Yalobusha County
Robertson Chapel Cemetery

This cemetery is believed to be totally black.  It’s name was originally spelled as, “Roberson,” and that name appears on government maps.  Roberson Chapel and Roberson School both are shown on maps at the church’s current location.

This cemetery was originally recorded by Mary Donaldson and Fannie Sayle.  It was updated on April 24, 2000 by Mike Worsham.

Armstrong, Willie/died 06-17-1981/age 80

Benson, Collins/died 05-xx-1966/age 56 years (NMF)1
Benson, Green/03-20-1868/no death date
Benson, Julia/ 05-xx-1867/no death date
Bland, Jennie V./died 08-19-1966/age 47 years (NMF)1
Booker, Cairo/1900/1951
Brunson, Maria Brown/died 04-03-1900/age 100 years
Butler, Ed./03-28-1900/02-12-1971

Carter, Annie/02-06-1895/10-15-1946
Carter, Early/02-06-1887/04-04-1954
Double Marker – Carter
Carter, Emerson/1868/1943
Carter, Caroline/1867/1935
Carter, Fannie/1837/1916
Carter, Lucinda/died 04-22-1917/age 53 years
Carter, Mrs. Bettie/no dates (NMF)1
Carter, Parlee/1837/1911
Carter, Stephen/08-17-1888/10-16-1967

Daniel, Myrtis/died 04-01-1947/age 27 years

Double Marker – Exson
Exson, Lell/10-20-1902/03-10-1987
Exson, Ollie Bell/04-24-1905/03-10-1987
Exson, Leel, Jr./07-06-1941/03-09-1976

Gooch, Ouida M. Williams/1903/1941/Wife/ Mother

House, Chaney/03-15-1873/07-31-1951

Johnson, Tena/died 03-25-1917/age 47 years/Household of Ruth 2690
Jones, Julian Shannon/died 11-27-1891/age 71 years/mother of Jeff Jones
Jones, Saphronia A./died 08-27-1916/age 80 years/wife of Jere Jones

Key, Manaway/03-27-1912/03-10-1993/Father
Key, Mrs. Pennsylvania/09-25-1892/07-06-1963
Keys, Nolen/10-29-xxxx/age 72 years (NMF)1
Keys, Wayman/died 09-15-1958/age 23 years (NMF)1

McCollin, Tom/10-12-1880/11-18-1929
Double Marker - McCollins
McCollins, Davis, Sr./06-11-1890/03-27-1968/Father
McCollins, Mattie Nelson/04-27-1892/06-18-1970/Mother
McCollins Timothy/no dates (NMF)1
McCollins, Willie/12-04-1891/02-22-1907/son of T. C. & Florida McCollins

Nesbit, Edward/01-17-1916/10-23-1970/U. S. Army, WW II
Nesbit, Lula/01-07-1903/11-04-1904/daughter of S. P. & M. M. Nesbit
Double Marker - Nesbit
Nesbit, Orlando/04-08-1879/02-28-1958
Nesbit, Cora/01-13-1880/09-21-1962
Double Marker – Nesbitt
Nesbitt, Arnett B./10-10-1904/07-24-1986
Nesbitt, Rosie Bell/02-12-1904/05-16-1987

Ward, Mattie/03-14-1907/10-31-1992
White, Manerva/died 11-01-1947/age 73 years
Williams, Lavenia S./1874/1932/Mother

Approximately 30 graves are marked with unreadable markers or fieldstones.  Numerous other depressions indicate unmarked graves.

(NMF) – Indicates that no marker was found during the latest update.

1  Information included from original recording by Fannie Sayle and Mary Donaldson

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