Yalobusha County
Pine Grove MB Church Cemetery - West

This cemetery is believed to be totally black.

The original recording was by Mary Donaldson and Joel Donaldson.  It was updated on March 22, 1999 by Sara and Thomas Holland. Obituary updates included through May10, 2000.

Allen, Bobbie J. /06-20-1933/06-29-1999/age 66
Andrews, Velma L./09-14-1932/04-06-1984
Avant, Annie/02-21-1885/09-xx1917

Benson, Parlee/08-23-1918/08-07-1950
Black, James L., Sr./05-23-1900/07-13-1988
Black, James L., Jr./03-28-1933/04-29-1991
Brown, Austin/08-10-1864/02-13-1939
Brown, Mollie Ratliff/07-01-1863/02-27-1967/wife of Austin Brown
Brown, Cella/05-09-1898/04-03-1972
Brown, Emma/died 01-07-1913/age 72 years
Brown, Jimmie D./01-25-1877/03-14-1967
Brown, Leller/1887/1979
Brown, Mamie/01-08-1889/08-28-1906/wife of Will Brown
Brown, Rebie T./04-09-1913/12-26-1982

Double Marker – Carr
Carr, William/1869/1962
Carr, Mittie/1879/1950
Chambers, Willie Charlie/1930/1986/PFC., U. S. Army
Double Marker – Collins
Collins, John E./died 02-25-1934
Collins, America/died 03-06-1924
Crowder, Mary E./03-15-1900/12-04-1980
Curtis, Faire Alice/09-13-1898/08-02-1982
Curtis, Willie/06-05-1882/12-17-1960/age 78 years

Davidson, Verda Jean/no dates
Dennis, Joseph/12-08-1884/09-19-1948
Dogan, Mrs. Carrie/07-07-1899/11-11-1956
Doyle, Jimmie/08-10-1824/07-09-1936
Doyle, Lena/03-06-1888/01-08-1991
Doyle, Lesley/1894/1952
Doyle, Sarah/1903/1936/wife of Lesley Doyle
Doyle, Mariah Lue/03-10-1887/06-26-1964
Doyle, Mattie/11-12-1818/11-29-1927
Doyle, Welton/died 11-16-1969/age 82 years
Drew, Virginia/02-xx-1902/06-28-1969
Duncan, Sarah/1878/1920/age 42

Edwards, Robert/06-08-1891/04-22-1953/Pvt., 533 Ser. BN., Engr. Corps, WW I
Eggleston, Frances S./11-30-1889/07-15-1976/age 86 years

Farris, Benjamin/06-12-1944/11-15-1968
Farris, Eliza G./08-12-1875/12-29-1963
Farris, James/03-10-1877/04-10-1950
Farris, James B./02-22-1902/06-28-1976
Farris, Pearl/died 06-02-1907/age 17 years/daughter of Jack & Ella Farris
Freeman, Geo. “Joe”, Jr./no dates
Frost, Celia/02-06-1875/02-26-1967

Gaines, Willie/09-15-1906/02-14-1985
Garfield, ?/no dates
Garfield, Mattie Jones/03-27-1939/03-06-2000/age 60 years
Garner, James R./01-27-1938/04-14-1985
Triple Marker - Oliver
Garner, Rev. Oliver V., Sr./03-22-1906/07-13-1958
Garner, Elizabeth P./02-13-1907/12- 05-1964
Garner, Rev. Oliver V., Jr./01-29-1941/12-04-1961
Double Marker – Green
Green, Albert/07-27-1865/09-15-1937
Green, Nancy/01-25-1869/09-11-1953
Green, C. H./07-29-1879/07-09-1955
Green, Clarence/04-24-1891/06-09-1977
Green, Douglas/09-29-1917/08-07-1986
Green, Howard/03-10-1938/10-14-1996
Greene, Chas. Avant/12-31-1879/05-20-1934
Greene, Hallie E./08-19-1879/08-18-1975
Griffin, Josie T./04-01-1869/09-01-1965

Hentz, Mary S./03-07-1921/01-23-1977
Hill, Annie Farris/03-04-1910/09-19-1995
Hollis, Ed, Sr./06-24-1928/06-11-1997
Hollis, Gladys/09-16-1963/03-22-1988
Hollis, Reatha/05-05-1929/06-17-1996

Jackson, Lula/04-15-1887/10-22-1979
Jenkins, Elnora Ray/11-04-1955/07-04-1997
Johnson, Caudia/12-29-1897/08-12-1990
Johnson, Mariah/06-12-1918/02-05-1995
Johnson, Parilee/10-01-1880/12-28-1960/wife of Robert Johnson
Jones, Annie Mae/02-11-1902/01-04-1995
Jones, Dink, Sr./09-12-1893/07-21-1991
Jones, Frances Pittman/02-02-1895/05-03-1982
Jones, Green/02-28-1910/12-29-1880
Jones, Isaish/died 08-12-1988
Jones, Katie/1882/1947
Jones, Robert/08-22-1888/02-23-1966
Jones, Robert Franklin/12-12-1944/09-21-1997
Jones, Rosie Lee/died 02-09-1969/age 64 years
Jones, Walter/02-19-1906/10-22-1962

Lester, Aaron/born 03-15-1872/died age 26 years/son of Henry & Adeline Lester
Lester, Alcia/06-12-1850/04-12-1950
Lester, Alex/06-15-1891/07-27-1902/son of Henry & Adeline Lester
Lester, Alice/10-08-1860/01-03-1948
Lester, Azel/10-26-1908/08-22-1959
Lester, Emrick/02-06-1911/02-08-1998
Lester, G. P., Sr./11-25-1877/09-21-1939
Lester, General Prentiss/05-15-1904/06-11-1976
Lester, Hal/07-16-1921/09-03-1995
Lester, Henry/09-12-1912/10-15-1998
Lester, Howard/07-16-1921/02-27-1991
Lester, Isaiah H./04-19-1881/02-05-1964
Lester, Clyde Mayes/03-15-1886/01-30-1958/wife of I. H. Lester
Lester, John/12-09-1869/11-10-1925
Lester, John/06-13-1898/07-22-1976/age 78 years
Lester, Lampton/died 07-15-1966/age 58 years
Lester, Lee Patterson/05-18-1906/06-01-1961/Masonic Emblem
Lester, Lee Patterson, Jr./1930/07-14-1978/PFC, U. S. Army, Korea
Lester, Mattie Gertrude/02-09-1804/02-22-1925/wife of Willie Lester1
Double Marker - Lester
Lester, Patterson/02-29-1845/11-01-1925
Lester, Bettie/11-xx-1857/06-16-1935
Lester, Robert M./01-16-1940/06-11-1950
Lester, Sallie/died 11-15-1899/age 60 years/wife of Wm. Lester
Lester, Sallie S./06-02-1982/02-07-1987
Double Marker – Lester
Lester, Van Wesley/05-25-1883/05-02-1946
Lester, Henretta/03-01-1889/02-06-1940
Lott, Rachel C./11-22-1912/12-24-1976
Love, Eunice/07-14-1939/07-18-1971

Macklin, Clemmie G./08-01-1905/06-20-1966
Martin, Ella/1903/02-21-1995
Mayes, Rachel/03-07-1862/05-22-1907/wife of C. Mayes
Mayes, Wash/09-02-1888/04-18-1952/Pvt., 806 Pioneer Inf., WW I
McDowell, Joe/1888/1955
McDowell, Viola/1897/1963
McFee, James Maryland/10-10-1891/05-11-1962/Pvt., 2 MC., WW I
McNeal, Zaina Tolbert/07-09-1886/01-09-1932
Moore, Addie/05-01-1903/01-04-1926/daughter of Green & Lizzie Swearengen
Moore, James/12-29-1921/07-06-1990
Moore, Levera/died 02-28-1954/age 29 years
Morrison, Alsynee Lester/died 11-10-1999/age 90 years
Morrison, Hosea O./06-19-1900/12-01-1980/Pvt., U. S. Army, WW II
Morrison, Rev. Wm. P “J. C.”/05-30-1931/04-24-1998
Double Marker – Murry
Murry, John W./07-04-1891/10-01-1957
Murry, Senora L./06-19-1894/03-01-1967

Double Marker - Nicholas
Nicholas, Frank/12-20-1918/10-08-1989
Nicholas, Ora Lee/05-15-1915/
Nicholas, Lurine Lester/06-28-1929/12-01-1995
Nicholas, Wesley/02-13-1924/12-07-1987
Nicholes, Frank/12-29-1893/07-16-1978/Pvt., U. S. Army, WW I
Nichols, Catherine/09-14-1922/06-16-1987
Nichols, Girtrue/01-13-1902/01-29-1935

Pittman. Aster/07-25-1924/05-06-1982
Pittman, Charlie/08-15-1920/10-02-1979
Pittman, Isaac/07-13-1922/01-22-1956/Masonic Emblem
Purdy, Rosie/06-28-1915/10-15-1972

Rays, James/09-09-1959/07-05-1978
Rays, Roosevelt/1918/1978
Ratliff, Lucinda/12-15-1850/12-25-1912
Robinson, Maggie/07-03-1897/04-10-1970
Robinson, Mrs. Effie/01-05-1892/12-30-1973

Sayles, M. P./03-25-1937/12-20-1963
Sayles, Nathaniel/09-23-1955/08-18-1988/S4, U. S. Army
Sayles, Willie Mae/12-05-1917/04-11-1994
Scott, Georgia/1891/05-18-1964
Double Marker – Scott
Scott, Sam/01-19-1884/02-26-1961
Scott, Beatrice/04-19-1887/03-07-1946
Scott, Juanita/08-xx-1941/12-31-1992
Simmon, Elsie/05-08-1927/05-25-1985
Smith, Dannie, Jr./05-02-1948/10-20-1989
Smith, Mary Liza/08-29-1921/01-25-1996
Smith, Robert Lee/01-22-1950/11-27-1968
Double Marker - Smith
Smith, William C./02-06-1944/02-04-1968/age 23 years
Smith, Gennie Mae/11-26-1942/08-31-1961/age 18 years
Swearengen, Addie Moore/05-01-1903/01-14-1926/daughter of Green & Lizzie Swearengen
Swearengen, Andrew J,/died 04-30-1974/age 1 week
Swearengen, Eddie/06-08-1907/03-02-1972
Swearengen, Jethro/died 1968/age 67
Swearengen, Jethro, Jr./died 04-17-1975/age 50 years/PFC, U. S. Army, WW II
Swearengen, Jim/10-07-1897/06-03-1972
Swearengen, Lizzie/01-10-1865/03-12-1955
Swearengen, Mary Frances/02-29-1904/05-06-1983
Swearengen, T. H./06-10-1874/01-19-1957
Swearengen, Mary F./06-24-1879/09-25-1930/wife of T. H. Swearengen
Swearengen, Thomas/died 02-17-1975/age 71 years
Swearengen, Velma/08-20-1925/08-31-1988

Double Marker – Tennon
Tennon, Nathaniel/02-08-1892/08-23-1926
Tennon, Necie L./08-24-1892/09-29-1972
Thomas, Aaron/died 03-27-1976/age 58 years
Thomas, Aron/02-29-1886/05-08-1957
Thomas, Dosha/12-25-1900/02-02-1982
Thomas, Elijah/died 10-09-1974/age 51 years/PFC, U. S. Army, WW II
Tinnon, Milton, II/09-23-1977/06-09-1978
Tinnon, Modie Hollis/09-24-1923/08-22-1995
Tinnon, Ranzy N., Jr./07-12-1941/03-18-1979
Tinnon, Shirley Ann/02-12-1953/02-29-1996
Tolbert, Elsie/07-22-1921/03-31-1997/Cpl., U. S. Army, WW II
Tolbert, Louisie/04-10-1924/07-10-1967
Tolbert, Martha/09-17-1886/03-12-1978
Tolbert, Sam/02-17-1883/02-20-1973
Tolbert, Sam I./07-16-1916/12-03-1998
Towns, Corine/07-24-1878/03-08-1959
Towns, Mrs. Katie M./10-28-1882/05-24-1941
Towns, Nellie S./02-24-1895/06-13-1934

Van Buren, Betty May/08-01-1922/04-15-1998
Van Buren, Johnny R./10-22-1894/05-18-1973/Miss. Sgt., U. S. Army, WW I
Visor, Victoria Lester/08-30-1901/01-04-1885
Vizer, Alexander/died 02-19-1909/age 65 years

Wallace, Neal/07-15-1912/09-27-1943
Walls, Cuss/08-10-1875/11-20-1956
Walls, Lula/02-02-1886/01-03-1966
Watson, Anaky/08-10-1881/08-30-1903
Watson, Infant/01-14-1900/03-08-1900/daughter of Joe & Josie Watson
Watson, Josie/05-27-1879/01-13-1911
White, Donald E./06-05-1971/03-18-1979
Wilk, Rachel/03-06-1855/03-03-1943
Wilkes, Eugene/11-06-1886/05-15-1963/Pvt., Co. A, 806 Pioneer Inf., WW I
Wilkes, Newman/09-30-1879/01-01-1905/son of Elman & Ellen Wilkes
Wilks, Willie/02-17-1891/01-01-1976/PFC, U. S. Army, WW I
Williams, George/11-27-1878/10-22-1906/son of Jim & Winnie Williams
Williams, J. W./12-28-1890/05-31-1963/Masonic Emblem
Willis, John W./02-18-1930/09-10-1952

There are many markers too old and eroded to read, and many sunken places with no stones or markers.

1 These dates correctly reflect the inscription on the marker although this person would have been 121 years old at death if these dates are correct.  

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