Harrison-Tinnin Cemetery

This cemetery was updated by Janie Womble and Mike Worsham on August 18, 1999.  It was also recorded by Mary T. Hunter who provided additional information on her family members.

Duke, Mitchell/04-22-1922/06-03-1987/age 65
Garner, Sarah C.[Tinnin]/1846/1882 daughter of James A. & Sarah Anderson Tinnin]
Harrison, John Hezekiah/03-30-1852/01-09-1926
Harrison, Emma Isabella Tinnin/09-18-1850/11-05-1917
Lawson, Buddie/07-09-1904/03-24-1967/Pvt., 13 Medical Tng. Bn., WW II
Lawson, Mozell/04-xx-1900/1977/Mother
McCain, Ida/age 30 years/daughter of J[ohn] D. & Sarah Garner
Tinnin, E[lizabeth] T[raylor]/07-16-1816/1882
Tinnin, James A./1802/1874 [son of Alexander & Mary Ann Armstrong Tinnin and
Father of Susan J. Tinnin Kuykendall the wife of George Ferris Kuykendall]
Tinnin, M[inerva] H[anna]/03-31-1808/08-21-1837/[1st wife of James A. Tinnin and
mother of Susan J. Tinnin]
Tinnin, Mary Ann [Armstrong]/died 04-13-1846/in the 75th year of her age/wife
of A[lexander] Tinnin
Tinnin, Sarah F.[Anderson]/1817/1873 [3rd wife of James A. Tinnon]
Tinnon, Robert, Jr./1904/1981/PFC, US Army, WW II
Footstone with initials, J. B. A.
Footstone with initials, L. T. A.
Footstone with initials, S. G. G.

The two Harrison graves are enclosed with an iron fence.

Information in brackets provided by Mary T. Hunter, Portsmouth RI.

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