Yalobusha County
Spring Hill Cemetery


This cemetery is believed to be totally black.

This cemetery was originally recorded by Frances Turnage and Adelaide McLarty on October 11, 1978.  It was updated by Mike Worsham on April 21, 2000

Adams, George W./02-22-1918/01-05-1969/126 Port Co., TC., WW II

Baker, Jousa A.,Sr./11-18-1913/11-01-1999/age 86 years
Baner, Mrs. Ella/died 01-22-1976/age 69 years /Note 1
Barber, Lula Bell/1921/1946
Benson, Ada/12-16-1887/03-04-1909/daughter of B. B. & Judie Benson
Benson, Angeline/12-25-1909/08-31-1978
Benson, Bob/died 06-27-1966/age 103 years
Benson, Caroline/09-04-1875/03-23-1905/wife of Bennie Benson
Benson, Edward/1901/06-01-1902/Note 1
Benson, Emma Phillips/12-16-1904/10-17-1985
Double Marker – Benson
Benson, Epsie/07-06-1893/09-01-1927/Husband
Benson, Annie/10-17-1894/04-28-1929/Wife
Benson, George/05-28-1884/10-14-1976
Benson, Hannah  I./08-01-1901/06-07-1902/daughter of Henry & Sallie Benson
Benson, Herbert/09-14-1936/12-12-1995
Benson, Janet/08-10-1873/08-13-1958
Benson, Jennett/1842/06-14-1892/wife of Thomas Benson
Benson, Joe David/12-25-1915/03-20-1975
Benson, Joseph/05-26-1915/03-15-1944/Pvt., 366 Engr., Gen. Sev. Regt., WW II
Benson, Josie/1881/1952
Benson, Juda/07-03-1853/09-22-1912/wife of Ben B. Benson
Benson, Kitt/01-xx-1910/06-23-1979
Benson, Levi/06-11-1928/06-21-1984/age 55 years
Benson, M. B./05-31-1886/07-21-1945/Note 1
Benson, Michael/11-15-1974/05-19-1977
Benson, Misoura/08-15-1882/12-24-1912/daughter of B. B. & Judy Benson
Benson, Mollie B./died 09-25-1969/age 95 years
Benson, Mr. Levi/06-11-1928/04-21-1984/age 55 years
Benson, W. C./03-10-1947/04-03-1996/age 49 years
Benson, Walter/07-29-1911/06-15-1955
Double Marker – Benson
Benson, Watt/07-20-1903/no date/Father
Benson, Annie Dora/03-08-1905/09-08-1983/Mother
Benson, Wesley/02-18-1895/12-28-1977
Benson, Willie/1862/1947
Brooks, Sarah E./1905/1990
Brower, Emma/died 12-25-1946/age 65 years/Note 1
Brown, Callie/04-10-1899/10-08-1944
Brown, Willie E./07-02-1933/01-22-1996
Buck, Lonnie C./09-15-1950/02-09-1981
Buck, Pauline “Madear”/04-15-1916/05-13-1993
Buck, Raymond R./07-11-1949/03-22-1992

Caldwell, James/11-25-1892/09-12-1962/Pvt., 429 Rec. Labor BN. QMC, WW I
Double Marker – Caldwell
Caldwell, Joe Willie/04-17-1904/03-11-1988/Father
Caldwell, Martha Jane/03-06-1906/06-22-1979/Mother
Carruthers, Cleo/died 08-24-1975/age 56 years/4 months/20 days-
Chambers, Nora/05-25-1895/03-31-1982/Mother
Chapman, Alvin/06-15-1911/07-19-1994/age 83 years
Chapman, Andrew/08-17-1906/03-12-1987/Father
Chapman, Arie/05-23-1880/02-22-1974/Mother
Chapman, Bertha/died 02-07-1970/age 68 years
Chapman, Floyd A./02-09-1948/12-02-1973/SP4, U. S. Army
Double Marker – Chapman
Chapman, James/12-04-1904/05-18-1986
Chapman, Annie M./12-03-1910/01-09-1965
Chapman, Ronnie/1948/1997
Double Marker – Chatman
Chatman, George/01-01-1901/08-31-1984
Chatman, Bertha/01-05-1904/02-07-1974
Clinton, Joe/08-12-1910/08-31-1971
Conway, Joe/02-26/1898/04-14-1990/Pvt. U. S. Army, WW I
Conway, Reda Teresa/01-28-1963/12-10-1979
Conway, Roxie/10-17-1887/03-25-1982
Crowder, Emma/1881/10-25-1946
Double Marker – Crowder
Crowder, Eugene/05-23-1913/10-22-1995
Crowder, Jewell/02-29-1916/12-02-1996
Crowder, Jeremy Dewitt/02-05-1981/02-06-1981/age 1 day
Double Marker – Crowder
Crowder, Lawyer/02-08-1921/06-06-1989/Tec. 5, U. S. Army, WW II
Crowder, Vergia J./10-12-1927/
Crowder, Sadie Louise/1924/1969

Demarko, Hawes/no dates/age 17 years

Ealy, Ann/01-05-1876/04-16-1951
Ealy, Charlie/03-30-1924/03-18-1975
Ealy, L. Q. Claude/12-26-1947/06-17-1988
Ealy, John/02-21-1872/03-09-1963
Ealy, John Earl, Jr./died 01-20-1966/age 5 years
Ealy, Master Porter/b & d/06-22-1960/Note 1
Ealy, Willie B./11-09-1937/04-30-1987/age 49 years

Finch, Al/01-06-1909/11-22-1974
Finch, Bessie/06-18-1918/05-26-1999/age 80 years
Flowers, Maranda/08-09-1882/09-08-1970/Note 1
Double Marker – Fowler
Fowler, Spencer/02-22-1875/03-09-1949
Fowler, Nellie B./03-02-1879/04-06-1969
Franklin, Mary/07-19-1897/08-22-1902/daughter of Nelly Franklin
Franklin, Nellie/03-31-1879/01-31-1937/Mother

Garret, James Edward/died 09-08-1977/age 1 year/3 months/Note 1
Gooch, Eric Dewayne/10-10-1967/07-01-1990
Gooch, Jimmy Russell/10-30-1948/01-31-1994

Hairston, Carl/04-19-1929/07-11-1984
Hairston, Clotelia03-13-1887/04-16-1889/twin daughter of Jeffery & Harriet Hairston
Hairston, Earnest/11-24-1883/02-16-1888/son of Jeffery & Harriet Hairston
Hairston, Elizabeth/10-26-1869/12-11-1898/wife of Peter Hairston
Hairston, Eupra/died 09-15-1968/age 27 years
Hairston, Harriet/09-24-1862/05-23-1956/Mother/wife of J. Hairston
Hairston, Hazel Helen/12-24-1905/03-14-1908/daughter of Jeffery & Harriet Hairston
Hairston, Jeffery/died 05-xx-1879/age 60 years
Hairston, Jeffre/02-11-1860/02-21-1922
Hairston, Kenneth/died 01-05-1957/age 5 months
Double Marker _ Hairston
Hairston, Leo/02-10-1894/no date
Hairston, Emma/05-16-1900/04-26-1986
Hairston, Lotelia/03-13-1887/04-28-1889/twin daughter of Jeffery & Harriet Hairston
Hairston, Lucy Jane/09-10-1878/08-13-1901/daughter of Isaac & Lucy Hairston
Hairston, Mary Jane/11-01-1877/03-12-1906/wife of Cager Hairston
Hairston, N. H./1840/08-25-1898
Hairston, Nancy Lee/05-21-1932/07-17-1997
Hairston, Peter/died 06-11-1940/age 75 years/8 months
Hairston, Roxeyanna/01-13-1885/10-23-1887/daughter of Jeffery & Harriet Hairston
Hall, Clara/died 07-27-1953/age 31 years
Harris, Patricia/no dates
Harston, Bertha/05-17-1892/08-18-1894/age 102 years
Harston, Jane/no dates/age 6 months/daughter of Abe & Nancy Harston
Harston, Nancy/1846/03-25-1896/wife of Abe Harston
Harston, Robert/05-xx-1870/01-04-1888/son of Abe & Nancy Harston
Double Marker – Holmes
Holmes, Walter M./06-28-1931/01-07-1985
Hosking, Erussell/06-12-1944/06-24-1973
Double Marker - Hoskins
Hoskins, Arthur/12-12-1914/02-22-1989
Hoskins, Florence/05-12-1919/
Hoskins, Cleveland/08-10-1905/02-07-1981
Hoskins, Clyde/03-08-1903/08-23-1950
Hoskins, George M./07-15-1896/06-20-1998
Hoskins, James Willie/03-12-1944/03-25-1990
Hoskins, Maggie Ruth/05-01-1900/08-08-1978/age 78 years
Hoskins, Mary M. Taylor/1914/1991
Hoskins, Moses/died 02-18-1959/age 66 years
Hoskins, Owen/08-04-1902/11-23-1978
Hoskins, Patsy/10-10-1845/06-06-1928
Hoskins, Robert Earl/08-24-1932/02-06-1972
Hurt, Corina/12-21-1941/07-12-1979

Jenkins, Mrs. Ora Jane/11-01-1913/09-19-1997age 83 years
Johnson, Pauline White/11-29-1936/05-23-1999/age 62 years

Lee, Bennie/08-09-1905/05-31-1983
Lee, Liza W./03-01-1871/07-28-1978/Mother
Lee, Willie, Jr./1932/1948
Love, R. B./09-11-1922/08-27-1961
Love, Willie McKinley “Sonny”/02-17-1949/04-15-1984
Luster, Cordia Lee B./06-22-1944/11-25-1989

Mallard, Bertha/04-11-1908/03-11-1981
McFarland, Shakita/08-12-1983/09-16-1983
Morgan, Earnest, Sr./08-07-1927/12-22-1989
Morgan, Eric “B” Demond/01-10-1974/09-20-1997
Morgan, Ida/08-16-1912/02-04-1998/age 85 years
Morgan, James Willie/08-07-1953/09-07-1980/SP4, U. S. Army, Vietnam
Morgan, Jeraldine/06-10-1950/08-05-1987
Morgan, John L./01-03-1933/01-29-1986
Morgan, Leroy/03-24-1906/08-11-1980
Morgan, Mary Louise/05-16-1949/04-07-1982
Morgan, Wesley “Pee Wee”/05-03-1956/12-12-1973
Morgan, Willie Ree/08-24-1934/04-11-1993
Moss, Beulah/06-28-1907/07-08-1983
Murray, Ester/03-23-1910/12-11-1975

Nesbit, Eula May/1908/1942
Newberry, Jessie/died 07-04-1977/age 69 years/Note 1

Phillips, Annie Faye/04-18-1954/05-26-1974
Phillips, Baby Ray/1950/1991
Phillips, Charles W./01-17-1944/04-08-1998/age 34 years
Phillips, Edna/10-31-1916/07-03-1990
Phillips, Eli/died 11-21-1959/age 81 years
Phillips, Harvey/01-12-1913/08-20-1977
Phillips, Jessie Holmes/1922/1994
Phillips, Joe Lewis/09-27-1938/02-11-1996
Phillips, Leslie/02-10-1936/10-26-1972
Phillips, Mose/09-04-1916/11-11-1986
Phillips, Mrs. James Western/01-17-1943/02-11-2000/age 57 years
Phillips, Mrs. Nellie Mae/03-02-1964/07-30-1999/age 35 years
Purdy, Sam Willie/10-30-1903-10-27-1936

Reid, Ora Mae/10-10-1924/02-17-1982/Mother
Robinson, Houston/1906/01-10-1964
Robinson, J. T./10-12-1922/10-21-1969
Robinson, Joseph/died 07-02-1958/age 52 years
Robinson, Lucious/11-14-1904/10-13-1967/age 63 years
Rockett, Willie Juree/04-03-1942/08-12-1978

Scott, David Henry/03-25-1975/10-20-1977
Scott. John Henry/03-25-1895/10-30-1977
Scott, Mrs. Joe Willie/no dates
Scurlark, Tommy/12-09-1879/06-12-1811/GUO of OF Lodge 4721
Shaw, Timothy Tyson/died 01-02-1975/age 3 months/6 days/Note 1
Shipp, Patsy/04-28-1988/01-10-1968
Shuffield, Fred Everett, Jr./died 01-17-1965/age 1 month/22 days
Simpson, A./died 1977/age 75 years/Note 1
Smalley, Annie Lee/02-06-1927/02-20-1967/Mother
Smith, Ada Louise/12-13-1915/08-16-1992
Smith, Dan Junior/1920/1994/U. S. Army, WW II
Smith, Lovie F./1893/02-06-1973/Mother
Smith, Mamie/11-08-1912/03-01-1948
Spencer, Arlee Taliffero/died 01-xx-xxxx/Note 1
Spencer, Bodie/died 09-14-1947/age 27 years/Note 1
Spencer, Clinton/died 08-20-1974/age 77 years/1 month/8 days

Taliaferro, Allen/10-16-1870/09-25-1903
Thomas, Lillie M.07-30-1919/04-30-1998
Toliver, Chancie/02-04-1900/01-10-1944
Toliver, James Agy/died 07-25-1977/age 36 years/Note 1
Toliver, Jencie White/04-20-1896/07-13-1990
Tyler, George/01-21-1887/11-19-1973/Father
Tyler, Lila O./06-xx-1896/07-15-1966/wife of Geo. Tyler
Tyler, Nancy/died 03-10-1888/age 26 years/wife of Geo. Tyler
Tyler, Rosie/06-22-1885/04-12-1907

Walton, Mariah Jane/01-03-1865/09-02-1939
Webb, Paul/03-26-1955/01-21-1996
White, Frankie/died 04-01-1906/age 39 years/wife of Lot White
White, Hattie Avella Hairston/02-24-1897/03-04-1985
White, James E./died 05-08-1959/age 71 years/7 months/14 days
White, James Wade/05-13-1924/06-28-1983
White, Onnie/01-01-1861/03-28-1929
White, Rev. Charlie/died 01-02-1963/age 65 years
White, Shirley Fay/11-15-1939/07-19-1941
White, Sister/died 06-15-1902/age 6 years/daughter of Lottie & Franklin White/Note 1
White, Walter Eugene/06-23-1922/07-19-1942
White, William/06-03-1888/01-20-1969/Pvt., U. S. Army, WW I
Williams, Daniel/06-10-1902/08-23-1906
Williams, George/07-11-1861/09-07-1903
Williams, Jencie/12-08-1869/01-07-1930
Williams, London/1897/1958
Williams, Mattie/04-24-1894/02-07-1895/daughter of Geo. & Lula Williams
Williams, S. T./06-11-1871/07-20-1903
Williams, S. T./03-04-1932/09-12-1989
Willingham, Mrs. Cenie/11-15-1922/10-16-1998
Winters, Bellamy/12-24-1915/01-02-1960
Winters, J. T./01-09-1937/12-22-1976
Winters, London B./12-17-1901/04-17-1985/Father
Winters, Arie S./08-22-1902/09-30-1986/Mother
Winters, Scott B./01-23-1912/09-07-1954/PFC, Co. H, 557 Engr., WW II
Winters, Walter Lee/01-31-1935/01-14-1974/Pvt., U. S. Army
Woodard Minnie Baker/07-17-1919/02-23-1985
Double Marker - Wright
Wright, Alfred/08-26-1869/12-30-1951
Wright, Pennie/01-03-1879/03-19-1951
Wright, Annie L./02-15-1915/10-30-1993/age 78 years
Wright, Ben/01-02-1828/06-16-1938
Wright, Bertha/died 01-01-19xx/age 55 years/Note 1
Wright, Clarence/07-17-1905/07-06-1998
Wright, Nellie/01-19-1908/01-04-1978/wife of Clarence Wright
Wright, Clint Howard/died 02-07-1966/age 26 years
Wright, Ella L./1922/1999
Wright, Epper/1894/1987
Wright, George/12-25-1952/04-08-1999
Double Marker – Wright
Wright, Hezzie/03-12-1913/11-12-1981
Wright, Rosa Virginia/01-12-1919/07-23-1979
Double Marker - Wright
Wright, Hugh Ellis/06-20-1914/09-05-1987
Wright, Lizzella W./06-28-1920/10-16-1993
Wright, John A./01-16-1919/07-19-1942
Wright, Johnnie/03-13-1895/10-27-1974/Pvt., U. S. Army, WW I
Wright, Leo/died 03-13-1964/age 67 years
Wright, Lottie Lee Love/06-14-1902/06-01-1998
Wright, Major/06-02-1925/07-25-1985/PFC, U. S. Army, WW II
Wright, Mose/08-27-1898/11-16-1961/Father
Wright, Vinnie/1919/1982
Xxxxx?, Calvin/died 05-19-xxxx/age 29 years/Note 1

Note 1: No marker was found during latest update.  Information is from original recording by Frances Turnage and Adelaide McClarty, October 11, 1978.

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