Fords Well Cemetery

This cemetery was originally recorded by Eugenia Worsham. It was updated by Mike Worsham on March 11, 1999.


Barton, Infant/no dates/ infant of James & Ruth Roberts Barton (NMF)1
Double Marker - Beshears

Beshears, Fred Riley/09-18-1891/06-16-1946/Pvt., U. S. Army, WW I
Beshears, Ruby Reynolds/07-13-1898/10-07-1991


Coker, James Monroe/12-23-1860/07-06-1938


Ford, Infants/no dates/four children of Wilroe & Velma McCullar Ford (NMF)1

Ford, John Taylor/10-28-1931/06-12-1932/son of J. K. & Reba Ford

Ford, John Wilson/05-10-1870/12-07-1952
Ford, Custus Lee Coker/05-05-1873/07-05-1941/wife of John W. Ford

Ford, Loyd L./1908/1940

Double Marker – Gardiner - Wed/ 09-06-1930

Gardiner, Willie G. (Bill)/12-05-1909/03-04-1990
Gardiner, Arlene W./11-19-1910/07-26-1993

Gardiner, Willie Monroe/10-02-1931/03-11-1998

Gibson, Frances L./02-29-1932/07-15-1933

Gibson, William W./1878/1934
Gibson, Minerva Porter/1881/1930

Gordon, Barbara Dean/05-04-1942/05-21-1948

Gordon, John Albert/09-15-1904/10-30-1970
Double Marker - Gordon

Gordon, John Alex/01-12-1882/04-29-1953
Gordon, Ida Lee/07-08-1886/07-02-1966

Gordon, Marcel/03-19-1932/03-22-1932

Gordon, Randy L./b & d/12-27-1953/Our Baby

Gordon, Robert Noah/10-29-1909/09-30-1971

Gordon, Sally B./b & d/04-09-1933

Gordon, Steve Noah/04-08-1953/05-16-1960

Guest, Infant/no dates/infant of Jessie & Annie Ford Hooper Guest (MNF)1

Guest, Infant/no dates/infant of Stanley and Julia Prichard Guest (MNF)1


Holt, Florance Atkins/1895/1960

Holt, Leroy E./06-04-1874/03-06-1965/Father
Holt, Emmer Crow/05-05-1880/08-26-1952/Mother

House, Loyd Emerson/1941/1994

Double Marker - Jackson

Jackson, Elmer E./02-07-1905/
Jackson, Mable Lou/07-30-1909/10-28-1988


Magee, Walter A./12-07-1887/04-09-1928/husband of Callie Ford Magee


Page, Narcisus Carolyn (Callie Ford Magee)/04-12-1897/02-27-1992
Double Marker - Peacock

Peacock, Charlie P./10-30-1910/09-25-1958
Peacock, Gertrude Holt/09-24-1914/

Peacock, Dana Lynn/07-08-1972/12-02-1992
Double Marker - Peacock

Peacock, Deral L./08-26-1938/01-24-1998
Peacock, Geneva C./10-23-1937/

Paecock, Jaquelyn Waldo/10-18-1958/11-16-1997

Pennington, Louise Cox/11-29-1912/07-04-1996/Grandma Louise

Pettie, Tom/no dates (NMF)1


Ramey, Christina Ann/09-18-1977/age 4 days

Ramey, Stacy Dawn/09-25-1966/age 3 months
Double Marker - Rotenberry

Rotenberry, Arthur G./07-22-1883/08-04-1941
Rotenberry, Gatha J./11-20-1884/03-09-1963

Rotenberry, Clifton Terry/02-11-1938/02-19-1938
Double Marker - Rotenberry

Rotenberry, Walter C./12-25-1908/10-11-1942
Rotenberry, Ivory R./10-01-1913/

Rotenberry, Roxie Pearl/01-12-1939/05-05-1939/daughter of J. B. & Edna E. Rotenberry

Double Marker - Samuels

Samuels, Kenneth Melroy/06-02-1922/11-07-1989/S1, U. S. Navy, WW II
Samuels, Quay W./12-20-1929/

Smith, William T./06-03-1896/11-02-1960/Pvt., 36 Co., 157 Depot Brig., WW I

Smith Ruby Viola Norwood/09-12-1908/03-13-1948


Wolf, Carl Monroe, Sr./09-20-1916/07-26-1966
Double Marker - Wolf

Wolf, Ernest L./1907/1946
Wolf, Mildred C./1912/1994

Wolf, Ethel McCallister/08-12-1901/12-14-1967

Wolf, James Roy/04-27-1920/01-10-1948

Wolf, Jessie Monroe/10-08-1882/12-27-1951
Wolf, Modena McCullar/06-22-1885/01-06-1929/wife of J. M. Wolf

Wolfe, Marion Eugene/09-05-1931
Double Marker - Wolfe/Wed 07-05-1955

Wolfe, Raymond L./10-21-1934/12-17-1985
Wolfe, Martha V./08-24-1940/
Double Marker – W right

Wright, Howard L. (Leon)/11-02-1930/09-14-1998
Wright, Jane A./01-25-1935/

(NMF) – Indicates that no marker was found during the latest update

1Information is from original recording by Eugenia Worsham about 1976

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