Yalobusha County
Rehobeth Cemetery


This is a Black and White cemetery.  The Northeast section is White and the Southwest  section is Black.  The two sections are divided by a row of sandrocks.  The White section has not had burials since about 1954.  The Black section is still being used for burials. The Original recording was by John and Vivian Purdy.  This recording was updated by Mike Worsham on July 3, 1999.

Black  Section:

Avant, Linda Faye/04-22-1959/11-03-1990
Avant, Rosie L. Garner/04-16-1938/10-21-1982/Mother
Avant, Steve Maurice/01-15-1959/03-03-1991

Bland, Caroline/12-24-1865/02-04-1911/Household of Ruth
Bland, Mildred Odell/06-16-1948/03-11-1952
Double Marker – Booker
Booker, Andrew J./02-14-1893/04-09-1940/Miss. Pvt., 162 Depot Brig.
Booker, Pearl B./07-08-1903/02-07-1986
Double Marker – Booker
Booker, Annie Lee/12-31-1929/09-15-1942
Booker. Rosie Jones/09-31-1901/09-15-1942
Booker, Ceaser/02-28-1892/01-28-1931
Booker, Cora Lee/04-16-1887/09-09-1973
Booker, Grant/died 09-03-196x  (NMF)1
Booker, John H./08-09-1906/10-31-1980
Booker, Mack/10-01-1901/10-04-1908/son of Thomas & Mary Booker
Booker, Mollie/1861/11-15-1923/age 62
Booker, Rev. Thomas/1859/07-05-1937/age 78
Booker, Will Avery/03-27-1901/11-27-1989

Collins, Corillar/07-26-1885/01-16-1909
Curtis, Susie L./01-10-1873/01-18-1913/Household of Ruth 3166

Earl, Clara/03-07-1942/06-02-1988
Edwards, Eugene, Jr./1969/1993

Frost, Lou Jeanie/1898/1980

Garner, Thomas/01-06-1934/10-13-1981
Green, John/1875/1941/Leigh Lodge 239

Hardy, James E./1920/1988/PFC, U. S. Army, WW II
Hardy, John H./05-16-1913/05-04-1983/S3 U. S. Navy, WW II
Hardy, Jutson/11-05-1837/11-07-1905
Hardy, Maria L./09-03-1885/11-02-1945
Hayes, Rena/09-15-1909/12-28-1978
Heard, Mary Ella/12-17-1904/12-01-1988

Jackson, Amelia/died 03-14-1909/age 34/wife of Adam Jackson
Jone, Fannie/04-10-1873/04-09-1944/Mother
Jone, Sam/06-03-1879/11-31-1960/Father
Jones, Alto, Sr./02-29-1916/09-03-1991
Jones, Sam, Jr./12-25-1909/03-03-1959

Kelly, Ethel/07-28-1882/12-15-1910/Household of Ruth 3165
Kelly, Rev. William/12-09-1870/04-18-1957
Key, Virginia L./09-22-1914/07-07-1991
Kimble, Henry/06-30-1875/11-11-1938
Kimble, Pattie B./12-25-1888/03-15-1996

Lee, Dave, Sr./10-25-1905/12-31-1995
Lee, Joe/03-03-1888/06-27-1972
Lee, Rance/04-12-1885/01-03-1973
Lee, Sam/1887/02-15-1947
Leigh, Eli/12-25-1867/04-10-1934
Leigh, John H./01-04-1929/03-08-1985
Leigh, Maggie/08-18-1872/04-27-1959/Mother
Leigh, Mary/06-22-1897/03-14-1944
Leigh, Rachel/1838/10-22-1940
Lester, Mrs. Leana/08-08-1883/06-17-1964
Lester, Rev. W. L./1879/1968
Loving, Georgia G./02-16-1904/05-10-1986
Loving, Parker/01-04-1897/02-05-1983
Loving, Private/03-01-1887/11-27-1918/Work Co. C, 309 Lab. Bn., WW I
Loving, Seymour, Sr./11-03-1888/11-08-1976

Martin, Bertha K./03-06-1905/02-01-1952

Owens, Alfred/died 10-10-1913/age 65/Lodge 6540,GUO of OF
Owens, Hannah/1858/1911/Household of Ruth 3165

Page, Frances/03-15-1895/08-09-1969
Page, Sam/12-24-1893/09-08-1952

Terry, Willie/09-25-1887/01-22-1927
Tinnon, Mrs. Ula Mae/died 07-04-1947/age 23 (NMF)1
Toums, Ada/01-xx-1883/09-09-1915/Household of Ruth
Trotter, Caldonia H./08-06-1924/11-21-1976
Tuggle, Annie Leigh/02-07-1928/05-27-1982
Tuggle, Arthur R./03-13-1937/09-23-1973
Tump, Daniel Hollis/12-08-1884/03-27-1959
Turner, Rev. Abraham/05-10-1880/09-29-1925

Walker, Mary Oze/10-18-1936/09-05-1996
Washington, G. W./03-04-1877/06-20-1942
White, Sam/11-11-1939/08-20-1997/age 58
Wilson, Almeta Hayes/1928/1996

About fifty graves in this section are marked with fieldstones.  About twenty others are marked with unreadable funeral home markers or are not marked.

White Section:

Briscoe, Mary Jane/07-09-1864/08-03-1903/wife of C. D. Briscoe

Duke, A. K./04-26-1824/02-14-1882
Duke, Adaline F./died 09-26-1868/age 20 years, 10 months, 16 days/wife of A. K. Duke
Duke, Mrs. Anna J./12-24-1845/05-06-1880/daughter of W. T. & Elizabeth Doyle/wife
of A. K. Duke
Duke, Alice J./12-29-1860/07-31-1954
Duke, Catherine/09-09-1792/06-04-1857/wife of Cha’s Duke/erected by her son A. K.
Duke, F. M./no dates/Co. F, 3rd Miss. Calvary, CSA
Duke, Mrs. Amanda A./08-04-1850/04-21-1880/daughter of W. T. & Elizabeth
Doyle/wife of F. M. Duke
Duke, Jacob K./05-08-1814/07-17-1872
Duke, Susan Catherine/02-16-1830/06-10-1857/dau. of D. & M. Diltz/wife of J. K. Duke
Duke, Jacob Newton/11-30-1854/05-01-1862
Duke, Jerrie Monroe/01-04-1888/02-05-1911/son of F. M. & Alice Duke
Duke, Jimmie M./02-16-1872/11-15-1872/son of Abram K. & Anna Duke
Duke, Lizzie C./died 10-06-1868/age 4 months, 19 days/daughter of A. K. & A. F. Duke
Duke, Mary A./01-31-1824/12-03-1897
Duke, Mary Eleanor/died 08-28-1903/age 14 years
Duke, Mollie Beattrice/no dates/dau. of _? & Elizabeth _?/(foot marker - M.B.D.)(NMF)1
Duke, R. Geter/04-03-xxxx/broken marker/son of A. K. & Anna J. Duke
Duke, Susan Amanda/born 21?/03-26-1880/daughter of F. M. & Amanda Duke
Duke, Susan Ann/06-10-1857/07-25-1857/daughter of J. K. & S. C. Duke
Duke, Walters/died 01-31-1885/age 9 months, 4 days
Duke, William Charles/07-07-1865/10-03-1942
Duke, Willie Eugene/died 04-10-1903/age 17 years, 4 months, 8 days

Horton, Louisa Abigail/12-25-1833/02-16-1902/wife of David H. Horton
Hunt, Geo. Ernest/02-11-1880/05-13-1880/son of Geo. & Mollie Hunt

McCallister, Nancy C./died 04-13-1887/age 50 years/wife of N. M. McCallister

Talbert, Edmond P./02-12-1864/09-15-1868/son of E. T. & M. J. Talbert
Talbert, Edmond T./01-30-1827/09-12-1866/son of M. D. & M. Talbert
Talbert, Mary J./07-10-1826/01-01-1910
Talbert, John Gill/03-02-1852/04-11-1852/son of E. & M. J. Talbert
Talbert, Mary Margaret/05-29-1850/04-14-1851/daughter of E. & M. J. Talbert
Talbert, Michael D./05-05-1856/09-30-1858/son of E. & M. J. Talbert
Tilghman, W. M./12-29-1822/11-19-1876

Double Marker – Welsh
Welsh, E. J./11-28-1814/10-19-1862
Welsh, Missouri D./11-01-1815/09-04-1886/wife of E. J. Welsh
Wilboun, James Monroe/02-10-1844/09-26-1902/Woodman of the World
Wilbourn, Jennie B./03-20-1849/08-21-1882/daughter of E. & M. J. Talbert/wife of J. M.
Wilbourn, Sarah E./09-04-1853/10-24-1874/wife of Geo. W. Wilbourn

About eighty graves in this section are marked with fieldstones.

(NMF) – Indicates that no marker was found during the latest update.

1Information included is from the original recording by John and Vivian Purdy  

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