Yalobusha County
Pigsh (Few) Cemetery

Pisgah (Few) Cemetery is located traveling south from Water Valley, Yalobusha County, MS on Hwy 7 turn right on county road 90. Go to junction of CR 91 at Bethlehem and Mt. Gilead Churches. Proceed on CR 91 past the land fill approximately 3 miles to Pisgah (Few) Cemetery. The Cemetery is in good shape and is well maintained. There is a sign near the road and the cemetery is surrounded by chain link fencing. The gate is usually unlocked.

This transcription was done from a complete inventory of the cemetery stones on April 28, 2006. This information was compiled by me, Susan Few Adams , John Adams, and Audra Myrle Few Hardaway. The actual transcription was done May 9, 2006 by me. There have been a couple of stones that have been damaged by storm, funeral home trucks, and time. The information on one stone, remembered, has been listed.

This cemetery was built on property donated by my great grandfather, John Henry Few. At the time of its inception, there was standing here also a Methodist Church, Pisgah Methodist Church. However, sometime before 1936 the church stopped being attended and a Methodist body from Coffeeville came in and dismantled the church carrying off all of the materials. The cemetery remained and has been used to this day, my father, Charles M. Few being buried there in 2004. This cemetery has been maintained by James and Sarah Few McNatt. Improvements of the sign and fencing was done by them and my father Charles Few and his sister, Ernestine Wood. I hope you will find answers to genealogical questions you may have through use of this transcription. Susan Few Adams



Daughter of J. H. and NV. Few Wife of J. H. Few

Wife of P. C. Lester Wife of P. C. Lester, died aged 55 years

Wife of H. F. Goldman Infant of H. F. and Ella Goldman Infant of H. F. and Ella Goldman

Daughter of J. W. and A. E. Wilborn

Married 29 Dec 1912

Daughter of J. M. and Bettie Few, "Asleep in Jesus" Wife of Marion Few "She is not dead but sleepeth"

Daughter of Marion and Eva Few "another little angel"

Son of Marion and Bettie Few "Last tribute of love"
Mabry L. Few, Mississippi, Sgt. 304 Sig Operation BN WWII, "None knew thee but to love thee".
Mississippi A B US Air Force, Korea
Msgt U S Army
Master Sgt. U S Air Force WWII - 1961, "Home"
Infant Son of H. S. and I. L. Snellings, "Asleep in Jesus"
Infant Daughter of H. S. and I. L. Snellings. "Asleep in Jesus"
"Mother from us thou has flown to the regions far above. To thee we errect this stone consecrated by our love
Masonic Symbol, Husband of P. J. Smith, "Meet me in heaven"
Wife of P. S. Smith
Wife of Green Wood
Son of G and S. Wood, Beneath this sod now lies the form that to us was dear and lovely whose sparkling eyes increased our joy. But now they are gone and we are lonely.
Wife of Green Wood, "A prescious one from us is gone, a voice we love is stilled, a place is facant in my home that never can be filled.
Son of G & S.F. Wood, "Dearest child thou has left us and here thy loss we deeply feel. Tis the Lord that has hurt us. He can all our sorrows heal.
Son of Green and S. F. Wood

Daughter of W. M. and N. C. Goad
Son of W.M. and N.C. Goad "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"
Mother "Come ye blessed"

"He was a living example now at rest"
"Faithful to her trust even unto death"
Infant son of J. P. and Ada Smith
Infant son of J. P. and Ada Smith
Infant son of J. P. and Ada Smith
Wife of John E. Smith

Daughter of F. F. and M. A. Smith

Wife of W. L. Woods

Wife of W. L. Woods
Daughter of J. H. and M. A. Vaughn, "Sleep on sweet Oran take ?"

Wife of D. H. Perkins
Son of D. H. and E. P. Perkins
"Though lost to sight to memory dear"
"She died as she lived trusting in God"
Wife of J. M. Moore, "My burried loved one can we forget or must the grave eternal sever. You linger in our memory yet and in our hearts you live forever.
"At rest"

"Asleep in Jesus"
"To live in hearts, we leave behind is not to die"
Daughter of J. M. and J. L. Goad

Infant son of P. A. and J. E. Smith
Son of P. A. and L. E. Smith

Wife of Ed Blair, "there is no parting in heaven"
Daughter of E. S. and S. M. Smith
Daughter of E. S. and S. M. Smith
Son of E. S. and S. M. Smith "We want to meet our boy with Jesus"

Wife of Rankin McCullar, "She is not dead, but sleepeth, she died as she lived trusting in God."
Daughter of W. L. and L. M. McCullar "Beautiful, lovely she was but given a ? Bad to? To blossom in heaven
Wife of W. L. McCullar, "A light from our household is gone, a voice we loved is stilled, a place is vacant in our hearts that never can be filled
Co. I, 18 Miss Cav. CSA
Wife of Anderson McCullar, "Gone but not forgotten"
Son of A. L. McCullar

"Another link is broken in our household band, but a chain is forming in a better land."

Infant son of W. A. and R. B. Smith

Daughter of A. S. and M. A. Worsham  

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