /09-13-1880/08-19-1886/5 years 11 months 6 days/only child of Samuel & L. J. Swearengen
Swearengen, Margarette L./05-02-1859/11-14-1884/wife of J. N. Swearengen
Swearengen, Nancy/02-13-1818/06-11-1844/wife of Geo. Swearengen
Swearengen, Samuel/died 06-13-1846/age 32 years
Swearengen, Samuel/05-07-1847/01-29-1890
Swearengen, Lucy J./05-16-1847/04-19-1907/wife of Samuel Swearengen
Swearengen, Sarah/1814/02-15-1859/consort of Geo. Swearengen
Swearengen. Thomas W./died 01-12-1858/age 36 years
Swearengen, Thomas W./11-28-1855/03-26- 1864 or 1884/son of Thomas W. & L. L.
Swearengen, Willard N./12-05-1882/05-31-1906/Spanish War Veteran, Cuba 1898-99
Swearengen. Wm. W./died 12-26-1858/age 49 years
Washington, Uncle George/age unknown/Slave/ “He went with “Old Master” to bury money in a field before the war.”

Two graves are marked with a cover of bricks and stones.

There are several other unmarked graves of whites and slaves

(NMF)  Indicates that no marker was found during this 1999 update.  Information shown is from earlier recordings.

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