Yalobusha County
Long Branch Cemetery



Austin, Rebecca/died 01-07-1877/age 50 years, 4 months, 19 days


Bell, E. A./09-04-1882/04-24-1883

Double Marker - Bell/Blackwell

Bell, E. M./09-11-1834/02-10-1866

Blackwell N. A./01-21-1855/04-03-1882

Bell, Infant/12-01-1887/12-17-1887/daughter of Sarah Caroline Bell

Bell, Jessie S./03-01-1854/01-04-1885/son of Z. Y. & Eliza J. Bell

Bell, John William/04-24-1856/02-26-1893

Bell, Z. Y. X./11-29-1824/01-13-1896/(Zadoc Yelvington Xerxes)3

Bell, Mrs. Eliza J./12-17-1831/04-28-1915/wife of Z. Y. X. Bell

Berry, Addie Viola/11-21-1870/12-16-1870/daughter of C. M. & M. J. Berry

Bolous, Hester Lee/1965/1993

Brooks, Sarah F./1864/1936

Burns, Jonathan Carr/1849/1936

Burns, Lucy J./10-28-1851/08-26-1875/wife of John C. Burns

Burns, Infant/died 03-07-1884/age 2 months 2 days/daughter of J. C. & M. V. Burns

Burns, Willie R./12-17-1873/08-19-1895/son of J. C. & L. J. Burns


Carpenter, Ida Smith/01-07-1890/01-19-1946

Carpenter, James Leonard/10-28-1888/10-08-1933

Carpenter, James M./08-15-1855/12-28-1944

Carpenter, Rebecca J./03-21-1863/07-11-1946

Christian, Robert Lee, Jr./b & d/09-26-1926

Crocker, Hulit Alfred/01-30-1931/01-06-1986

Crocker, Jimmy/died 12-26-1845/age 7 years, 7 months, 17 days

Double Marker - Crocker

Crocker, Raymond R./11-23-1903/01-19-1979

Crocker, Julia W./01-19-1907/11-11-1980


Floyd, Arthur/09-09-1895/07-29-1896

Fly, Albert/02-03-1894/05-24-1896/son of W. K. & S. A. Fly

Fly, David/1799/03-18-1870

Fly, Martha M./02-17-1800/10-17-1860/wife of David Fly

Fly, L. R./01-08-1867/10-07-1939

Fly, Jessie/09-26-1871/04-18-1893/Wife of L. R. Fly

Fly, Mary V./02-13-1858/10-27-1860/daughter of W. M. & M. J. Fly

Fly, Rev. Joshua/01-18-1800/09- 25-1875?/(marker broken)

Fly, Sallie/died 06-29-1863?/(marker broken)/wife of Joshua Fly

Fly, Roy/08-15-1891/03-26-1917/son of Jessie C. & Raules Fly/Pvt. U. S. Army WW I

Fly, W. M./10-17-1820/09-26-1897

Fly, Mary J./02-26-1823/11-14-1888/wife of W. M. Fly

Frost, Maud/1868/1943

Fuqua, Mary A./03-03-1838/11-26-1900/wife of Nathan Fuqua & mother of Edward C. Fuqua


Green, R. R./03-07-1820/12-31-1891


Hall, John W./05-25-1854/09-18-1877/son of S. W. & S. E. Hall

Hall, Lizzie/09-28-1856/08-10-1934

Hall, Samuel W./09-02-1829/12-01-1865

Hall, Sarah Emeline Berry/03-19-1836/09-15-1915/wife of S. W. Hall

Hall, William C./12-29-1862/02-23-1864/son of S. W. & S. E. Hall

Haney, James C., Jr./02-10-1936/03-12-1936

Hubbard, Mattie Wolfe/11-13-1864/10-08-1938

Double Marker - Hughes

Hughes, J. R./09-08-1842/06-08-1914

Hughes, Nancy Jane Wright/12-30-1849/10-06-1915/wife of J. R. Hughes

Hughes, James W./1882/1918

Hughes, Johnie Paul/02-28-1918/12-10-1918

Hughes, Mary Kate/09-17-1897/11-11-1898/daughter of A. E. & Minnie Hughes

Hughes, Mary M./08-15- 1811/07-05-1871

Hughes, Narcissa J./03-21-1871/04-04-1873

Hughes, Paul/07-07-1886/05-18-1964

Hughes, Beulah O./01-07-1889/07-15-1978

Double Marker - Hughes

Hughes, Tarlton/died 11-22-1887/age about 79 years

Hughes, Selah Thacker Scott/1802/1892/wife of Tarlton Hughes(No markings)1

Hughes, Wm. G./08-08-1806/07-14-1863

Hunt, Infant/b & d/03-28-1936/son of Fred & Vannie Hunt

Hutchinson, Mary Burwell/died 09-17-1874/3 years, 3 months, 1 day/daughter of L. B. &

A. K. Hutchinson


Double Marker - Norris

Norris, Eugene Lang/12-25-1869/12-25-1956

Norris, Eliza Leopard/01-xx-1867/1942

Norris, Mary/1885/1942

Double Marker - Norris

Norris, William Benjamin/10-17-1893/12-07-1938

Norris, Polly Smith/02-07-1898/08-12-1982


Patton, Floyd/01-05-1907/07-18-1908

Patton, Hermon/01-20-1903/07-09-1908

Phillips, Mattie Fisher/12-04-1860/09-22-1869/only daughter of B. F. & M. B. Phillips

Powell, Elizabeth/01-xx-1806/07-11-1888/daughter of John Bell & Lucy Williams

Bell/wife of Richard Powell/mother of Eliza J. Bell/born in Robertson County,

Tenn/died in Yalobusha County2

Pritchard, Alfred T./07-07-1851/12-29-1904

Pritchard, Sarah E./03-31-1859/02-26-1937

Pritchard, Infant/b & d/10-31-1888/infant of A. T. & S. E. Pritchard

Pritchard, Raules N./11-29-1886/10-31-1910


Reese, E. J. H./12-25-1817/04-23-1881/Masonic Emblem

Reese, Nettie E./01-23-1867/10-08-1868

Reese, Wm. Herbert/03-26-1879/06-21-1881/son of A. B. & S. M. Reese


Smith, Aaron Quitman/1893/1979/Pvt., U. S. Army, WW I

Smith, Annie V. (Bonner)/12-21-1918/11-27-1963

Smith, Infant/b & d/01-06-1929

Smith, Joe H. 04-02-1901/10-25-1955

Smith, Rufus M./03-03-1907/03-16-1955

Southern, Emma Mayo/04-03-1843/09-20-1869/wife of J. T. Southern


Van Winkle, Henry Braden/02-21-1886/08-05-1944

Van Winkle, Elizabeth/1887/1933/wife of H. B. Van Winkle

Van Winkle, James Thomas/11-15-1911/03-17-1942

Double Marker- Van Winkle

Van Winkle, Willis Pershing "Rip"/05-11-1919/02-07-1993

Van Winkle, Rozella Herrick/12-09-1922/


Whitehead, Effie B. Hughes/10-08-1876/04-15-1908/wife of Dr. P. D. Whitehead

Wiesel, Minnie Corrine/07-18-1892/09-02-1892/daughter of Herman & F. G. Wiesel

Wolfe, Eugene/b & d/04-15-1933

Wolfe, Fannie Oleta/04-12-1911/07-26-1911

Wolfe, Infant/09-09-1890/09-09-1890/son of J. H. & M. E. Wolfe

Wolfe, Infant/b & d/04-04-1913/son of Mary & James Wolfe

Wolfe, James Henry/06-10-1860/07-08-1929/husband of Emma Shields Wolfe

Wolfe, Mary Emma Shields/05-14-1870/09-27-1947/wife of James Henry Wolfe

Wolfe, Lennie F./02-03-1897/03-01-1897/daughter of J. H. & M. E. Wolfe

Wolfe, Mary Margaret/b & d/02-12-1933

Wolfe Texanna/11-24-1877/01-26-1946

Woods, Mary Kate/03-08-1881/04-29-1903/wife of Leroy Woods

At least 13 other graves are marked with field stones.

1Mrs. Harold Hughes, Water Valley, MS.
2Elizabeth "Betsy" Bell Powell is the same Betsy Bell who according to legend was tormented by a witch in the famous "Bell Witch Story" in Robertson County, Tennessee. Her tombstone is still readable and includes all of the information above, although it has been broken by vandals.
3Information included from original recording about 1976 by Adelaide McLarty and Frances Turnage.

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