Yalobusha County
Sardinia Cemetery


The original recording was a joint inventory of one from Miss. Cemetery & Bible Records Vol. 6, and one made by Chris Morgan and Joy Herron on July 5, 1971, with additions and correction by Mary Donaldson and Vivan Purdy.  This listing was updated by Mike Worsham and Eugenia Worsham on April 12, 1999.


Barnett, Susan E./11-17-1852/06-02-1853
Berry, Thomas/died 09-22-1844/aged 80 years
Bradford, Annie A./11-05-1855/09-27-1857/1 year 11 months 22 days/daughter of J. M.
& M. E. Bradford
Bradford, A. M./08-20-1822/04-15-1865
Bradford, Bitha/10-21-1830/06-08-1853/wife of A. M. Bradford
Bradford, J. M./07-22-1826/03-22-1857/born in South Carolina
Bradford, James R./02-03-1854/08-14-1854/son of J. M. & M. E. Bradford
Bradford, Middleton/died 12-28-1867/aged 71 years
Brown, Infant/died 02-09-1888/age 1 day/daughter of S. & M. N. Brown
Burns, Mattie Christine/03-10-1915/01-21-1918/daughter of M. D. L. & Janie Burns

Cardwell, Helen E./1904/1924
Cardwell, James R./06-05-1915/11-03-1957
Double Marker - Cardwell
Cardwell, John Foster/1875/1944
Cardwell, Minnie Mae/1881/11-16-1966
Cardwell, John Wallace/07-02-1868/12-20-1924. Name corrected to JAMES WALLACE CARDWELL requested by Donald G Dalrymple,01 May , 2005, photo proof
Carithers, C. L./03-13-1871/11-28-1928
Carithers, Annie Jackson/07-24-1871/01-05-1937
Carithers, Thomas J./02-15-1899/09-28-1921/son of C. L. & Annie Carithers
Craig, Harriet/05-18-1808/08-29-1851/wife of James Craig/born in Wilson Co., Tenn.
Craig, H. J./06-11-1833/08-29-1852/daughter of A. C. & S. M. Craig
Craig, James H./01-18-1841/07-27-1850/son of D. & S. Craig
Craig, James P./08-21-1846/04-24-1847/son of W. B. & M. J. Craig
Craig, Robert E./10-11-1830/08-08-1849/son of D. & S. Craig
Craig, Ruffin/12-04-1822/07-24-1846
Craig, Sarah/08-28-1801/06-29-1868/wife of D. Craig
Craig, Sarah M./05-21-1810/03-26-1859/consort of A. S. Craig
Craig, Wm. Blunt/12-09-1816/10-22-1869/born in Limestone Co., Ala.

Douglas, Rhuedell/04-23-1906/01-31-1911
Dowd, Cornelius/12-04-1855/02-08-1859/age 3 yr. 2 mo. 4 da./son of J. A. & L. Dowd
Dowd, John/12-11-1851/07-08-1857/age 5 yr. 6 mo. 27 da./Son of J. A. & L. Dowd
Duke, A. B./01-17-1853/08-05-1860
Duke, Eliza A. M. J./08-12-1833/09-01-1860/consort of A. R. Duke

Eubanks, Henry Leland/02-08-1894/11-05-1915/son of J. H. & M. J. Eubanks
Goodwin, John James/11-21-1854/09-22-1855/son of James & Sarah Goodwin
Goodwin, Sarah C./02-22-1832/07-19-1859/wife of James C. Goodwin/daughter of H. D.
& E. Thweatt/born in Williamson Co., Tenn.

Hamilton, Claudie/08-12-1878/06-12-1887/daughter of W. S. & A. E. Hamilton
Hamilton, George A./07-05-1847/07-26-1863/son of W. S. & M. Hamilton
Hamilton,  George W./08-07-1844/aged 15 years/son of Wm. & Nancy K. Hamilton
Hamilton, Infant/no dates/son of A. J. & M. J. Hamilton
Hamilton, Johnie/09-23-1868/aged 4 years/son of A. J. & M. J. Hamilton
Hamilton, Marc?/05-05-1854/09-22-1859/daughter of A. J. & M. J. Hamilton
Hamilton, Mary E./died 10-30-1868/aged 6 yrs. 4 mo./daughter of A. J. & M. J. Hamilton
(NMF)1 (This grave is marked with footstone “M. E. H.” and is possibly the above Mary E. Hamilton)
Hamilton, Minnie M./05-26-1874/08-30-1877/daughter of W. S. & E. A. Hamilton
Hamilton, Nannie/10-1865/11 months/daughter of A J. & M. J. Hamilton
Hamilton, William/09-02-1844/age 58
Hamilton, Nancy K./09-13-1843/age 52/wife of Wm. Hamilton
Hamilton, William R./11-16-1852/07-24-1853/son of A. J. & M. J. Hamilton
Hamilton, W. S./08-10-1851/age 34 years
Hardin, H. M./12-23-1868/age 40 years 5 months 11 days
Hardin, Wm. B./11-02-1812/05-04-1857
Hardin, Martha A./09-27-1820/05-22-1856/wife of Wm. B. Hardin/born in Madison Co.,
Ala./died in Tallahatchie Co., Miss.
Harris, John T./died 04-11-1857/age about 64 years
Harris, Isaac R./died 05-10-1851/age about 72 years

Keith, James C./02-08-1850/08-22-1852/son of T. C. & O. M. Keith/erected by his
grandfather, J. Craig
Keith, Julia Pleasants/07-14-1855/05-05-1857/son of T. C. & O. M. Keith
Keith, Mattie T./died 09-13-1862/age 3 years 11 months 24 days/daughter of T. C. & O.
M. Keith
Keith, Talbot C./04-13-1822/01-14-1871
Keith, Ophelia M./11-27-1829/06-19-1861/Wife of T. C. Keith/born in Athens, Ala/died
in Tallahatchie Co., Miss.

Lane, Leonora/died 06-01-1887/aged 8 mo. 9 da./Dau. of J. S. & A. E. Lane
Lane, Pearl/died 10-06-1883/aged 1 yr. 7 mo. 21 da./Dau. of J. S. & A. E. Lane
Lester, Infant/06-08-1884/06-08-1884/Son of Wesley & Senie Lester
Lester, Wiley B./04-20-1885/04-26-1885/Son of Wesley & Senie Lester
Lindsey, Albert Sidney/1862/1893
Lindsey, Annie Clyde/12-13-1881/01-28-1868
Lindsey, Clarence Lamar/02-14-1893/07-01-1894/Son of J. T. & N. J. Lindsey
Lindsey, John Thomas/02-18-1856/12-26-1926
Lindsey, Nancy Jane Lester/03-17-1863/09-12-1935/Wife of John Thomas Lindsey

Ming, James P./02-04-1806/01-27-1867(Masonic Emblem)
Ming, Matilda S./06-07-1819/10-15-1851/consort of James P. Ming
Ming, Sarah C./03-20-1820/01-14-1865/wife of James P. Ming
Double Marker - Moore/Walker
Moore, Mary J. Craig/06-01-1829/07-03-1907/Mother
Walker, Arrah Craig/03-23-1848/07-10-1921/Sister
Moore, Jennie/03-09-1851/03-29-1871/20 years 20 days/wife of M. Moore
Moore, Moore/died 05-05-1853/age 42 years (Masonic Emblem)
Moore, Wiley M./03-23-1871/05-21-1871/age 1 month 29 days/son of M. & J. Moore

Pritchard, Infant/08-13-1912/08-13-1912/infant of J. T. & M. R. Pritchard

Read Maria T./09-1814/08-23-1835/daughter of Wm. & Nancy Read
Read, Nancy/1787/02-23-1858/wife of Wm. Read
Reed, Nancy Lou/12-15-1824/04-01-1864/Our Sister
Reed, William/05-24-1780/07-17-1860
Robertson, Fannie Taylor/02-15-1875/01-15-1904/wife of C. J. Robinson
Double Marker - Robinson
Robinson, H. F./07-12-1850/09-25-1924
Robinson, Julia Carter/03-09-1854/11-07-1924
Robinson, Henry/08-04-1876/10-17-1877/son of Hardy F. & Julia E. Robinson
Robertson, Hiram J./10-09-1836/04-14-1857/erected by W. D. Robertson
Robinson, Ida/11-07-1897/12-10-1899/daughter of H. F. & J. E. Robinson
Robertson, Infant/01-18-1882/01-18-1882/infant of H. F. & J. E. Robinson
Robertson, Isaac H./11-05-1852/03-24-1871/son of W. D. & M. E. Robertson
Robertson, Lula/05-03-1860/06-09-1860/daughter of W. D. & M. E. Robertson
Robertson, Pattie/12-25-1856/09-09-1871/daughter of W. D. & M. E. Robertson
Robertson, Wiley D./11-20-1823/03-30-1881

Thweatt, Martha M. A. E./08-07-1822/04-29-1856/wife of Johnnie E. Thweatt/born in
Dinwiddie Co., Va.
Turner, Wm. H./02-14-1821/12-20-1872/51 years 10 months 6 days

Double Marker - Moore/Walker
Walker, Arrah Craig/03-23-1848/07-10-1921/Sister
Moore, Mary J. Craig/06-01-1829/07-03-1907/Mother
Ward, Infant/12-03-1847/12-03-1847/son of J. J. & E. M. Ward
Ward, John J./died 11-14-1864/age 50 yrs.9 mo. 8 days
Ward, Thomas/died 03-28-1852/age about 70 years
Wheat, Nannie E./09-23-1870/08-07-1871/daughter of A. A. & N. E. Wheat
White, Wiley/08-31-1887/10-19-1924

(NMF) indicates that no marker was found during the latest update.

1Information included from recording by Chris Morgan and  Joy Herron about 1976.

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